Pink Panther before the battle with the Prince: We will not break. It will be hard and bloody

How do you feel?

Weak. When I get out of bed I feel dizzy so I can’t wait to get it over with. But the preparation was like the previous ones. Especially hard. I went to Poland, I still ride. There was nothing special.

More than once you said you weren’t looking forward to the cage. Is it still valid?

Yes. I’m not happy and I never will be. At this stage, I’m not waiting for the match anymore because the diet is long, even particularly strict. It only takes a week, but I watch it a lot. Boring thing. I can’t wait to be there after the game, after all, and I’ll be done. And, of course, when the referee raises his hand. That’s why I do it. But no one has me looking forward to the match as such. You’re nervous, you’re going there to do your job, the sport hurts, so it’s nothing good to look forward to. But the feeling of victory is why I do it.

You wrestled with the Prince five years ago. Do you remember anything else? And can it be based on that, or will it be different?

So completely different… I think I’ve moved a lot since, on the contrary, Petr has aged, so in my opinion his form has gone down, while mine has gone up. I believe the scales are leveling off, or mine may be higher. But as we always say, every match is different, it can turn out anyhow. But I think since 2017 I have moved in my head. I’m better mentally than before. There was fear, apprehension then, but I don’t have it anymore.

Do you believe that your great weapon will be age, predation, movement and the fact that you are squeezing your opponent into a cage?

This is one of the options and strengths I have against Peter. Form, youth and speed. He’s 44, limp in one leg, so that’s going to play a big role. It could be a big weapon against him and I will try to use it.

This will be your sixth match for the Oktagon title. Where would you place Petr Kníž among the other five rivals?

(Think about it) I do not know. Apollo was definitely tougher and better, it was the toughest game of my life. But I can only think so, and on Saturday it might not be true. They should fight together to beat who, that’s just my opinion.

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So what do you expect from this game?

That it will be hard, bloody and long. Maybe until the end for five full laps, because Peter won’t break his head. He’s a warrior. But neither do I, so I expect him to beat until the final. I did not abandon Apollo (Leander Silva), I do not consider that now. I don’t think we’re going to break either.

After three years, Oktagon returns to Ostrava, it will be in front of the public. You are not yet accustomed to the public?

I wouldn’t say that. After all, there were tournaments in Brno where spectators could go. Of course, it will be different, because there will be twelve thousand people, and I haven’t experienced that for a long time. I can’t wait to be there, moreover in Ostrava, where I will have all my relatives and friends. With some exceptions. I’ll just be at home.

How many tickets did you have to find for your relatives and friends?

(smiles) Two years ago, we took – with Le Sym – the entire A4 sector. There could be maybe three hundred and four hundred tickets. And then I sold it to friends and acquaintances. But I feel like Le Sy returned some tickets after canceling those tournaments, so it’s hard to say how much it’s going to cost now.

Is support more restrictive or motivating for you?

I expect the public to favor me. I hope so and I will not be disappointed. But that doesn’t engage me, it motivates me. The public means a lot to me, so when it gets difficult, I hear them and I know I’m close. So I don’t want to disappoint them. It keeps me going, so I won’t give up the game.

You recently started communicating with people through YouTube, where you have your channel. How is it? Are you okay with?

It was created by a guy who writes on instagram and cuts and films if he can’t make videos for me. I spoke to the manager about it, she told me it couldn’t be bad. So we went there. I have no work to do with it. He tells what could be filmed, then it’s filmed, edited and posted on YouTube. I wouldn’t have time for that myself. I’m glad it worked out that way, because at least I can be closer to my fans, show them my personal life or my preparation. And I also communicate with them. I’m not saying I like it, but I like it. I treat it like practice. I don’t want him either, but I will.

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