At the beginning was a plastic bottle, at the end a two-meter statue. It was printed on a 3D printer by schoolchildren from Dačice

Dačice Square is decorated with the Life in a Nutshell statue, designed by ninth-graders Eliška Tichá and Martin Lacina from Studená.
Author: Lucie Váchová

DAČICE – A two-meter-long statue called Life in a Nutshell was unveiled on Friday morning April 1 in Dačice Square. The authors of the proposal are ninth graders Eliška Tichá and Martin Lacina from Studená. The statue was created from recycled plastic bottles and printed on individual 3D printers by school children from nine primary schools in the Dačice region.

“At first there was one PET bottle, so there were actually a thousand of them. They were used to make material for 3D printers, where nine schools in Dačice printed the hundred parts needed for assembly of the sculpture. The children themselves not only collected plastic bottles, but also designed the sculpture, so they were involved in the whole process,” said Marie Hazuková, GAL Czech Canada, the event manager. called 3Dění.

The art competition for the design of the sculpture took place at the end of last year. All the works were then exhibited in the Dačice River, and there or even on social networks people could vote for the best one. During the months of January and February, schoolchildren collected plastic bottles to make the printing string, and it took a thousand.

The winning design was developed by ninth grade students of Studená Elementary School Eliška Tichá and Martin Lacina. “I think we were involved fifty to fifty, it was really a mutual cooperation. We wanted everyone to find something in their statue. The cube is supposed to represent a cube, which also bears the name Life in a Cube. In same time, it has to mark the maze, the search for the meaning of life. It’s torturous, everyone has a completely different and different one. And if someone hasn’t seen it there, we added a statue and symbols of heart and love,” Eliška described.

“When we first saw the final work, we were horrified because it was a different color. But at first glance, we realized the lighting gave such a twist to the statue. It’s just something special, different from what you can see anywhere else,” added Martin.

The PETMAT group also collaborated in the project. According to the design, its 3D printing experts had to first model the sculpture and then break it into one hundred pieces. The schools and other volunteers then downloaded the print data for the individual parts from a specially created website and started 3D printing. The LAG Czech Canada equipped nine primary schools with 3D printers as part of this event.

“We want 3D printers to continue to be used in schools and find their place there. Unfortunately, during the implementation of the project, we found that in some schools the printers were still in unpackaged boxes, even though we had provided them a year in advance. On the contrary, many schools are already actively using them,” said Marie Hazuková.

The 3D action was originally intended to be only Dačice, but in the end it also had an international dimension. Rimavská Sobota High School in Slovakia learned about it on Facebook. The students also printed a piece there, and even the school representatives brought it.

The Life in a Nutshell statue will now stand in Dačice Square for about a month. “For me, it’s a bit like a reminder of a monument in the shape of a sugar cube, even if that’s the way of life. Both exhibitions are almost forty years old, this year is thirty-nine. The monument was unveiled in 1983. The new statue shows that schools can work together, that children have a fantasy and that waste doesn’t just end up in a landfill. You can do a lot of beautiful things with it,” the mayor said. Karel Macku.

Not only the two primary schools in Dačice participated in the 3D printing, but also those in Slavonice, Český Rudolec, Studená, Budíškovice, Starý Hobzí, Velká Lhota and Dešná. The statue can be dismantled and after its exhibition in Dačice it will travel to other places where schools participated in its production.

Author: Lucie Váchová

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