The hero Třinec Hrňa after the turn of dreams: it could have an impact on Boleslav

They chased the ghost of Kacetl from the goal, but hit hell. When Gašper Krošelj fantastically neutralized Erika Hrni’s shot in the 59th minute, the spectators cheered from the stands and were sure it was the cliché sweet icing on the Thursday cake, a stamp for the first semi-final victory -final. Was not. The video judges concluded that it was a goal. A shot at 2:3 laid the foundation for a dream shot at 4:3 in extra time. The people of Třinec can win the final of the extra league on Friday. “We want to take it now!”, wishes the Hero of the Steelworkers.

At 58:09, the number two on the Třinec account lit up on the time trial and the chances to call continued. Marek Mazanec again left the goal area at the right moment, the guests sent a sixth player on the pitch and suddenly… 3:3! Mazák Petr Vrána with a very precise flow changed the flight path of Milan Doudera’s incentive from the blue. An incredible resurrection for the guests, a heavy ruin for the house. Not the last night. After Ševc was kicked out into the set, Erik Hrňa recounted a ton of euphoria in the cabin.

There is a point for each victory, but is this triumph hiding something else?
“Turn around at the end of the game, it could have an impact on Boleslav. But the locals are strong in their heads, they will have nothing to lose on Friday, they will go to blood. Which we do too. Anyway, they have nothing to save, it could be their last game of the season, we have to be prepared for that.”

What did you have in mind after the big Krošlej operation? It looked like Třinec would definitely smash this moment.
“At that moment I thought it was impossible for him to catch it. ‘The backhand shot came up well, he waved his grip and got it. But then the refs went to solve it, I wasn’t sure if he caught it in front or behind the goal line. Anyway, we were very happy that the judges went to examine it and it turned out that he was only behind the line.”

Were you mad at yourself at first for unchanging luck?
“I wouldn’t say angry. I struggled to shoot the backhand, which is Dravcov’s (Dravecký) special. I just slapped the puck, the goalie instinctively waved and got it. But luckily it was a goal. It made us settle down.”

It came off Crow’s stick just 17 seconds after your goal. The home team was logically scalded, did you feel it was the right time to choke your opponent before going into extra time?
“Of course we were on horseback and knew they could be broken. We wanted to cut into the extension. There was a quick foul, a power play and it was done.”

Your volleyball is well known. Did you believe during the stretch that he would have lens settings?
“The puck came to me beautifully from Milan Doudera, it was good for me to lean into the wound and find a loophole. The one in which the goalkeeper is waiting for the shot and has no time to tie up the receiver to the concrete. Very good moment, terribly beautiful. But it only lasts until midnight, after midnight you have to move on to the next game.”

Mladá Boleslav – Třinec: Hrňa completed a winning lap on the power play, 3:4p

Together with Petr Vrána, you split Třinec’s four goals evenly… Did you manage to play together in the booth?
(smiles) “It doesn’t matter who scores the goals and whether it’s a nice goal or a mess. There are four matches won and that’s important for us.”

But did you realize what you said to yourself after the home team pushed Ondřej Kacetl towards the substitute after the second hit?
“Coaches give such impulses, even in the normal season our goalkeepers rotated like that. It was an impulse for us. Mazi came into the goal after a long time, he kept us super cool.”

Seven matches in the playoffs, seven tied and seven won by Třinec. What does all this prove?
“Combat, tenacity, goalkeepers catch well. We have to play even easier, push even harder on the gate. We confirmed it again. There was a shot from us there from the blue, like a butterfly , a pitch, a run comes in and a goal (at 3:3). That’s exactly it. Smuggle butterflies in the door.”

The people of Boleslav were shocked by the statements of the judges and the commission after the duel in Třinec, how much did you solve in your cabin?
“It just came to our knowledge at that time. Especially when Sváč’s goal was confirmed by the jury. Already when the second game ended, it went out for us, we put the head on game three in Boleslav.”

Disciplinary boss Viktor Ujčík put Martin Růžička in his sweatpants for Thursday’s duel, how did you rate his statement in the squad?
“Růža solved it immediately after Monday’s game, he knew he was easily hitting the opponent (Bičevskis). In a way, we counted on his absence.”

What will Friday’s clash look like? You’ve downloaded, you can wait, you don’t have to stuff yourself anywhere…
“We are going to fight, to play the same. This match was also perfectly played by us, we set the pace, we just lacked goals, we started to fall at the end. We would like it to come out on Friday. we will take it and end it. We have to rest, throw our feet on the mountain, start them again in the morning and play like the first time here. It would be nice to score the three goals earlier. And if possible, don’t miss none.” (Smiles)

Třinec turn on time


During the 6-on-4 match, Erik Hrňa hits a crossbow with a backhand shot. An amazing intervention, according to the video match, came only behind the goal line – 3: 2.


During the continuous power play (5 to 4), Petr Vrána skilfully sinks Milan Doudera’s goal in front of the goal area. High stick? Never. Three-handed hands fly away – 3:3.


Martin Ševc is sent off for a foul, he is unpleasantly injured during the operation and does not even go into the penalty area. After fifty seconds, Erik Hrňa decides on a perfectly placed shot – 3:4

Mladá Boleslav – Třinec: Vrana led the bomb from Douder and equalized the match, 3: 3

EDITING: Mladá Boleslav – Třinec 3: 4p. The super turn brought the Steelmakers closer to the final


Home made : 01:42. Kelemen, 27:44. Bičevskis, 48:01. Flynn

Guests: 41:32. P. Crow, 58:09. Hrna, 58:26. P. Crow, 61:12. Hrna


Home made : Krošelj (M. Schwarz) – Pavel Pýcha, Ševc (C), Jánošík, Pláněk (A), Lintuniemi, Fillman, Bernad – Kotala, Bičevskis, D. Šťastný – Flynn, O. Najman, P. Kousal – Lunter, Fořt, Kelemen – Eberle, T. Knotek, J. Stránský (A).

Guests: Kacetl (28. Marek Mazanec) – M. Doudera, Marinčin, D. Musil, Kundrátek, M. Zbořil, M. Adámek, Zahradníček – Daňo, P. Vrána (C), Chmielewski – A. Nestrašil, M. Kovařčík, O Kovařčík – Svačina, Marcinko (A), Hrňa – Hrehorčák, Miloš Roman, Dravecký (A).


Pesina, Hradil – Hynek, Zika


ŠKOENERGO Arena, Mlada Boleslav

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4200 spectators

HC Ocelari Trinec

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Biting after the collapse of Boleslav: feelings?  Nah***o.  It will be hard now

ONLINE: Třinec separates victory from the final after a super turn!  Budejovice - Sparta 1 : 0

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