Thursday Zdeněk Strnad: They don’t want you? It doesn’t mean you’re a victim of cancel culture.

Learn more about Will Smith’s recent Oscars face-to-face host Chris Rock than the Oscars themselves. Otherwise, let’s face it, no one cares so much. Movie attendance fell steadily before the crisis, and high studio and cinema revenues only increased due to steadily rising ticket prices. But since 2019, cinema attendance has fallen to 60% of its pre-Pact state, and since more than three times as much as cinema has been spent on streaming and digital entertainment, it can be assumed that it will not be never the same as before. . But back to Will Smith. He cancels one contract after another. The message is clear: slaps have no place on official forums. In any case, it is already clear that the popular actor will pay his franchise. But can it be called “cancelling culture”?

A few weeks after the slap, the Grammy Awards were held for Best Musical (and Other) Recordings. In one of the categories, genius comedian Louis CK, accused in 2017 of inappropriate disclosure and behavior in public, won.

He spoke in a particular way about his relationship with women. “At the time, I thought what I did was good because I never showed a woman a bird without asking her first. But later in life I learned that if you have power over another person, asking them to look at your dick is not a question. It’s a problem for him. The power I had over these women was that they admired me. And I got that power irresponsibly.”

How is it possible for someone accused of inappropriate behavior to win a Grammy?

After this declaration, the ground fell a little after him. He performed very rarely (also due to covid), but last year he did a great comedy album Sincerely, Louis CK, which this year won a Grammy in the stand-up comedy category. Of course, there was a huge outcry on social media, and the question was, how can someone who has been accused of inappropriate behavior ever win a Grammy? We can, of course, get into a debate about guilt, punishment, repentance and forgiveness, but one thing is clear and was inadvertently defined by a Twitter user who disliked Louise’s price. CK: “The Grammy Awards are proof that there is no cancel culture.

Czech wellness

Everyone excuses it in the Czech Republic, but the truth is simple. There really is no cancel culture in the Czech Republic. There are fairly common books that no one in the glorious West would dare to publish, no one has lost their jobs because of their opinions, and we are perhaps the most caring nation in the world when it comes to people-to-people relationships. . The forty-eight-year-old singer Bohuš Matuš does not hesitate to marry the mother of his child at the age of fourteen (when he was forty-four), and he likes to feed the boulevard with spicy information.

“Lucinka is very nice, she makes me feel good, she cheers me up. As innocent as she is, she is comfortable. I won’t lie. I cuddled her, I don’t sleep with her. I’m happy to have a girlfriend whose mother has a nice relationship with me,” Bohuš Matuš said, a few years before Lucinka got pregnant at 17 in 2019. Where is Louis CK.

And Jaromír Nohavica, once every teenage guitarist’s idol, poetic genius and StB collaborator, refused to give up the Pushkin Medal awarded to him by Russian President Vladimir Putin. Subsequently, the Nohavics canceled their tour in Poland and the Czechs canceled his performances in Olomouc and Uherský Brod. The bard of Ostrava commented: “Born in communism, I will die in communism. He compared his injustice to the situation in the 1980s, when singing was really forbidden.

David František Wagner commented with a nice acronym: “The fact that the guy brought – a difficult time. Horrible, but understandable. That he was leaning against Okamur – a hell of a bastard. That he will not return Putin’s prize – a very bastard Going to call it COMMUNISM… For the love of God, yes, we must distance ourselves from the bloody dictators who kill children, it is not an exaggerated censorship, it is a normal free choice not to support Putin. “Yes, to Putin. , which compares Russian artists to Joan Rowling and interprets the global resistance against them as evidence of the global cancel culture.

When they don’t come to you

I’m not saying there isn’t a bigoted cancel culture – of course yes, we just aren’t very lucky to encounter it in the Czech Republic. And even abroad, it’s not something that would determine the cultural orientation. But people who confuse the right to express their opinions with the right to the public like to make excuses for it. So you can say whatever you want. There is only a danger that people will no longer come to you.

Comedic genius (and already mentioned) Louis CK summed it up: “Please stop saying,”You can’t joke about anything today.’ You can. You can tell jokes about anything you like. And some people won’t like it and tell you they don’t like it. And then it’s up to you whether you do something or not. And so on. It’s a good system. “It is and it certainly isn’t a ‘cancellation culture’. In the system that Louis describes, you can disqualify yourself.

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