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And heck, the devs mistakenly sent me another title. I play a completely different version of everyone else. How else can I explain that my experience is so diametrically opposed to the first impressions of the world? I didn’t even have to wait for early reviews to suspect that I probably hadn’t seen The Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga in as flattering a light as the first preview suggested. And that’s not a situation in which I like to be a critic. As soon as you deviate from the average in the rating, you immediately attract unwanted attention. It doesn’t matter which direction we’re going. But nothing pays off, reviews aren’t meant to please anyone or guess what most people are thinking. We are not looking for the only right truth. And while I have no problem believing that people really like Traveller’s Tales short stories when they write them, it didn’t make me very happy. Going against the grain is not an enviable task, nor an attempt to touch a minority of dissatisfied gamers. While it would undoubtedly be easier to grind and smooth my impressions by the majority, I muster up some courage and say that I think the game is only slightly above average.

Between 2008 and 2014, Traveller’s Tales released several Lego games each year, and for them, they went on a similar spiral by imitating each other as Telltale Games or currently Supermassive Games.

The basic facts first. Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga maps all nine major movies into one game. It features over 300 playable characters, over a hundred vehicles, 23 planets and 45 levels. There’s a whole galaxy at your disposal, made up of number cubes from a Danish kit. With its scope and breadth of content, the game is unparalleled in the history of Lego titles and Lego Star Wars. But quantity isn’t everything. The title was announced in 2019 and has been waiting for much longer than fans had hoped. It was postponed several times and there was also speculation about possible unpleasant circumstances in which the game appeared. But that’s not part of the assessment. I just want to say that it’s been a long and thorny journey from news to market, and I was also hoping for a happy ending. Although I was rather indifferent to Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga during development, optimistic impressions piqued my curiosity and I began to look forward to the fact that a pleasant surprise might really come out of the game for me too. .

You must know that I love Star Wars and have enjoyed TT Lego games for a long time. Lego Star Wars: The 2005 Video Game seemed like a revelation. I was one of many players who missed the news. Coincidentally, Star Wars was the first Lego game in the Traveller’s Tales portfolio and represented a major breakthrough for the team itself. Although it has been running since 1989 and until then it had plenty of titles, mostly for younger audiences, often licensed games from world famous animators. However, it was only thanks to Lego that the studio became deservedly famous. However, the developers then started spitting other similar titles on the market at such a rate that after a few years of producing them, I was completely poisoned, so I started ignoring it. In the years 2008 to 2014, they released several Lego games every year, and so they went on a similar spiral of imitating themselves as Telltale Games or currently Supermassive Games. You will want the best recipe over time, unless the chef changes the ingredients. After all, there is speculation that the exclusivity will expire and Lego sets will also be made by other 2K-led companies.

It’s clear from the responses that most players and journalists feel like the TTs did a good job in the kitchen this time around and served the players something different. Unfortunately, I do not share this opinion, but I will start with the positive. The developers replaced the engine, and although it would have caused many problems, the game got away with it. In direct comparison, of course, it looks better than older games. In most places, the authors are known to have tried at least one innovation or evolution of the established mechanisms. The combat system is more complex, the sword fight allows for more variable combos, and with a blaster in hand, you can aim more precisely. If you’ve enjoyed the humor of Lego games in the past, you can expect a new but traditional serving of gags, jokes and Easter eggs that spice up familiar scenes and situations in the spirit of older titles. old. Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga is great fan service, as the quantified content no doubt shows. You will look at famous places, you will meet famous faces, you will enjoy famous moments.

The writers also deserve praise for the decision to offer the player to complete the story in almost any order. You can’t start with just any episode, but it offers as a possible starting point three places – the individual trilogy introductions, i.e. episodes I, IV and VII. You can then jump between played stories as you wish and, of course, also return to individual locations and missions. Lego games have always been largely based on content completion. If you like to do each level 100%, you will have a higher part. There are a large number of side activities and hobbies, although I already have my doubts about their fun and creativity. In the game you will go to space and fight among the stars. You can unlock or upgrade something. You can also choose to listen to the dub or prefer the classic mumble. And the game also features local couch co-op in the form of split-screen. Even with that, at least on PS5, the graphics suffer and the game unfortunately doesn’t feature online multiplayer.

Avoiding recycling is usually very difficult in games, it’s almost impossible to resist this feeling in a game that aims to tell the whole saga.

And that brings it to the least enjoyable part of the review. It may be unfair to want this game and this series to reinvent the wheel, but that’s exactly how I feel. After two dozen Lego titles, I expected more. In my opinion, the authors themselves gave the impression that the novelty should be a greater revolution. The legacy of the series is not easy to eliminate or deny. I understand. If we were talking about the second or third Lego game of Star Wars and maybe the fifth Lego game of TT in general, I would probably be less demanding and more forgiving. But I couldn’t help but feel like I’d seen or experienced most of it already. Avoiding recycling is usually very difficult in games, it’s almost impossible to resist this feeling in a game that aims to tell the whole saga. But it’s not just a sense of deja vu, I had a number of specific reservations about the game, regardless of its legacy.

The mentioned humor of Lego games was completely exhausted for me. This is a purely personal opinion, but the game does not seem funny to me, I have rarely sincerely laughed at it. The year 2005 is not written and the lack of online cooperation is also a problem. The game gives you relative freedom, but we are still far from a real openness. The individual planets form a kind of mushroom that you travel between, instead of the open world. Also, due to the structure of the films, you often come back to the same places and not always interesting. If you don’t really need to explore the world, that’s a problem. The original weighed down the game with further outrage in the form of action and tempo dosing. Of course, the developers can’t blame him at all, but from the player’s point of view, it’s impractical that Episode II ends with a long duel with Count Dooku, and Episode III basically begins by another long duel. In my opinion, the boss fights are a problem. They’re disproportionately long, full of scripts, interrupts, and pseudo-changes, but they’re basically just endless, boring mashing of a few buttons. An example is the failed encounter with Anakin at the end of Episode III or the fight between Yoda and Palpatine in the Senate, where the game constantly takes your initiative and does something for you. “Filmness” at the expense of gameplay.

The graphics have been skimmed over as I write, but your eyes certainly won’t fall out of their sockets. Without a direct comparison, it’s hard to get excited about the technical side. Some places seem more repulsive, such as the underwater city of Gungan or the beach by the lake. You come here again and again. In my opinion, most cases are harmed by a combination of exteriors and realistic cubes. I see, now I come across something that is just Lego’s own set. But while, for example, building block-only ship and station interiors look great in my opinion, planets like Naboo or Kashyyyk, on the other hand, are unflattering. You’re looking at a not very detailed normal world and someone cuts out some Lego accessories. The magic of the kit is in the draw. For example, the best animated films of this brand try to make the whole world look like Lego. It also bothers me that the game is much less of a platformer, and instead rather unsuccessfully tries to dabble in genres where the writers aren’t very good at it. I would honestly wonder if other players really like mundane and at the same time groundbreaking combat in space. There are also very weak situations where you just walk someone from point A to point B and then walk back. Yes, I’m looking at you, planet Kamino. You could say it’s a game for kids, but my comments have nothing to do with the age of the player.

The result is not a disaster, but also a great game. I appreciate that the developers tried to create the ultimate Star Wars Legacy and cram as much content as possible into one game. They sincerely try to flatter fans and when asked what they put into the game, they answer: “Yes!” But the range is not everything, and it must be said that my relationship with Star Wars, which is very positive, has no bearing on the evaluation. If you want to ask, no, Star Trek wouldn’t make me happy for the sixth time, and I wouldn’t be kinder to it. Years ago, someone told me that once the verdicts were out, it was very hard to go against the average. Stand out and say the criticized game is good and vice versa. And that’s true. That’s why you prefer not to stray from it. But maybe I can afford the luxury of 20 years of writing a review to state for once that I disagree with the others. I am not imposing this opinion on anyone, but for me the result is only slightly above average.

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