We have a big problem with this blank check

Minister, thank you for this explanation now, I am glad to have heard it, because I can react immediately.

So I think it is clear from the words of my colleagues in the YES movement in government that we will support this proposal. No doubt about it. We never considered anything other than supporting it, of course, after the factual and constructive debate in committee. I spoke this morning and yesterday with Ms. Pastuchová on behalf of the YES movement club. So I would say that at the beginning, we will support it. And I read in the monitoring this morning that you said somewhere that people were writing to you that the five thousand was too much. So they don’t write to me, I have to say, God forbid they don’t write to me and we certainly wouldn’t even harbor such moods. On behalf of our club, I say this openly, because we simply support this policy and we have to do it, it is an act of humanity and nothing has changed.

Just a few notes and please don’t take them away from me, I’m really going to speak very helpfully. I just want to tell you that I understand you. I also said it here about the previous law, when the Austrian Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior talked about the need to build capacity and so on. And you won’t get scathing words from me like we told you or just dig that you increase the number of officials. You can’t wait, because we’re done and we know what it meant, these two years of the covid crisis. The crisis was terrible and it is no less so. So I know exactly what you’re going through. We lived it, these weekends from morning to evening. I’m not complaining at all, I perceive my work and I always have perceived it, and I believe that you, as a public service, so this is neither a complaint nor a request for regret or recognition, I don’t expect anything like that. But I want to tell you that I understand that.

This means that you will have to increase the capacity. I repeat – and again, don’t take it for granted – these people, for example, actually didn’t get any raises at these employment agencies, you know that with 11% inflation, they will actually go down. And because I come from the public sector, I know it’s more and less the same everywhere, they are idols, so they will do the job anyway, even if they go down with the real salary. It’s fine if you apply some of their rewards, of course it’ll be fine, but just the nine – and you mentioned the fire department correctly, the police, they’ll all get involved like they did during our crisis. Even then, the labor offices fell there because they were dealing with the antivirus and they were dealing with – of course the Czech social security administration and other authorities, of which I no longer want you, the Minister of Labour, so I’m talking about them, but of course the police, the fire brigade, the financial administration that dealt with the compensation premium, we finally talked about it here on many occasions when you were in opposition. And these people deserve it.

On the one hand, you will have a complex ability there, we had debates with Jana Maláčová regularly, and yesterday the person sitting next to you said to me here: you were still hanging out, we had such a shooting on social services here, I don’t want to solve this now. But you know what, when I think about it today, yes, they ran, because of course she wanted as much money as possible for her station, and I defended her again, so we seemed to be running everywhere , but today I have to say in retrospect that she was fighting for this station. Today, I see it retrospectively as a struggle. Sometimes she earned less, sometimes she earned more, I also had to compromise, but she just fought. So just my advice – we have to fight for this complex, we have to fight. So that’s just my advice. Now, on the other side, to respond to what we said yesterday and that’s not a bad thing.

And now to what I want to say above all. I have a big problem – and my colleague, Mrs Pastuchová, has already said this, of course we talked about it, but she has it more under her skin – we have a big problem with Mr Kaňkovsky’s amendment , with blank Check. We have no problem making a contribution, God forbid. It has to be provided and I even tried to get you somehow – we were dealing with it then, and please don’t take my word for it, but we had a lot of huge talks with unions, chambers, representatives of different segments of the economy and maybe we have resolved, here I give such a proposal, covid housing, where we have just agreed on a contribution to the time, because the situation is not very different. Unfortunately we closed due to covid, not us covid, and we closed and did not allow these accommodation capacities to operate. You have to use them again or all of us, but you are now in the government, for refugees, so the situation is not much different and you can find the clue there. And we finally made a compromise on how to make that contribution.

So I’m just giving you such a guide, and we’re willing to work together, because you know, let’s really put those political points aside. I am sorry, for example, that when I amended this amendment together with my colleague, Mrs Pastuchová, when this amendment, which I have in fact here, is simply not a step backwards and you accepted . I would act as if the pope were elected, as long as we agree. And that’s what we’ve done. You know how many times we argued, when we broke up for an hour and the Prime Minister called us back, we argued there, sometimes it was really crazy, but you have to agree. And I don’t think that’s good, this form of empowerment is not good. We don’t really know any parameters there, we don’t know anything there. That’s why Jana Pastuchová said it was a problem for us.

I know constitutionally money is not taken, but given, that’s certainly fine, but it should be there… Remember, if you remember, we approved here several times and the two of us had several debates about it, and now it’s ok, I don’t blame you for this compensation bonus. And I kept coming here with new and new compensation bonuses, we guessed if about five hundred, and then we finally said, well, I’m not coming here all the time. So we put a decree there, finally the Chamber of Deputies and you supported it, we gave the possibility of extending the decree there, and, we did it, our government, in fact, a clearing period always of one month. But there were clear limits. There were conditions and there was an amount. We couldn’t change that as a government. We could only extend it, and it was at the limit of constitutionality, but of course, as they say, there is no prosecutor, no judge. Who would have thought that when we were actually helping people.

So I just think you should have put the coats in there, and if what’s happening in the media now is true then I’m pretty shocked, if you could respond I would appreciate it. What our governor of South Moravia and your partner, Mr. Grolich, actually said, that they were short of money, that they were going to send them to gymnasiums. Oh no! So get together and make a deal. We really offer basic covid accommodation. Try to meet the reps, we have always negotiated with the reps who cover – now I’ve dropped the union, of course commerce and tourism, but there’s another under which restaurants, that is ie restaurants – accommodation establishments, hotels, sorry, sorry hotels. We just negotiated with a number of them and we always found that compromise. Of course, their idea was sometimes great, so we had to cover it up, but in the end, we found a compromise so that they somehow survived and were able to function, and we were able to finance at the cost of the deficit you blame. . But again, don’t get me wrong, I think you are one of those members of the government who, after Mr Austrian, have already said it openly, if I’m not mistaken, it will simply require an amendment, it will be must be.

And believe me, we will be as constructive as possible. I move now, we don’t like what you’re charging here. I know you claim it, you have the power. It’s not good. It’s not good, I’m a little sorry that maybe you didn’t tell us about it, it’s a shame, and I offer it again openly, use our know-how, we have a lot of experience, and even if you bombarded us from left to right, let’s put that aside, I don’t take anything personally, I couldn’t be in politics, neither would you probably, so let’s put that aside and try to use this.

We – and my colleagues, Klára Dostálová – are not here today, former Minister of Regional Development, she also spent hours with these representatives when we set it up, but please I say this mainly to understand why we are making this amendment. cannot support you, but we urge you to do so urgently – and we offer cooperation, we do offer sincere cooperation. And if you still comment on the situation, on these regions, when President Grolich commented along these lines, I only have media that they simply lack money and they will not have any more, so when see you solved it and when you see the way out. And again, I know what I’m talking about, so this is not superficial opposition work on my part at all costs, but knowledge and similar experience, because these problems have a different reason , but the same solution.

Thank you.

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