Nacher (YES): I wonder what you will say in two weeks

Speech at the 16th session of the Chamber of Deputies on April 8, 2022.

Photo: Hans Stembera
The description: Patrick Nacher

Madam Minister… Minister, excuse me, Madam Vice-President, Minister, in the spirit of coming out next week.


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I would classify it as the second point after the first point which my colleague Radek Vondráček has just read, because I think it would be good to clarify what these interpellations consist of. But I won’t talk about it and I can’t, because I don’t have that point here, but I’ll explain it to the DPI.

Next week – and I think it worked – the suppliers of last resort for customers who were with Bohemia Energy, Comfort Energy, Energie ČS, Europe Easy Energy will end. It ends on April 14 for electricity suppliers and April 17 for gas suppliers. I would like to remind you that there have been almost a million people who have fallen into it, and there are still tens of thousands who are still with the provider of last resort. These people ask, that’s the key, some don’t answer, that’s topical. And I would like us to include here a point that I would call the information from the Minister of Industry on the end of suppliers of last resort, because when the six-month period expires, there is a consumption unauthorized energy. This means that these people will take energy illegally, receive fines and eventually disconnect them. It is really absolutely crucial, and it would be good if we discussed at that time the number of these people in the DPI, if there is an information campaign, so that these people can report somewhere, how the controls of the Energy Regulation Office for these suppliers of last resort, on subjects such as price caps, whether or not they have requested it under the energy law. Because I read in the media that the Minister called on the Energy Regulatory Office to present a concept for resolving the energy crisis in connection with the DPI.

So I think it’s a topical thing, it’s not a topic that one would just want to squirt here. This is where the largest customer group that was at Bohemia Energy ended next week. So next week, maybe it’s a coincidence, the six-month period ends. And I have a whole chart here, and I communicate it honestly today and every day on Twitter, on Facebook, everywhere, so that these people are informed about consumer protection. I wonder what you are going to tell me in a fortnight, you will give extraordinary points here because it has been resolved with these people who have remained with the suppliers of last resort and who will gradually disconnect. Yes, you can tell me that most people who have a cabin or a cottage have forgotten about it. I think the citizens and the Chamber of Deputies deserve it here, even if it is information for fifteen minutes, but only that we talk about it, and then we will bring it back to light. It is not an artificial point.

I originally wanted to do it here a couple of times, I have to say, pull in, I’ve got these pulls in the system, feel free to watch, seven and I’ve got DPI there, you can watch it. So I always wanted to point it out so that I could take care of the clarification through the Chamber of Deputies. Unfortunately that did not happen, but I think it deserves such a briefing from the Minister of Industry, who happens to be the only minister sitting here, so it would be called the information from the Minister of Industry on the upcoming end of providers of last resort or people, who have fallen on providers of last resort, which comes out next week, as the second point before the fixed points. Thank you. (Applause in the ranks of YES.)

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