Tear and Pam Rabbit: It’s important that the song touches your heart

Why did you join the collaboration?

Lexa: Over a year ago, like a tear, we got together with a young producer, Enthik. We thought that we would try to compose a few songs together and we would see what that would give. A few ideas came up that we put in a drawer, so to speak. They stayed there long enough.

Last summer, we thought about the next steps of the group. Enthic asked us if we would like to finalize the ideas we came up with together. The basis of the Padám song was among them. It had only a refrain and a preframe, the stanzas were not ready. When we got back to it and started finishing it as a song, we thought it might be a duet.

Did you know right away who you would invite to his home?

Lexa: Not immediately. But then I browsed TikTok and came across Pam. She sang a cover version. I thought she was a foreign singer because she had a great expression and excellent English. I opened the comments and they were Czech. I read them and wrote to her that I really liked what she was doing, and if she would like to see any of the songs that we separated, we would like to duet it.

I felt like it was made for her. In the genre in which it is written, it moves, it does it well. And she liked the song, so we agreed and did it.

Have you ever known the work of Pam Rabbit?

Lexa: Not at all. I saw and heard it on TikTok for the first time. Then I looked through his other recordings, his profile and clicked on his own work. I was happy that he also had his songs, and nice. He also has a sense of melodies.

Pam, if I’m not mistaken, you have roots overseas. Is it related to your good English?

Pam Rabbit: My family is from Armenia, but I was born in the Czech Republic. It has to do with this English. I have also spoken Russian since I was a child, as it is a language our family uses fluently. For me, English was a language that I chose myself and with which I developed a relationship.

I sang most of my songs in English, but my EP, which came out in January, has one in Czech.

You nodded tearfully at another Czech. Why?

Pam Rabbit: I am looking for a way to Czech and I have to say that I like it. I don’t mind singing in Czech at all, so when the offer came from the boys with the idea that the song would have Czech lyrics, that wasn’t a problem for me. I would still like to devote myself to my own work in Czech.

Did you know Tear before your collaboration?

Pam Rabbit: My knowledge of the Czech music scene is quite limited, as I usually listen to the work of foreign artists. However, I knew Tear existed. I discovered his songs later. I knew some of them from the radio, I just had no idea Tear was playing them.

Tear and Pam Rabbit while filming a music video for the song I Fall.

Photo: Universal Music

Did you write the lyrics together?

Lexa: Like I said, the demo we recorded with Enthik had a chorus. It only contains a few words, but we left it at that. We sang the verses and preframe in the working pseudo-English for the demo, and when we teamed up with Pam, we first wrote the preframe text together at her house and started the stanzas.

We each sat in a corner of the room, writing, exchanging opinions aloud. Pam took it a lot. I remember showing her from time to time what I was writing, and she told me that I would have to do it again.

Pam Rabbit: No, I didn’t say it so harshly, I just let him know sensitively that I didn’t mean it. But he also told me his opinion openly.

Lexa: With all that, it went very quickly, we finished in about two hours. I then started to tend to take the finished text and send it to someone for comment. I usually do it with Tear’s lyrics. But Pam forbade me. She told me to let it be, because that’s how the text was born and it has to stay like that. So we didn’t do anything with him anymore.

Lukáš, you were originally a rock guitarist, but the instrument is not so popular in the pop scene today. You feel it?

Bundil: We were formed around 2014 and even then a lot of people felt that when the sound of a guitar is in pop, it’s something strange. I started with rock, I went through folk, several groups and I drew influences from everywhere.

If I had previously perceived the guitar as a solo instrument, with the formation of Tears, that changed. I push back my guitar ego and take the instrument at the service of the whole. The song itself is important.

In Padám, an acoustic guitar plays and intertwines the whole song. It works and it benefits him. After all, it was this song that was born when I had a guitar in my hand.

Why did Tear in Padám move closer to current pop, which doesn’t put so much emphasis on melodies, when all of their previous songs are based on them?

Bundil: In the past, I always took care of our songs, if they understood the lyrics, if Petr pronounced them correctly while singing, in short, so that everything was clear and clear. When we were looking for a phrase for our new job last year, I changed my attitude. I told Peter to cough if he was singing a little off somewhere, or if he was pronouncing it perfectly. The important thing is that the song touches the heart and that people want to listen to it until the end.

I was particularly interested in emotions, and we were looking for that too in the expression of the song Padám. We’ll see how we do it, but we’ll probably leave it at that. Today’s pop allows for almost anything.

Lexa: I was also bolder in writing the text. We broke some of the things we’ve done in the past. For example, accents. I didn’t focus on Czech, but on what I wanted to say and how I would naturally say it. As a result, a new energy emerges from this song for me.

What does falling mean to you?

Pam Rabbit: I keep digging into music, it’s my whole life. I was surprised when the boys approached me, but I’m glad they did. I mainly love the creation, the song making process, the stuff around it. Singing represents only twenty percent of my musical life. So I’m going to continue, I’m going to compose for myself and maybe for someone else. And I will sing.

Lexa: For me, Falling means a new reboot, a new energy, getting rid of good practices and discovering new ones. We will probably continue to do this and release songs as singles. We are also returning to the concert stages.

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