Excellent (KDU-ČSL): I am not intoxicated by power, I feel complete helplessness

Speech at the 16th session of the Chamber of Deputies on April 8, 2022.

Photo: Hans Stembera
The description: Marek Vyborny (KDU-CSL)

Thank you for speaking, Madam Vice-President. I would like to thank Deputy Prime Minister Jureček and President Michálek, because at least you, through the President-in-Office, Mrs Schiller, have received clear statistics and clear lists of the situation and the latest situation.


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I think your memory is long enough for you to remember how your government, the government of Andrei Babiš, really approached interpellations, both written and oral. And when you’re here today, I’ll say it very clearly, shamelessly – let the public hear it – you shamelessly say that you’re being denied constitutional right, so sometimes you say you’re a lawyer, so you must know clearly that it really is not. Yes, the right of interpellation is enshrined in the Constitution and at the same time it is also clearly stated in the Rules of Procedure that interpellations take place on a Thursday, if that is the day of the meeting. As this meeting, which is now in progress, was adjourned to Friday Wednesday, Thursday was not a day for deliberations. That’s why you really couldn’t have any right to these arrests.

And how it happened with these arrests here was described by both Deputy Prime Minister Jurečka and my colleague Michálek. It’s really easy. The fact that an extraordinary meeting was called was not our will, the coalition deputies, but your will and that of the SPD, that is to say the opposition. You have every right to do that, no one is denying you that, and the Speaker of the House is also obligated to call the meeting at some point, which you know for sure. And he was summoned on Thursday, as President Vondráček has done five or six times in this last term. So the figures speak for themselves, and if you look at how the ministers of this government answer your questions, we who sat here during the last parliament are all, and I hope that even a member YES will be able to see, so he sees the diametrical difference in the materiality of the answers that you receive and that we have received, in particular from the Prime Minister at the time, the current deputy Andrej Babiš, which we see barely in this House, even though he is a Member of Parliament.

So please one more thing. You spoke of the intoxication of power. So I’ll tell you how I feel. I feel total helplessness, total helplessness in a situation where there is a program to be discussed and not just an amendment to the Conflict of Interest Act, it’s not over today. Today, the session of the Chamber of Deputies continues until 2 p.m., we have another law there, the EET law, we have other laws on the agenda, it is not a question of ‘a point. And you refuse to admit all of this through the obstructive behavior of your parliamentary club today, you refuse to discuss not only conflict of interest law, which makes me and I really regret – and that it’s precisely the deputies, senators, ministers who have people seeing their announcement register, their declarations of ownership – so I don’t understand why you filibustered in this way, even when you were in government. You did not allow the law to be discussed here, and your representatives, representatives of the YES movement and the social democrats were sitting at that time in this working group. So you didn’t admit it then, you don’t want to admit it now, and you’ll always talk about something that you were denied. I am therefore not intoxicated by power, I feel total impotence in the way the opposition approaches the work of this Chamber of Deputies. Thank you. (Applause from the right.)

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