Zeman is politically – and now morally – bankrupt, according to marketing expert Michopulos

“If they wanted to prevent anyone from seeing or finding fingerprints, DNA traces on messages from people who shouldn’t have them in their hands – and I have no doubt they would pass them on to people who shouldn’t have them in their hands – so the only way “how to organize them in this tense situation around war is to tear them apart, destroy them, escort them out of the world,” says Michopulos.

Petros Michopulos, political marketer and podcaster

Not only in our country there is now increased intelligence activity, so one could assume that a similar investigation at the castle will be successful.

“But what they did there for years, in any other civilized country, like the United States, would lead to a 100-day federal investigation, or a Senate commission of inquiry. And each should be held accountable for collaborating or not collaborating with a hostile state.”

Milos Zeman is a political bankrupt.

Petros Michopulos

“Thanks to what’s been going on here for four or eight years, respectively, and the way Miloš Zeman reigns in the Castle, that hasn’t happened. But I hope it will happen one day, because they’re clearly not not loyal to the Czech Republic for a long time. So when they sweep the tracks behind them to complicate the investigation in the future, it does not surprise me fundamentally. Considering who is sitting there, “he adds.

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However, political marketing expert Petros Michopulos helped Zeman in the 1990s. “It’s a standard question my friends and fans ask,” he admits.

“Milos Zeman was a bit different from Milos Zeman back then, and most importantly, it was a social democracy that was a slightly different social democracy than it is today. I was about 25 and I did four or three elections for them. And of course, when I see what Zeman has been doing for ten or fifteen years, I wonder if I shouldn’t have known about it and if I shouldn’t have known about it. do at that time. But I guess even if I was in the same situation today as I was years ago, I wouldn’t have found out either.”

Zeman showed that his policy was bankrupt in every way: policy and economic diplomacy against China and Russia, domestic policy and the war in Ukraine, and his moral part of that policy.

Petros Michopulos

“A big break in the behavior of Miloš Zeman occurred at a time when he was already retired, or in the Vysočina region at his cottage. And when he began to attend KGB conferences in Rhodes. There , I think, there has been a dramatic change in his behavior and his loyalty. And also to significantly change the people around him, “he describes.

Zeman’s change in the Highlands

So he began to surround himself with, as Michopulos puts it, “strange people connected to Moscow and the gray area of ​​the economic underworld. And the whole thing has graduated over the past four years.” When asked why, he replies, “Because (Zeman) is always interested in his personal benefit first and foremost.” And he doesn’t care much else.”

In the first place, Zeman always only cares about his personal benefit. He doesn’t care about anything else.

Petros Michopulos

When considering why he preferred Russia, he claims that the basis of his “new” thinking was revenge for losing to Václav Klaus for the presidency.

“After his humiliating loss to Klaus, he suffered a very deep concussion and a mental transformation. And his desire for revenge increased tenfold. From then on, he no longer worked and thought of nothing but becoming president and submit everything to him.”

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“Anyone who offered him help – and in this case, some people connected to Russian intelligence, who invited him to these conferences and probably somehow arranged campaign finance – so they took advantage of him. He just undercut everything. He wanted to be elected president because he wanted revenge on everyone who made it impossible for him.”

Political marketing expert and co-creator of shit, Kecy a politika, says MPs and senators should have judged Zeman’s appeal sooner, but with less than a year to the end of the presidential term, he won’t. consider it more important. The problem, according to Michopulos, is that there was neither political will nor an appropriate distribution of power in the parliamentary chambers.

“It would be a gesture towards the nation. On the other hand, I can understand the motivations of all these politicians who do not want to do it. “

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“Because Zeman himself has shown that his policy has failed in every way. His political and economic diplomacy with China and Russia has failed. His national policy and now the war in Ukraine has ruined his moral part of this policy. So Miloš Zeman is a political bankrupt,” explains Michopulos.

According to him, the departure of President Zeman from Vladimir Putin is incredible. “And when he’s not at the Castle, nobody cares at all about his opinions and sympathies. It’ll only be two pages in the history textbook, where he won’t like the major part of the text,” he concludes.

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