We don’t like to give away shoes. Summer starts here in spring, says former Třeboň police commander News Company

Vladimír Školka drew hundreds of reactions and thanks when he announced his retirement on the Třeboň Municipal Police Facebook account. The former commander ended after more than 29 years. During this time, he lived countless stories with happy and sad endings. Not only did he talk about it for Budweis Drbna in the (Un)Ordinary series.

While cleaning the office, he found the first records of Třeboň police officers, which date back to January 1, 1993. He recalled relatively difficult beginnings. “It just came to our knowledge at that time. The residents also didn’t know what we were going to be for. We didn’t have a car, we divided the city into certain points where we were going. After these 30 years, in my opinion, it turned out that the municipal police had a place in society, ” evaluate Vladimir Skolkawho will turn 63 in two days.

At least in Třeboň this is confirmed by a wave of reactions and thanks to the former commander. Dozens of residents thanked him for his work not only on social networks. This is probably the biggest reward for kindergarten. He appreciates this, even if he realizes that part of the public does not perceive the police positively. “Our work includes repression, and who would like to be reprimanded and punished?” recognize.

Třeboň police officers attempted to influence townspeople through a Facebook account, where they posted information about current events and some non-traditional stories they were solving. Last year, for example, they described the story of a dog that escaped owners in Austria and was found in Třeboň. Thanks to social networks, the Gmünd family was also tracked down.

“Honestly, I’m not a fan of social networks. But I thought about creating a Facebook account and it turned out to be a good idea. So some of the public learned about what we were doing, what s “then spread. I understood that it was not necessary to scare the people there, but to cooperate with the public and possibly to congratulate them.” Kindergarten is considering.

He himself admits that when we say policeman, most people think of putting on their shoes. “But this is the least popular job for us – perhaps even worse is the solution of interpersonal relationships within the family or between neighbors”, adds. Through the Facebook account, the police show their work, inform residents about possible delays, and the profile also helps them solve specific cases.

For more than 29 years in service, Vladimír Školka has memories of generosity. According to him, it is not possible to erase the tragedies from the head. “When you’re at the scene of an accident where they died, you can’t get it out of your head. I bow to the rescuers and traffic cops who go to these events every day. J ‘ve been in several accidents where they died, once we got a young boy out of the car, who unfortunately did not survive in the end “ reminds kindergarten. According to his words, he is lucky to keep the good in his memory.

The most demanding period begins with the Třeboň policemen in the summer. However, the designation “summer” is somewhat specific to Třeboň. According to Školka, it starts in April and ends in September. Due to the influx of tourists, members of the city’s police also have limited summer vacations.

He and his wife want to tour Italy

“I don’t mind that there are a lot of people here. I know that when 50,000 tourists come here, 49,800 of them are decent and normal. When there is someone riding a bike on the sidewalk, in a park or even at the grocery store, and that happens, it spoils everyone. We have been trying to be enlightened for a few years. We tell tourists to behave as if they are visiting and we “We’ll treat like guests. We printed flyers and delivered them to campsites and such. I think it worked, there was a lot of tourist aversion before covid, but now it’s better,” Kindergarten is considering.

He himself is a cyclist and tourists are not surprised that he goes with his bike to Třeboň. Driving along the dykes of the ponds or the surrounding forests has all its charm. In addition, the region is ideal for planning easy routes thanks to the flat landscape. “We have the only place we call Kopeček. There is a drop of about six meters, so it’s more of a bump,” laughs the former municipal police chief.

Vladimír Školka will take the bike when he and his wife get in the car and set off on their dream trip through Italy. They have been there twenty-five times together, but now they want to tour the country. “I was looking forward to spending time with my mistress. The fact that I have a great relationship at home also contributes to my decision,” smiling kindergarten.

He also plans to tour the places where his ancestors once lived. For example, in Třeboň, the tradition of his family dates back to 1730. “The nurse dove into our family tree and found a number of interesting things. We would love for our siblings to pass through these places. I can’t wait to be there” adds.

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