“The media lie. I was in Moscow!” said the YES politician on the day Russian troops entered Ukraine. She refused to condemn the war.

EXCLUSIVELY When the members of the Kolín City Control Committee were preparing for the February 24 meeting, they probably had no idea what awaited them there. Cologne was irrelevant that day. The world has awakened to a new stage. Russia invaded Ukraine, where it remains. Soon enough, however, the aforementioned members of the committee agreed to the kidnapping, which is not of fundamental importance to the city. Yet it is crucial for political action and a human approach.

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The description: Jana Kuncířová, YES movement politician

On that day, members of the Cologne City Council condemned “the unnecessary act of war by the Russian Federation against an independent and free Ukraine”.

But this is not the end.


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Many of those present declined to comment on the sentencing.

Among them were also the politician of the YES movement and the representative of Cologne Jana Kuncířová. And it was she who with her subsequent attitude drew attention to herself, which our editorial staff also learned.

We have information about the meeting from two sources, and we have given enough time to Jana Kuncířová to take the lead. She did not do it.

We asked, waited, asked and waited

The members of the Control Committee expressed on February 24 their support for the people “affected by this shameful act of war”, which was expressed by Jakub Machytka, David Schiller and Tomáš Kasal.

From the start, our newsroom was aware that the day was a shock to the whole world.

Here is how we worded the questions: “You are one of five Committee members who did not comment at this time. It is clear to us that the day has been very eventful and that there may not have been so much information. Now, we would like to ask if you have ever joined the above position,” we wrote in emails.

Source: minutes of the meeting of the audit committee of 24.2.2022

We summarize below all the anabasis of the investigation.

We sent the first question to MP Kuncířová on March 23. The copy also included a member of the STES board of directors, a deputy, a member of the commission for science, education, culture, youth and sports, but above all the main leader of the ANO movement , Jan Richter. Neither he nor Kuncířová apparently reacted due to their workload. Subsequently, we also expanded the circle of respondents by the regional president YES in the Central Bohemian region Adriena Gabrielová.

She responded quickly.

“I guess you only write this question to Mrs. Kuncířová. Did she answer you? “She asked. returned to YES There was another long silence, it was March 25. We let the regional president breathe and asked her again for April 4.

They say the media lie

On Monday, we contacted Jana Kuncířová again, by telephone. She did not respond to the text message on Monday, but also on Tuesday.

That someone refused to join in the condemnation of war aggression is his attitude. Although the atrocities presented daily have sufficient informative value. Yet no one can be denied the right to have an opinion.

And the representative of the movement has YES. This brings us to a key element of the deliberations of the Cologne Committee.

As both sources confirmed, the following sentences were heard there.

As for the Russian aggression, the politician in question did not condemn it. She refused to join. The reasons? She had to tell those present that the situation could be completely different from how the media presented it. It was literally necessary that Kuncířová had visited Moscow in the past. This was at a time when Czech television was reporting massive protests in the Russian capital. However, the representative did not see YES, so according to her, the Czech media are lying…

She did not affix her signature to the condemnation of Russian aggression, neither on the day of the entry of Russian troops into Ukraine nor later.

ParlamentníListy.cz also addressed the town hall of Kolín.

“As this is a personal opinion, address the question directly to the members of the audit committee,” said deputy mayor and spokeswoman Šárka Hrubá.

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author: B. Richterová and TA Nový

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