Mikulášek at the Octagon in Ostrava: I wanted to give it up, now I’m reconciled with everything

How do you feel?

Tiredness. (smiling) The preparation was very difficult for me, especially after the last accident, because I had a brain hemorrhage after falling down the stairs, because of which we did not fight in Brno. It’s true, I shouldn’t get a blow to the head for six months. But I can’t afford to do nothing for so long, after two months I flew to train. And to the max. Heavy fight, but I gave up again. All in all, something was wrong with me.

What else?

In addition to the injuries and the flu, major intestinal problems due to the kidneys, where I have a birth defect, so they changed my pills. And you did me no good. To be honest, I didn’t like training, it was mentally demanding. I struggled a lot to force myself to go to training. Even personal issues were not lost on me and I was already on the verge of giving up. That I would say, “I won’t. I’m canceling everything!”

What convinced you not to?

It’s been postponed several times and I know they wouldn’t let me in the game again. Then I had a moment to myself I realized I’ve been doing it long enough I’ve been working I know what he will and won’t do in the cage He has nothing to surprise me . Although maybe yes, I don’t want to underestimate it. But for two months, I feel better and better, sparring is something else, I saw that I am faster, more mobile, I started to take more pleasure. I went to a camp in Poland, where it was great, because they took care of me there. For twelve days. They made a plan for me, and when I came back, I felt perfect. I started with weight last week, it bothers me a bit.


I was holding a higher weight, but otherwise I think it’s fine. In the end, I probably feel the best prepared I’ve ever been.

If you weren’t the best, were you attracted by your passionate relationship with your opponent, and therefore by the fact that the tournament was held in Ostrava?

I stretch myself the most, I thought, “Why should I give up on something? Why should I spit?” To listen to bullshit again, so I can hack me again. not even the match they just talk. Or to hear him knock me down in the first round, that something’s gonna break me. Even if he did, what would happen? Nothing. That’s everybody’s problem. who want to fight me. Because of my hip? He was in the Octagon longer and didn’t get it.

It’s true that you are a famous wrestler and that we are attacking your sports career…

I’m not saying I’m the perfect wrestler, but I don’t talk and behave like I normally do. I don’t pretend just because the cameras are rolling. I still act so bad, sometimes maybe childish, not like I should, but that’s me. That’s why I enjoy my trip. And when I like it, I like training and that’s something else. I’m happy to be able to do what I do. It is better for everyone to do and live what they love.

Cosmos before the battle with the Prince: We will not break. It will be hard, bloody and long

And what about the floor of the house? Is it motivating?

Certainly. At home, he is at home! There is always a great struggle. But that’s what I was talking about, that hip. Do you know how many people will be there just because of me? It’s amazing the number of people who write to me while waiting for my match. I’m so happy for that. It’s such a gift, a reward, for all the unintended beats and messages he charges me. After all, when I first came to Ostrava, people yelled at me. They didn’t know me. When I left after the match, I was applauded. They started to like me.

how did it happen?

The next day I woke up, and instead of 1300 followers on the networks, I had almost ten thousand. Overnight. Incredibly. Maybe a million messages, eight thousand alerts. When my phone was hacked, it didn’t catch up to me. And that’s what comes to mind. People see that I like it, I like it. I do it with my heart, not for the money or the fame.

Will you surprise people? You should have had T-shirts last year.

I have, I have. Limited edition with an inscription ready, I look forward to it.

So will Ostravar Arena be Baby Jaga’s cottage, what’s your name?

Yes exactly. My cottage. I feel at home there, don’t I?

So, what kind of match do you expect?

Frankly, the pressure. I think Bolo would want to surprise, push, want to tighten his position and then try the ground. But I’m ready for his onslaught and we’ll see what comes of it.

The last time you wrestled a year ago, you had to give up the duel with Nor Robertsen because of an injury after the second round. Is it better now?

You know, that’s when I recorded the responses to this match, and I was happy that a number of fighters gave me the first round. Of course, the second belonged to the opponent, because in the middle of it I kicked my leg, then completely destroyed it with another attempt. That’s why I had to give up. But because of the first lap, I felt good. I was just sorry that I couldn’t go through with it. But I must admit that in the second round he surprised me several times, I expected another game from him. He was better, he was moving a lot… Holt unfortunately, it’s sport.

Do you think personal relations will turn into a duel with Melis?

Honestly no! But I am convinced that anything can happen. I’m not even nervous. I don’t decide if I lose or if I win. I’m going to go there with a clean and calm head and it will be great.

Will there be any surprises on Friday?

It wouldn’t be me if I didn’t do anything, would it? (Laughs) This must be taken into account for me, it is obvious.

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