BAE Systems offers the Czech Republic the fourth generation CV90: The combat vehicle has matured and is a technological leader. The company offers intensive industrial cooperation

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The Swedish-British consortium BAE Systems, which currently participates in the Czech army, is also participating in the tender for 210 track BVPs in seven variants for the initial price of 53 billion crowns, which is currently in place and awaits the decision of Defense Minister Jana Černochová (ODS).Republic offers the CV90 MkIV vehicle. “BAE Systems, as one of three bidders, believes that the primary and most important beneficiaries of the entire process are the soldiers of the ACR, i.e. those who put their own lives in the service of protecting the Czech Republic and its allies. The main beneficiaries are also the Czech taxpayers, who will ultimately pay for the solution chosen by the Czech government – because this is the form of the tender audience that achieves the best conditions,” the company says of the meaning of the whole project.

The first version of the CV90 was accepted into service in 1993 and today serves seven European armies (in addition to Sweden, also in Denmark, Estonia, Finland, the Netherlands, Norway and Switzerland) . “The Czech Republic can acquire a modern, proven and highly efficient vehicle in the form of the CV90, which is already in service with other NATO member states, at a favorable and competitive price,” said Zdeněk Soudný, door -word from BAE Systems for the Czech Republic. Republic.

The fourth generation of the CV90 vehicle was presented to the public in January 2018, about a year before the start of the tender for the new Czech BVP. It is equipped, among other things, with a Scania engine with a power of up to 1,000 hp, a Perkins X300 transmission and an increased load capacity of up to two tons. Other systems have also been improved, and in particular the iFighting computer system which, in line with the latest trends, reinforces the situational awareness of the crew, facilitates decision-making, with adapted and intuitive ergonomics.

“MkIV is a production version of the vehicle, which has thousands of hours of combat deployment and support from the seven-member CV90 User Group, who together continue to invest in its development and modernization. As the Porsche 911, which has evolved and matured over time, the CV90 MkIV is the newest and most modern vehicle in the stable of classic legends”, represents BAE Systems, a variant of the vehicle offered by ACR, reflecting the common complaint that it is the older ASCOD 42 design from GDELS and LYNX KF41 from Rheinmetall.

According to the results of the tests of the so-called functional samples, which took place last spring, all vehicles met all the tactical and technical parameters required by the Czech army. However, in the BVP tender, in addition to them, the purchase prices and the maintenance prices during the life cycle of the vehicles play a very important role, as in all comparable acquisitions, the degree involvement of national industry in the contract.

At the same time, BAE Systems does not rely on companies from the Czech defense industry and is not only aiming for a contract for the BVP track. “The scope of BAE Systems’ plans in the Czech Republic goes beyond the BVP project and the aim is to achieve wider cooperation on other projects as well. The proposed supply chain for the Czech BVP project and d ‘other programs includes more than 30 other Czech companies and organizations, including CTU, and provides an opportunity for technologically advanced and highly skilled development and production with a significant degree of added value,’ says Zdeněk Soudný Companies with which BAE Systems plans to cooperate in the production, implementation and operation of BVP in the ACR are already part of the CV90 supply chain and other products at this time, thanks to the relationships established during BVP.

“BAE Systems’ relationship with Czech national industrial integrator VOP CZ as a key partner for the production process and vehicle life cycle has been open and completely transparent from the start and with the support of a Czech customer. The relationship with VOP CZ is in line with BAE Systems Hägglunds’ current approach to strengthening and supporting local industry partnerships, creating and maintaining key skills and technologies that support the entire national defense of the country,” said a BAE Systems spokesperson for the Czech Republic. VOP CZ, which is crucial for the construction of the public market announced in spring 2019.

BAE Systems is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of defense technology. At present, it has signed contracts worth more than 40 billion crowns, and these projects involve not only the company’s own factory in Sweden, but a number of companies throughout the country. Europe, including the Czech Republic. “BAE Systems is also working on other major contracts and its order list is the largest in 15 years – true proof of the trusting relationships it enjoys with all its current customers. Few other BVP manufacturers can boast of such large orders outside their home country,” says Zdeněk Soudný.

The CV90, which is widespread in Europe, enjoys a reputation as a safe, modern and efficient vehicle for soldiers with direct and years of experience, which meets the demands of a modern battlefield and also has the prospect of further development. “BAE Systems believes it can add Czech soldiers to the list of countries that benefit from this vehicle and its capabilities,” concludes Zdeněk Soudný.

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