Bread in the freezer. You give me eggs, I give you wood. In the countryside, it has a brutal end

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“Are you even asking? The pensions are small and the prices are huge. Choir in the villages! Ascending three crowns twenty, unbearable. Half a loaf of twenty-six crowns. Where are we ? Resignation to inflation, to the general rise in prices and food prices has its limits. Although it has become a norm that older people should spend time choosing the cheapest food prices, younger students in Moravia also say, “We can’t do without bread!”, they say.

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The description: Bread

Prices? “Massacre”, says Jana Dlabajová, mother of two minor children, and recommends everyone to go and see how much butter and bread cost.

Prices. Photo: Jana Dlabajova

She herself must keep the expenses of any purchase uncompromisingly and carefully. The kids aren’t winning yet, so she’s got something to show for them. He only buys groceries that go straight to the plate. “I just have to shop,” he says. However, he has his tricks: “I split the bread and put it in slices in the freezer. Then I only really take it out for consumption,” he describes. The price will lead people to one conclusion: “They will eat even cheaper food,” he thinks.

Rising prices are a major concern for her. “I don’t think we can do without bread!” he says with a certain amount of irony and discord. “Let the politicians let the fields sow wheat and ensure Czech food self-sufficiency!” Let them employ people in agriculture and forestry and support those sectors,” he suggests.

We won’t!

In the case of the largest malls in retail chains, despite constant data from economists, no drop in consumption is visible at first sight. Perhaps the pre-supply trend before further price increases. People often buy targeted foods. “It just came to our knowledge at that time. I know where they are cheaper, whether it’s Kaufland or Alberta. I buy what’s in action. But I don’t write my list of shopping, I have a good memory. Here and there I buy chocolate for children and grandchildren, “describes Ms. Hana, 65, from Šlapanice.

She and her husband lived in a family house, then for financial reasons they moved into an apartment. Now she lives alone and only comes out of her own boarding house. “I have a husband in a care home and his whole pension is actually at his cost. I have to live off my retirement, pay my rent'” he just shrugs and puts a bag in his bag . And what about? “Nobody knows,” he sighs.

Purchases. Photo: Daniela Cerna

“The prices of everything are going up. You have to choose where it’s cheaper,” thinks Zdena Hajíčková, nodding her husband’s head in agreement. “I think something has to be done about it. We can no longer afford to buy such expensive things. Of course, we have to regret something that we were used to,” he says. he have the courage to buy the cheapest food? “I don’t buy the cheapest. I choose the happy medium,” he confides, explaining that he is afraid of deteriorating his health.

At the exit of the market we can see a recurring image: a receipt, a disgusted gesture and preferably with that in the trash. The only answer to the question on the issue of rising prices comes from people: “We don’t want to talk about it. Anyway, we won’t do anything about it.”

There is nothing to choose from. Are we going to wait for the mobile store?

As the number of miles in chain grocery stores increases, so does the shopping system. In smaller communities, people are increasingly dependent on their own resources and economy. They grow what they can. Type of Bloom barter: I give you eggs, you give us firewood. The village centers are empty, a few people can be met at the bus stop.

Foodstuffs. Photo: Daniela Cerna

Older people or those who drive only a few miles are not easy to buy, so choose stronger words. They cannot choose lower prices. It’s nothing. “Are you even asking? The pensions are small and the prices are huge. Choir in the villages. Ascending three crowns twenty, unbearable. Half a loaf of twenty-six crowns. Where are we? And if it lasts at all, ”swears the senior. Who has a problem with walking, has no chance. “There is a store here. There is no other store for the village. Penny in Újezd. And how do you get there? The bus goes to Sokolnice, and then? Just on foot. There has a mobile shop here,” he said, adding, “Who regulates it? We are the little masters of it. He is going to increase his pensions by a few crowns and everyone thinks he gave us nothing. go, I just have to get angry!”

Mobile store reviews. Photo: Daniela Cerna

People can then read on the bulletin board that the CSSD is full, and they will be delighted with the smile of the KDU-CSL.

The CSSD met. Photo: Daniela Cerna

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author: Daniela Cerna

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