Tragedy solved, the culprit of the accident found after ten years

The tragedy shook the whole republic, by whose fault four human lives were ruined? Although the plaintiff named five people, the blame fell on one after ten years.

You may remember the tragedy, even though ten years have passed since the sad event of the Lopeník rally. The racing Mitsubishi Lancer then swept up four girls between the ages of seven and twenty and killed them. It is only now, after ten years, that the verdict has been delivered and the culprit of the whole tragedy has been identified. But is that really the only fault of this one person? Besides, who wouldn’t have been well trained?

He who is innocent should throw a stone and reach his conscience

Right off the bat I want to say that this is a terrible tragedy and as a parent I cannot and do not want to imagine how terrible this must be for the bereaved. Yet I tell myself if the condemned culprit is really the culpritif the accident could not be avoided. Personally, I probably have a different opinion on the matter, I perceive the whole situation a little differently than what can be read in the official conclusions.

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At that time, years ago, a rider and his co-driver failed to pass the stage and took six people, four girls died. According to the crew, the car was destabilized by a crosswind. The complainant then demanded a sanction for the race organiser, the person in charge of the speed test, the safety delegate, a member of the organizing committee and the marshal.

There’s no place cars can fly

For precision, the marshal was among the wounded. His then girlfriend and two girlfriends died instantly. After ten years he was the only culprit, all the others were acquitted. There was video of the car driving on the track before the accident, which showed the marshal standing somewhere else than he should and a group of girls next to him. Surely just his fault?

I see it a little differently. I don’t want to assess the driving skills of a competitor who hasn’t had an accident for the first time. Not even if she was or the speed test was not sufficiently provided. As usual, they start talking common sense. If I’m an adult and part of the affected group was, then I just won’t go where a race car can kill me.

The Young Man Who Lived Has A Corrupt Life

Just as I pay attention to the crossing, the road, the intersection, I would be damn careful of the rallies. And I certainly wouldn’t take a seven year old with me. This raises another question. Who is responsible for a seven year old child? It’s probably out of place, disgusting, searing, but I’m not thinking of any of the rally organizers or the marshals. Please answer for yourself.

I do not mean in any way to say that I recommend that the mother be inactive. For everyone it touches. Survivors. But also the marshal, who ended up with a condition of eighteen months. And it will have lifelong consequences. It’s not a criminal record. It’s a trauma of the whole event. In addition, with ten years of “increased punishment” in the form of time during the trial, and the young man lived in uncertainty, horror. And though it is not known or talked about, it is certainly unknown to the rest of the world, even under the scrutiny and criticism of neighbors in a small village that would not be a gathering. Close to the families of the dead girls.

Should the organizers replace the mind of the public?

What do I mean by all this? If the court said Marshal was to blame, we might agree. He had to kick the girls out and not leave them in a very dangerous place. But is he the only culprit? I do not think so. The poor seven-year-old probably couldn’t do anything but listen to her adult supervision. But, and speaking of the deaths, isn’t that part of the blame for the adult girls who came to see the rally?

In fact, I am directing this whole conclusion to one conclusion. Nothing in the world is worth health and life. Likes on the social network, recognition from friends, short-lived adrenaline rush. Definitely not a show of fast cars passing by. Let’s think ahead we will stand where a car can run us over. I am not saying that we hide at home in the shell and are afraid to live. Let’s travel, have fun, live. We probably won’t affect the crash of a transport plane en route to a vacation or an unexpected flood, but whether or not we interfere with a moving car, yes. Think carefully, and let’s not risk anything, we only have one life.

Source: Comment by author Filip Rakovana

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