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The description: Money, the blood of the economy

The price hike has arrived. And that’s not the end. The middle class is slowly packing up and moving down a level. It may not be as wild as it sounds (and hopefully) from the perspective of Global Mental Health’s April diversion, but there’s still time to think about spending cuts. And our reader Vilém Famm offers one.

“Everyone is trying, everyone is wondering where to save. The prices of almost everything are going up. I am also annoyed to get out of this situation with healthy skin,” Vilém Famm began his reflection and continued:

“I recently sat in Uherské Hradiště on a bench in Mariánské náměstí. I was waiting here for my wife. We were divided, each of us was going to his shops. I am sitting, I am bored. To diversify this moment, I I have only observations of the surroundings. Two women were talking on one of the nearby benches. One told the other that she had been shocked by the butcher because of the price increase and As we said yesterday. The next day I went shopping. My path also led me to the butcher’s. The lady was right, even in Strážnice the prices have risen a lot. He will have to save. We We’ll pay more for energy and now it turns out we’re paying more for food too. After all, energy is tied to everything. So where to get it?

I have read several times about the abolition of the television and radio license fee. It amounts to 135 and 45 crowns, making a total of 180 per month, which amounts to 2,160 crowns per year.

If the state wants to operate this public television and radio, it has two options. Either it will collect royalties from the population, or it will pay for the traffic from its own resources. In the second case, the amount of 2,160 crowns from each household will remain. It’s not a lot, but not a little.

On TV, you can discuss the size of the fork. Today, however, it tends to promote the private and we mainly need news independent of the public. I repeat, independent reporting. However, it will be important that the single payment, but in fact the double payment, be cancelled. Millions of operations will be replaced by one and it will be state.

Now, many of you want to ask me where I can find the money in the state coffers. I have to assure you that I didn’t find them because they just aren’t there. So how do I pay for this breakdown? By raising taxes? Nope! A simple tax change. Everyone should pay their taxes where they earn their money and not according to the headquarters of the company, and as we know, many prefer to live in tax havens. Many people are calling for the abolition of tax havens. Why? Don’t worry about it, companies just tax where the money was made. The state will certainly receive far more funds than the current television and radio license fees, and ordinary citizens will not have to pay anything more into the state coffers.

Maybe, but there will be no change in taxation. So next time, we will have to elect those who dare to do so, and not elect deputies who do not care about the mafia system which has produced tax havens. Democracy is a debate. So find out where to get the money so that the charges can be waived. Maybe in the end we will find so many that we can also introduce a 75% discount on public transport for everyone. Citizens may not want this anymore, but nature cries because of the large number of cars. She asks for such a measure.

Unfortunately, I can’t even estimate the financial benefits I suggested. So I can’t say what he will be able to cover, but I would like to know that I want to be honest,” concluded Vilém Famm.

Are we going to waive TV and radio fees? And what will our public spokespersons live on? Money that the government allocates to them from the budget? However, this carries the risk of public service broadcasters becoming the slaves of the government. Any. Aren’t you sending out our propaganda? Will you let the opposition criticize it? Well, we’ll probably reach out to cut the budget. The fact that public ovens operate independently of the state budget is logical.

What about the money flowing in from overseas dividends? How to detain them and not expel foreign companies from the country? Last year, 330 billion crowns left the Czech Republic. That is 3300 for each inhabitant of the republic. And what is the national debt to compare? In 2021, there were 231,000 for every inhabitant of the Czech Republic. Dividends? Just a drop in the bucket. And I remember when Kalousek sent election passes with a debt of 120,000 to show how the CSSD government was influencing the budget. And did she? Of course, when I entered timid adulthood, politicians bragged that the debt was 78,000 per capita. Debts are clearly on the rise. Our republic is less so.

The state absolutely needs to save and look for places where you can save. And according to its own words and pre-election promises, the government should not economize on the people, but on the state. He has space, he has a majority of 108 votes in the House. But for the moment, the government does not seem to want it too much.

Entered by: Štěpán Cháb

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