Consolidation of the son-criminal problem in Segufix – discussion on

I note in advance that this is not fiction, I take it seriously. We have a very troubled son who is 21 years old. We are financially secure, but he is abusing it. He studied poorly, did not graduate, and did not learn either. He does not want to work, some time ago he also started using drugs, strong alcohol and vending machines, he stole our money. He even tried to attack a lady – he dressed in black with a balaclava so she wouldn’t recognize him. He was 18 years old. The court sentenced him to a suspended sentence, but ordered hospital treatment in a psychiatric hospital. He didn’t cooperate there, so he was punished here and there for solitary confinement, all kinds of bans, and he was also sent to bed. Two years ago. Now he always hangs out at home, drinks a lot, plays computer games, only goes out at night and gets into trouble. We don’t want to kick him out of the house anymore, so people don’t slander us and we don’t have to be ashamed of what he did. The husband regularly travels to Germany on business, where he manages to obtain a German human product to strengthen the man. His name is Segufix. It is used more in hospitals, but in fact it also serves as a punishment. The son had three choices. Be independent yourself and leave home on your own. Or he will cut off the goodness – he will find a job and stop selling. The third alternative, which basically persisted at the end of his treatment – was always hanging out at home in front of the computer, always playing games with a bottle in his hand and not going out, only at night, and there was always problems, usually theft or damage to property. He then returned home drunk in the morning. He has no friends, he is a loner. The son did not choose work or independence, he still laughed at us. The situation is therefore such that when the son drinks and then falls asleep resp. he comes back drunk in the morning, which is basically everyday, so my husband and I catch him still sleeping and travel to the unused room we have on the first floor, which is still uninhabited. There is a bed and a Segufix attached to it. Since the son is drunk and can’t defend himself like that, we’ll take him there. If he was in the hospital, it would be the same way, we can at least take care of him a little here. He spends hours, days in a fixed Segufix. He has diapers, he is given food in spoons. I work from home so I can watch him. He usually only has his legs and arms tied, and then there’s a sling and a chest that keeps him in bed. But when there are serious shortcomings and if we have a reason to do so, we use other belts. And now I would like to link to a video of about a minute, where the 21-year-old son is in Segufix like this. We’ve been consolidating it for about six months. We made the video after one of his night hikes, when he went into the field all in black and got drunk again in the morning. In order to preserve his anonymity, we also put on a black balaclava, which he is so “very happy” to use during lunges. And also especially so that he does not see that we are filming him. It is a state captured after his awakening and his sobering up, when he has a real abstinence and especially from the anger that he is “again” fixed in Segufix. In this phase, we use all the belts, gradually until it calms down, so we unbuckle one or two.https: // … (sorry, but the server saved this video in the wrong category, it can still be viewed or downloaded).I can still hear it from below as the skunks’ belts snap. It usually takes a few minutes, but even half an hour. Out of anger, but above all out of abstinence. And he also naively believes that one day he will get out of it and that we won’t eat him anymore. He’s wearing full gear in the video, and he’s always most aggressive in the morning. When the match tires him, he falls asleep. We release him around five o’clock in the afternoon. She then locks the bedroom and plays games, and in the evening as I go to bed with my husband so that’s her time. He gets up and walks away. I locked it in once but broke the window and ran out the window. He will come back in the morning, just raid the fridge and then he will fall asleep. And then he wakes up in Segufix. Today my husband and I decided not to let him go anywhere for the weekend as he caught a party and this is recruiting him for various weekends and gambling. So he has no luck tonight. He’ll probably have a lot of fun, but it’ll be better for him than continuing to destroy him and our lives. His cup of goodness is just when he’s home and not drinking. But these are units of days. Sometimes I sit with him when he’s in Segufix and talk to him. Something along the lines of your peers working, having families, and having relaxed lives, and you’re a bad guy, you have a bad life, and you pee here. These diapers are also a win. It annoys him enough that he has to have padded diapers, and I see in him that it humiliates him a lot. Sometimes, when he pees in it, I can already hear the seat belts clicking, but he won’t have another. If he hadn’t been so fixated, he’d be smashed home with whatever he could find, which is what happened in the beginning. We’ll see what the weekend looks like.

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