A battle in sight? Brož and Wittner shoot each other

Brož and Wittner, two former OKTAGON MMA fighters, are also taking part in the RFA tournament in May. Each has a different opponent, but from the shootouts on social media, it looks like if they both succeed, they will go head-to-head. They leaned heavily on each other, so a mutual duel is offered.

Jiří Procházka confirmed that Chimaev did injure him, BUT…

In an interview with Czechoslovak MMA, Brož reacted to Wittner’s statement, in which the Slovak fighter said he planned to challenge Brože, but after pulling him out of the octagon on a stretcher after the fight, he changed his mind. “So I would just tell him one thing. If he wants to come back to the only game I lost. He has a great score. I have a good score too. I lost the game leaving everything there. Until the last moment, I held on to what I could. I also don’t comment on his losses, which he lost. Maybe with Kertész or when they finished him and he didn’t know where he was either. It’s his business. If he wants to return to the match, it was up to 84 kg, where I had nothing to do. I got it from Datl. I had an 8-0 score and it had to come. So just OK.

We were supposed to compete twice at OKTAGON. I challenged him after Košice. It didn’t work once because he said it, but he was probably hurt. For the second time, it didn’t work either. I never hooked him, but it pisses me off that he’s coming back to a game I lost four years ago. I couldn’t make the weight I lost, but left it all there. I was fully loaded. And he forgets it. I just lost.

Let him remember his matches, how many times he told someone. We are now in the same association. I never hired anyone. As a wrestler, I respect him, he wrestles very well. As a person, he is terribly rude and has no humility towards other boys. The last time he wrestled in Spain, I cheered him on. He is a Czechoslovakian wrestler, so I will support him. But I don’t like someone coming back to be carried on a stretcher. True, but I just let myself recharge.

I could have said I was done, but I left it at that. I still think that if we both win, it will mean that we will both meet there. So let him sell what he has. I’m going to sell mine and break the handle. That will probably be the only way out. I don’t like this bullshit. If this game happens, I will do my best to prepare for this game. I would prepare exceptionally. Cook for him there as much as possible.

He can win this game, I can win. He knows that even if he wins, it will hurt. I will leave everything there. I will have it removed again. If they want to beat me, they’ll have to take me out again. As far as I know, he has unresolved issues with Cibinski, who they haven’t really sat down with. I respect Wittner as a wrestler, he has a good score, he wrestles very well. I don’t think he has much respect for wrestlers. It’s just that he remembers a fight they got me out of the cage. It’s pathetic, it’s sad and let’s say it elsewhere. I have no problem with that. »

Wittner responds

Jozef Wittner then reacted promptly to this reaction, You don’t like bullshit and such a response to the muscle man Mirko I see, it’s clear to me that you profile yourself as boiled, cooked, believing and blah blah blah blah to be interesting. I don’t care who is in pain and what will be difficult and how hard you are, because pain belongs to sport, I don’t understand what you are special and what is it for, wow?

I was asked how the confrontation with you should go and unfortunately I described the situation to you how it happened… You will profile yourself as a champion and they carry you on a stretcher… That’s the principle that it probably shouldn’t look like that when you’re still in the FRG nothing won like me… That I was squatting in a match? bI was and what? After all, okay, and that also means someone telling me I rushed when I automatically rushed, does that mean he has no respect? I also carry it on a stretcher and I don’t know what the risk of our job is… I have a lot of fun because I enjoy it until the end

You are very touched and it only goes to show that on the one hand you profile yourself as a Grand Inquisitor and on the other hand you will be shattered by a memory that someone will bring back to you and you will start thinking about defending the lies that I am disrespectful… It’s because you don’t have an okay EGO and the stretcher spoils your image. I am WITTNER and I am the only one. You can always race the second Inquisitor, which one of you is the right one and will talk more nonsense to get people interested… Either way, I’m crossing my fingers that you work towards the success of your dreams and the chance to hurt me… I’m happy… And if you want to beat me, don’t be surprised that we probably aren’t friends. “

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