The best red and nude lipsticks! Favorites and favorites of readers

It highlights the mouth and facial features, emphasizes eye color and generally brightens the skin. Lipstick he can do a lot. Be inspired by our editorial favorites and also meet the winner of the survey The stars of cosmetics 2021in which our readers voted for the best cosmetics in different categories.

Mary Kay

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Mary Kay semi-matte gel lipstick, 490 CZK

Mary Kay Semi-Matte Gel Lipstick is currently one of my favorite lipsticks. It is ideal for everyday use, as it is not too pronounced and has a very pleasant consistency. Plus, it doesn’t really dry out your lips. For me, the shade of Coral Captivate is refreshing for a brunette with a slight hint of orange (coral), which currently suits my tanned skin and freckles. It is definitely a great choice for spring and summer.


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Lipstick and base 2in1, Clinique, CZK 398, sold by Notino

Editorial Board Monika

My long-term favorite lipstick is Clinique’s Pop Lip Color + Primer lipstick, especially the one in shade 07, which is a deep red. What do I like about her? Because it’s also the base, it nourishes my lips beautifully, so they don’t dry out during the day. It has an intense full color and is well pigmented. It sticks well to the lips and, despite the fact that it is not liquid, it lasts very well and for a long time. It’s not that I don’t need to touch it during the day, making coffee, food, etc., but it holds up really well and wipes off so discreetly that it doesn’t create no islands. It doesn’t make me shiver either. Also shade 07 is the right shade of red for me, which I like both and matches my skin tone. The price is higher, but I’ve had mine for two years, and I use it often.

L’Oreal Paris

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Infaillible long-wearing two-phase lipstick, L’Oréal Paris, 349 CZK, sold by Teta drogerie

This lipstick can take it all, breakfast, snack, lunch, and it won’t even budge! The color is beautifully rich, the brush has a nice shape, so you can easily set your lips without dragging them anywhere. It’s two-phase, so you’ll apply a shine to the color that not only looks great, but is also gentle on the lips. Therefore, unlike other long-wearing lips, it does not dry out.


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H&M cream lipstick, 299 CZK

I pass on the advice I have received from professional makeup artists. Many of them raved about the lipsticks they bought from H&M, saying it was great value for money. And they were right! For three cents you have a very nice cream lipstick, which has a nice design (even that counts), undertones and decent staying power. They’re not promising lipsticks, but if you’re looking for an all-day friend that won’t dry out your lips, give them a try. Above all, they have the perfect nude shades in different shades. The only downside is that the beauty section is far from all H&M stores.


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Color Sensational Made For All Lipstick, Maybelline, 105 CZK, sold by Notino

My luminary is a lipstick from Maybelline, which has pigments combined to suit all skin tones. Shade 373 Mauve For Me is pinkish-brown, ideal for everyday wear. I love how creamy it is. It smoothes and hydrates the lips thanks to the content of bee honey, sesame oil and lanolin. It costs really little and I’ve had it for maybe two years. I still appreciate it and almost never diminish.


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Cream lipstick with a matte finish Matte lipstick, MAC, 610 CZK

I have about 15 red lipsticks in every possible shade and texture at home, but I’ve tried many more in my life. But I always come back to the only one I buy when I’m out. The star of my lipstick life is MAC Matte Lipstick. It can do a nice velvety finish, but unlike some competitors, it doesn’t dry out your lips. It has a perfect deep color even if it gets a bit tired after a few hours but still its staying power is more than satisfying and I take it as a tribute to the still beautiful lips. Yes, I know worshiping a lipstick called the shade of Russian Red isn’t exactly diplomatic, but maybe the company decides to rename it Ukraine Red, or the proceeds from its sale will be sent to Ukraine.

cosmetic stars


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Two-phase long-lasting lipstick and gloss 2in1, 16H Lip Color, Dermacol, 139 CZK

Dermacol’s unpromising lipstick won second place in the ‘Polls 2021′ readers’ poll in the decorative cosmetics category. It is in two phases – start by painting the lips, let them dry, then apply a caring gloss for a pleasant feeling and hydration of the lips. It’s a real support, and in our experience it lasts well, for example, all day on the water or when travelling. Plus, the caring shine smells amazing!

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