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“They are sending more and more cops there, trying to make life uncomfortable for the truckers. It will be bad if the government decides to deal with this situation by force. If there is violence, it will be the business of establishment. He can decide to show who’s the master here. Canadians are very peaceful people, but it’s getting too much for them,” said Petr Jírovec, a former Three Sisters musician, who now lives in the capital. Canadian Ottawa and organizes demonstrations there not far from the barracks. We had it “on the line”. ..

Absurd Restrictions

Canada is now in the limelight due to the resistance of part of the population against anti-civic measures. The most visible protests are taking place in the country’s capital, Ottawa, where Jírovec has long lived. “It just came to our knowledge at that time. But people are still uncomfortable with covid passports. If you want to go to a restaurant or a business, you have to show it. Like in Europe “I went to see my daughter in Holland before Christmas, so I know that. The social events haven’t started here yet. When the organizers are brave enough to do something, they can fill fifty percent of the capacity. restrictions are not so draconian,” says Jírovec.

The country where he currently lives is divided into ten provinces and three federal territories. “In Ontario, where Ottawa is, it has never escaped extremes, but in Quebec, which is across the river, they were prohibited from going out between ten in the evening and six in the morning for six weeks. . It was pretty boring for a lot of people. At the height of the pandemic, we could not drive or cross provincial borders. It was pretty cruel, but it went down last year, so the current protests aren’t on that anymore. »

So what is it? “The main problem is that there is a group of people who do not want to be vaccinated. After all, they are all over the world. There are simply those who are not convinced. However, the Crucial here is that the United States and Canada have ordered that unvaccinated people cannot cross the border.It affected a relatively small group of people working in logistics, i.e. truck drivers. are friends, so their colleagues stood up for them. We have about five hundred trucks parked in downtown Ottawa. Personally, I would say about 80% of those people are vaccinated, but solidarity plays a huge role.”

Among the untouchables

Jírovec has a friend who lives in downtown Ottawa, and he wrote the blog Noc Among the Untouchables about his sightings. David Maybury writes: “I live in the middle of a truck convoy protest…We read a lot about what they are…Mostly about them being racist and Trump impostors…I see protesters who need to stretch their legs… And sometimes during the day they like to blow their horns… At night I see small groups in quiet conversation… That’s not what report Canadian media,” he wrote of the truckers who moved through the streets of Ottawa on Friday, February 4.

As he walked among them, he saw groups of people sharing cigarettes with discreet smiles. When he asked a young driver what he wanted to prove with his protest, he was told he didn’t want a country that would dictate treatment to people like vaccinations. There was no sign of racism or hateful grandstanding in their speeches. “I don’t want my granddaughter to live in a country that makes a living because she didn’t get vaccinated,” said another. As the drivers told him, “Yes, there was a clown with a Nazi flag. But we don’t know where he came from. We’ll see one like that, he’ll get over it.” His remarks end with the assertion that Canada is not a country where a class of untouchables is forming living out of the ordinary.

The media is useless

The former musician and current communicator is therefore also quite angry with the media, which report what is happening in Ottawa. “It just came to our knowledge at that time. It looks like a bunch of brawlers and racists with swastikas on their jackets have taken over the capital, but that’s not the case. “I went on the weekend with my wife to see them, and that’s bullshit. There are parked trucks and groups with Canadian flags talking to each other. There’s no climate of fear here” , he said, adding that having half of downtown blocked off is not very convenient for residents, but most Ottawans understand their protests.

“It just came to our knowledge at that time. We are in a situation where the establishment is waving restrictions and something worse, not very democratic, could turn into this. I hope not”, he explains, adding, “The media tries to present the truckers as a bunch of extremists, but it’s a shame for the journalists that they can’t go and see them. What I find in the media is overwhelmed.” People are just upset with the way the whole situation is being handled.”

The real problem is the long-term underfunding of health care, which leads to a very fragile system, that any deviation from normal can lead to collapse. According to Jírovec, this was the main reason for the draconian anti-civic measures of the past two years.

A simple question

Jírovec also sent a video titled Simple Question to ParlamentníListů On it, a convoy of trucks called the “Freedom Convoy” is partially blocking the highway. Liberal Party spokesman Justin Trudeau, also said a poll in which people were asked if Canada was in a state emergency and 68% answered no.

The Czech from Canada, as he says, is a big fan of vaccination. “I have a third dose and so does my wife. Our two children are studying virology, so we have first-hand information. But the situation is changing and I understand why people are upset. After all, in Quebec, if you will go buy something, you have to show a vaccination card.”People who don’t have it won’t even let it go to the mall, which is a big extreme,” he said. Canadian truckers have inspired some moves in other parts of the globe, such as Wellington in New York, Zealand and France.

Petr Jírovec, nicknamed Dachau, worked in the Three Sisters as a guitarist in 1985-1987. He belonged to the core of the Sisters and lived through all the tours, concerts and camps. In August 1988 he suddenly emigrated to Austria. “I started to see what was really going on with people finishing school. I can’t describe it exactly, but I felt like I had to get out of here,” he commented to the time on his departure. After some time he moved to Canada and did not make his first visit to the Czech Republic until he was 92 years old.

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author: Jan Rychetsky

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