To four oaks, three willows, under a green roof – chapter 17.

Mušánek happily ran and listened to the songs sung by the fairy Květinka: “I will walk around the song all night, all night, I will take all the saints to my aid. I’ll go, I’ll walk down the garden path, I’ll go, I’ll sing the birth of the song.

In the pond of Kačok, meanwhile, Vrbička was preparing the most beautiful capers for the Christmas table, and the fairy Rákosnička was preparing Christmas.
Tydlík also came to the pond for carp, and from afar, as was his custom, he cheerfully shouted: “Vrbička, Rákosnička, hello, where are you from?”
“Brekeke, Tydlifoun, you are scaring my fish again, come on,” Vrbička invited him to visit the festively decorated reed house by the pond.
Tydlík sat by the stove and said: “Květinka sends you gingerbread with honey and I have to arrange that after dinner we stop and go to the church in Šenov at midnight .”

To four oaks, three willows, under a green roof – chapter 16.

“Brekeke, to church, Tydlifoun, me, waterman, what would I do there, don’t you know, Brekekeke?” My fairy thought about it this year. “”Let’s not go, well”, Vrbička doesn’t even end, as the fairy Rákosnička snuggled up to him, stroked his head and said, “Vrbička, my green dwarf, please, come on, I’ve never been allowed further than “Brekeke, brekekeke, let’s go,” the boatman said, grinning widely with his big green mouth.

Tydlík just blinked and quietly added to Vrbiček, “Chichichi, you school kids make an impact, just like me.”
However, as soon as he was about to return home, they suddenly heard the voices of miners Juzek and Ferda.
“You Juzek, and why didn’t we go to Volinshok, but how far to this Kachok?”
“Bo fishermen are here to fish, or whoever fishes.”
“I, you must, you’re a little henna in Kachok.”

Tydlík frowned, but Vrbička laughed and said, “Brekeke, the two sometimes come to help me feed the fish, and usually, brekeke, they’re the good guys,” he said, jumping into the pond and snagging a big four-pound caper on Juzek and Ferd. .

What nearly thwarted the planned wedding?

To four oaks, three willows, under a green roof – chapter 15.

And then everyone hurried home. Juzek and Ferda in their cottages and Tydlík za Květinka with Mušánek. And when the first star appeared in the Christmas sky, the lights of all the cottages, including the four oaks, the three willows, under the green roof, the bell rang, and the carp scales began to dine under the ‘plate. After dinner, everything was in order, all the lights went out, only that of the tree shone, the bell rang and the gifts were distributed. Tydlík received a bag of the best water tobacco from boatman Vrbička and a nice warm scarf from Květinka, which she crocheted for herself. Květinka received a new big book with leather covers. But when she opened it, there was nothing inside, really nothing.

The fairy looked at Tydlifonka, who smiled and said, “Well, this is Herbarium, your future herbarium, you only have Aunt Hermanka’s, and you also understand flowers and herbs, well,” he said, and smiled so sweetly that Květinka immediately gave her a kiss.

When the tenth hour rang on the wall, they went together to the pond of Kačok. The boatman Vrbička with the fairy Rákosnička and also the elf Ramlík were already waiting for them there. Together they continued around the Volenský Pond to the Šenov Church of God’s Providence, which has stood in the grounds of Šenov Castle since time immemorial. When they arrived, they could see the beautifully lit church from afar, the people sitting in the pews, as well as Juzek and Ferda and their families. People don’t see elves, fairies and water men unless they introduce themselves, but they do.

Květinka, Tydlík, Vrbička, Rákosnička and Ramlík climbed the stairs to the bark, where they sat on the edge of the balcony so that the whole church was in the palm of their hand.
And then the organ sounded, everyone stood up and began to sing: “Christ, the Lord, is born.”

Will Rákosnička marry a boatman?

To four oaks, three willows, under a green roof – chapter 14.

It was beautiful, but Tydlík and Vrbička still preferred the Christmas carol, in which they sang: He all enjoyed all the way to Bethlehem. “Everyone had fun when Vrbička suddenly pushed Tydlík until he almost fell. “What are you neophytes doing? “

Tydlík looked at the bas-relief depicting the knight Jan defending his trees in the park, and he seemed to wink at them. And indeed, the others saw him too, so they waved goodbye to him and slowly walked back to the snowy landscape. Rákosnička with Vrbička in the Kačok pond, Ramlík in his cottage and Tydlík with Květinka in the cottage near four oaks, three willows, under a green roof.

If you ever go around the Kačok pond, take a good look, maybe you will see them all somewhere.

The bell of the chapel on the hillside, that it’s over, rings. We said goodbye to Tydlík and his friends and tomorrow you can expect a new fairy tale with the children on our website!

Mrs. Žofie Zejdová from Šenov sent us a fairy tale for her books “To four oaks, three willows, under a green roof” to our special Write Fairy Tales. “The main thing is that the children like it! I send a photo with Tydlifon, who had no choice but to greet you in person. Tydlík is also very worried and said to me: “Well, so that the ghost and everyone who reads this thing can understand what Ferd z Juzkym has done, because we will no longer understand the same as our shunov gizdi.” So I reassured him that everyone would surely understand the two or three sentences of our Šenov dialect,” said Žofie Zejdová.

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