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Václav Klaus is very happy that Viktor Orbán has defended the post of Hungarian Prime Minister. “I do not hide the fact that I consider Orbán the only friend among current European politicians. I respect him and share with him many opinions about life, the world, Europe, about the problems we are dealing with. to resolve,” he said amicably to the Hungarian Prime Minister.

He is convinced that Orbán was not driven out by the progressive left. “I’m very happy that he won again against the progressive left, that it didn’t happen like in our country,” he said. “Orbán is the only authentic politician in Europe today, he tries to represent his nation, his country,” Klaus added, adding that he is very close to him.

He does not reproach him for his reserved position on the war in Ukraine, in which he refuses to help the Ukrainians and any involvement in the war. In his place, Klaus would do the same: “I don’t understand who can be annoyed by Orbán’s formulation that this is not a Hungarian war, just as it is not a Czech war!

Even if there are comrades with the Austrian and the Minister of Defense who still stylize in this, this is not our war. May peace end and may peace begin. But this is by no means our war. I would say identically that this is not a Czech war,” Klaus repeatedly stressed, fully sympathetic to Orbán in this statement.

He disagrees with the thesis that Orbán is dragging his country into war anyway when he invited Putin to peace talks in Budapest, where he would meet President Zelenský. “It just came to our knowledge at that time. I think, on the contrary, that I would like important European and world leaders to have peace talks, but an attempt to meet in Europe does not seem to me real”, thought the ex-president.

He commented that everyone strongly wanted an end to the war: “Let’s stop fighting at all costs and try to say that the immediate priority is to stop the war and the armistice. Does everyone want it? I do not know. “Some people think that the war should be fought at its worst, the more Russia bleeds and weakens, the more everyone can see it as a solution,” he said.

According to Klaus, the necessary negotiations are not at the Russian-Ukrainian level. “This war is a replacement war between the West and Russia, the only point is serious negotiations that the West would enter into. “A crazy and tragic thing has happened that requires something completely different, but the The West is not trying to act, and the war is Western Russian,” the former head of state stressed.

As for the Western anti-Russian sanctions, they cause significant damage to Russia and its economy, but do not end the war. “These sanctions will also harm the economies of the other side, we have to admit that. Sanctions will not end the war, but if they were meant to weaken Russia, that’s another matter…” Klaus continued.

When asked if we should trade with the Russian aggressor, he replied: “Let’s not force anyone to immediately stop trading with Russia. That leads to dark ends. Germany doesn’t either, it’s a big western country so no one is yelling at it for the way it treats russian gas while they dare to go to little hungary it’s mostly because they don’t want to accept the progressive view of the West”, explains Václav Klaus.

Prime Minister Petr Fiala (ODS) congratulated Orbán on his victory, but the TOP 09 was reluctant: what do they say that Orbán’s victory could be a wedge in the government coalition? “Pekarová Adamová has no political program, no subject, so she deals with subjects such as the attack on V4, the attack on Orbán, her and the whole TOP 09 is without a serious political program,” said Klaus.

He praised Viola exceptionally for his reluctance to make harsher statements to the V4, unlike the rest of the government coalition, for congratulating Orbán on his re-election as prime minister. “Otherwise, the V4 is ‘finished’, when the group with the Pirates and the TOP 09 won in our country, the Visegrad Four also suffered an attack in Slovakia, after the victory of the group of Čaputová and Matovič”, a- he stated that the V4 is more of a V3.

He also assessed whether the current Fial government is doing enough for Czech citizens in the area of ​​the economy. She congratulates herself for not having capped prices, which she has constantly demanded. “I don’t think Petr Fiala’s government is doing enough to control inflation, but that doesn’t mean it has to cap prices to stop prices rising. Capturing prices and manipulating them is not a solution to inflation, it would only delay the onset of higher inflation,” he said, noting that the solution is mainly to eliminate the causes of inflation, which is a very broad topic.

Today, the ODS will open the 30th Congress, and it seems that Fiala will defend the post of party president. Klaus was asked to say something about his work, but he was very reluctant: “My statement to the congress would be ‘without comment’. I don’t want to be evaluated, it’s a sad result for me, it’s nostalgia. I can’t identify with today’s Fialovská ODS. The ODS has been zeroed, pushed to the margins, only living nostalgically in various positions,” Klaus concluded, refusing to giving advice to Fiala: “No, I definitely don’t have a recommendation, I don’t think that’s the way to go.”

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