They learn to survive in the wild and save lives, and their interest in military positions has increased

For example, the unit would set strategic objectives during mobilization. According to Štoural, its main task is to guard firing positions and command posts of anti-aircraft units. “Training at Boletice is mainly focused on tactics, shooting and medical training,” he concluded.

They spend the night in the snow

In addition, 15 participants are also on standby for shooting on moving targets, topographic preparation and overnight stays in the forest. “They will learn the basics of survival in the wild, where for some reason they are separated from the unit. ‘lighting a fire,’ explained Lieutenant Štoural.

Tactical moves work like fictional scenarios. “It will certainly not be a nature trip, but we will have a military theme. We will move on the ground and sleep in the highest part of Boletice, where there is still snow,” he said. he declared, adding that it is a location at a thousand meters altitude.

The Strakonice base was opened to the public and three women became soldiers for the day

Different trades

Active backup members are enthusiasts. “They take it as a service to their homeland, they approach everything in a positive way and they are motivated. They treat the information we give them well,” he described.

In addition, the participants come from different parts of the country and the variety of their professions is varied. “People came from the offices, we have a lawyer, a narrator, a lot of students. They also take it as a hobby and clear their heads of the usual stereotype, ”says Lieutenant Štoural.

there are women

The combat exercises are the most difficult, but they are also mastered by soldiers of the fairer sex. “All exercise scenarios approximate real-life situations, including contact with the adversary, arguably the most challenging being transporting the casualty on a stretcher on a physical plane,” he added.

Two women also participated in the training. “There are currently three women in the unit, but others are in basic training in Vyškov, who will join the unit during the year,” the commander said.

Budějovice taxi driver

Tereza Veselá, a nearly thirty-year-old taxi driver from the South Bohemian metropolis, also showed up on the improvised battlefield for the first time. “I wanted to be a soldier from a young age, but I have a good job, so active backup was the best solution,” she revealed excited about the training.

According to her, there are a number of things you can try that you wouldn’t normally experience. She played the role of a paramedic in the protest and saved her colleague’s life. “I was a doctor, my task was to intensively care for the injured person and transport him in relative safety. The patient survived, he was well cared for, he had a bullet wound in his leg,” Veselá said.

The Strakonice anti-aircraft missile regiment and civilian reserves trained to fight the air enemy at the Bechyně base, including suppressing protesters attacking their equipment.

VIDEO: The missile regiment was attacked by the attackers, but they had no chance against the soldiers

Physically demanding performances are no problem for her. “Even if it’s harder, it’s manageable even if I’m the smallest,” laughs the little girl. “Everything is better with good monitors and a band!”

She enlisted in the crew of Strakonice because she had already taken a soldier’s course for the exam, and he turned to her.

Student from Prague

Filip Srnčević, a 23-year-old student, is from Prague. “I originally wanted to go to Defense University, and it didn’t work out, so I chose an active reserve unit,” he explained. During the exercise, he and his team had to attack a moving enemy. “When I started in the company, I was pleasantly surprised, everything was understandable,” notes the young man, who trained several times in a row.

Increased interest in training and entry requirements into active reserve

According to Jana Samcová, spokesperson for the 25th anti-aircraft missile regiment in Strakonice, due to the conflict in Ukraine, the army has seen an increased interest in serving in the army over the past month, both serving soldiers professionals than in reserve. “Since the epidemic in Ukraine, interest has increased tenfold. The army registers a hundred new applications in April,” she calculated. Those interested in joining AZ need only contact the nearest recruiting office. This is followed by a medical examination in a military hospital, psychotechnical tests and a four-week basic training course in Vyškov. The candidate must be over 18 years old and hold at least an apprenticeship certificate. Until recently, Active Reserve (AZ) troops trained alone. The first joint training with professional soldiers took place last September at the Bechyně military airport. “We want to continue the joint exercises,” concluded Samcová.

For better times, it also shines in terms of unit equipment. The soldiers have been using new protective ballistic helmets from Argun since this year. This year, the AZ unit will also be re-armed – instead of the old Model 58 submachine guns, soldiers will receive BREN assault rifles and exchange the Model 82 guns for Phantom guns.

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