Volkswagen Polo Style 1.0 TSI review

The good old days are over and the model Polo Volkswagen it became a piece of a robust, adult individual, but it still had smaller dimensions.

Adult look of a small machine

The car is just over four meters long, which suggests that the trunk and the rear crew will lose the most place. On the other hand, with a smaller car handles very well in town and especially longitudinally parked! The part I tested is, on top of everything, in a very unusual extra color – mauvewhich attracts the eyes of passers-by. So that gives it even more flair. It’s not the vague or boring car you just knew everyone on the street knew.

It exudes a certain sportsmanship, which also contributes to the rear roof spoiler. The side of the car is significantly raised. The grille is already a bit of a manufacturer feature and almost coincides with that of the Golf. It is a very nice element illuminated bar, which is located in the center of the mask and the entire face is completed with a sturdy grid. It was first used at Polo IG.LIGHT LED matrix lights! They work very well at night. And beware, the fog lamps are also freezing. Plus, you get these headlights as standard. It hits black, how to differentiate yourself from the competition.

The rear part has also changed a bit and we can see the new rear lights, which unexpectedly also have LED technology. In the spirit of the brand’s other models, we can also notice the letter designating the model name under the Fifth Gate logo. The rear bumper is a little different, also stamped and underlines the sporty character of the machine. The rear part can also be mentioned by the fact that the luggage compartment is not one of the largest, after all it can be easily read from the size of the car. The trunk volume is therefore 321 liters. If you still need to transport something bulkier, you can fold the rear seats in a ratio of 40:60 and create space worth 1125 liters.

Luggage compartment - Volkswagen Polo Style 1.0 TSI

To sum up at first glance, it’s just that car for modern peoplebut who don’t want to experiment too much with car design and attract more attention than necessary. In addition, the car manufacturer is the guarantor of decades of a reputation built on reliability and quality. Maybe that’s really a safe bet, don’t you think?

Interior in the spirit of a big brother

After getting behind the wheel, I kinda prayed that the whole cabin wouldn’t be the same as the Golf, i.e. riddled with large touchscreens and, most importantly, black plastic brilliant in which one reflects. It was half full. Yes, digital cockpit it’s there, but it fits perfectly into the space in front of the driver. Several forms of displaying metrics can be selected in its interface. I’m sticking with the classic basic – more than a tachometer and gear, you don’t really need to see.

However, you can access consumption data very quickly in the drop-down menu, which is controlled by the arrows on the steering wheel. The new is also surprising multifunction steering wheel, which has not been in this model in the past. And that’s another sign of maturity! Among other things, all important functions can be controlled via the steering wheel, the car also has voice control and, of course, there is also control of some driving assistants – hooray, no navigation in the car system. infotainment, everything is at your fingertips.

Interior - Volkswagen Polo Style 1.0 TSI

And what the conservative staff might not like is the area for air conditioning, because everything is tactile and I must admit that I too – a person who professes modernity in cars – had a little trouble putting it together. So say goodbye to the single spinning wheel and heat the belly of your finger, which you slide along the line and add or subtract the temperature. But it’s not always that simple and it takes a bit of practice. Likewise, the seat heating is activated – again at the touch of a finger. The only mechanical wheels that remain inside are those to control the changing of the lights and to control the volume of the media.

The current trend among car manufacturers is shiny plastic. Smaller amounts are fine, but not everyone likes it. Also, fingerprints are sometimes visible on it, so if you’re a perfectionist, always have a wiping cloth with you. Fortunately, this model has cleverly placed it on the dashboard and not in the middle space between the seats. Another material that is abundantly installed in the cabin is hard plastic. At first glance, however, it does not look cheap and its processing is on a higher level. So I was glad he didn’t throw or hit anywhere. The space in front of the passenger is then embellished with a gray decor, which breaks the uniformity of the passenger compartment.

Driver view - Volkswagen Polo Style 1.0 TSI

Infotainment screen it fits into the line of the dashboard and therefore the display does not interfere or protrude in any way, but is turned towards the driver. The inside of the screen is again controlled by the touch keys. Nevertheless the software runs fast, the navigation is clear and you can find your way quickly in the interface of the other submenus. I positively evaluate I quick response after start – for other cars, I’m quite annoyed that I start and then have to wait a few minutes before the system is ready to communicate with me at any level. Everything’s going good here. Don’t look for the LED in the middle, as usual, but on the far right of the screen.

Seats it surprised me with its comfort and convenience. They have pretty high side guidance, so I wasn’t afraid of a little more nimble riding style, because I didn’t have to worry about falling. The heater works well and quickly. Seating in the second row is a bit limited because it may not be completely comfortable for tall people – I will sit on my own, but I am used to more space, after all, with long legs, everything is a little bad. But otherwise, the space is full-fledged, so it can accommodate two people – but you have to think about their size. If you get lost above the ceiling, you’ll also notice the panoramic skylight. For me personally, it’s a necessary piece of equipment rather than a necessity.

Controls - Volkswagen Polo Style 1.0 TSI

I commend the location of the system’s STAR/STOP button next to the drive mode selector, because that way you don’t have to look for anything complicated in the system. One click and you’re done. At the same level you will also find a button to start the car. The transmission is automatic, so it switches to the lever modes you know from other cars and there is no need to look for tricks. The handbrake is then a classic manual.

Engine, driving, consumption

With the car, I did almost all the modifications on the road, except those on the ground. Polo thus managed to move on cat’s heads in the center of Prague, as well as rutted neighborhoods and, as a reward, beautiful asphalt on the highway. So whoever thinks that the model is exclusively urban, is mistaken.

Side panel - Volkswagen Polo Style 1.0 TSI

He works under the hood of the car 1.0 TSI three-cylinder petrol engine with an output of 81 kW. This variant can only be mated to the automatic transmission, which in this case is DSG and seven-speed. The torque is 200 Nm. That’s such a small omen for a nimble cart. But it’s interesting how the transmission works with the engine. It won’t always be a beauty ride and in some places you seem to be transmission he does what he wants and above all she is a bit lazy. Which isn’t exactly good if you want to get off to a quick start from an intersection or overtake a car in a neighborhood where you need to quickly downshift and overtake before the vehicle passes you in the oncoming lane.

Next a rapid acceleration it was an occasional problem and it took longer for the speed to change or, conversely, to subvert for better performance. As soon as you hit the 2000 rpm range, everything settles down. It almost seems like the ideal ride will be one of comfort, with no quick corners or unexpected overtaking. Which, basically, is nothing bad, quite the contrary. So yes, the car is nimble (in town), but you have to take into account its reluctance to accelerate too much. It was as if the naughty drivers were sitting on the benches.

Rear view - Volkswagen Polo Style 1.0 TSI

Chassis came a little harder for me, which was especially noticeable on these cat heads or on the rutted roads, whose potholes graze the hair of many motorists after winter. So there’s a little discomfort to consider in that regard, but again, that’s not the case if you have to wrap yourself in bubble wrap so your bones don’t detach from your body.

At today’s fuel prices, you’re sure to appreciate too consumption. I drove the car rather economically and comfortably, precisely because of the work of the transmission, which I liked the most in this style and everything was going so well. Then consumption shifts 5.5 liters – which is a very nice value for my taste. In addition, you fill up 40 liters of gasoline in the tank, which is enough for about 800 kilometers.

It can whiz at over 140 kilometers per hour on the highway, and that calls for a liter and a half more. But it’s still nothing terrible. Higher consumption does not occur even at full load. They appreciate that the car is well soundproofed, especially in the quarters, but with the increasing number on the tachometer you can already hear a slight hiss of wind around the bodywork – but maybe that was also due to the fact that I had a test car at the time of the biggest storms in the Czech Republic.

Front and sides - Volkswagen Polo Style 1.0 TSI

Conclusion and price

Eighteen million cars sold in less than fifty years testify to the fact that this car has always been a favorite car of drivers and, above all, a certain icon! Over the years it has been possible to make up for imperfections, which has become ornate over time and has adapted even more to the new modern level. And while it still retains the dimensions of a small car, it can be an interesting choice for anyone who likes a bit of history mixed with nostalgia, but in a modern jacket full of touchpads and a sleek design. .

Also note the price of the model. If you don’t need super assistants, a parking camera or a panoramic roof, and just use the foundation, which is also richly equipped, you can have a car. for 371 thousand crowns with a manual transmission. The part I tested had the second highest speed – Style – and is currently based on 680 thousand crowns and it should be noted that with a number of surcharges.

It’s a bit of a weighted price. On the other hand, whoever wants Polo will buy it and the price will be the last thing that interests them. The Polo model enters the 1920s with its head held high, and many people will certainly fall in love with it, and not only because of its practicality.

Source information: Author’s text.
Media source: Michaela Rubešová, Ivo Wartalský.

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