Soldiers also rape children –

Russian rage has no limits. During more than a month of war in Ukraine, they commit real atrocities on civilians who live in daily fear of death. In recent days, cases of torture, executions and sexual violence against women and children have been reported. The victims’ stories began to be published by the Human Rights Organization.

“He told me to satisfy him orally. He kept my gun to sleep the whole time. He shot the ceiling twice and said he did it to give me more motivation.” says Olga (31) from the village of Malaja Rohan in the Kharkiv region, whose story she published human rights organization.

The horrific experience took place at school, where Olga hid with her five-year-old daughter, mother and sister (13) from the bombardment. The soldier broke into the school at midnight. He went into the basement and ordered everyone to line up, then said he had told Olga to give him his daughter. Of course, she refused and offered herself in place of her child.

The little girl’s mother was taken by a soldier to one of the classrooms. He told her to undress while pointing his gun at her. “He told me he was 20 and I reminded him of the girl he went to school with,” Olga continues. A Russian soldier raped her several times. He held a knife to his throat during the act. He cut off her face and even cut off some of her hair. He slapped her repeatedly.

Around 7 a.m., he asked Olga to bring him cigarettes. As soon as he got them, he left. The woman finally managed to flee with her family to Kharkov the same day, where she received medical treatment. “I’m lucky to be alive.”

They also raped a ten-year-old girl

Attacks with firearms and mass rapes, even in front of children, are part of the dark testimonies collected by the investigators.
“The cases we have documented represent indescribable cruelty and violence against Ukrainian civilians,” said Hugh Williamson, Human Rights Watch director for Europe and Central Asia. “Rape, murder and other acts of violence against persons must be investigated as war crimes”, adds.

The shocking case of the bombed Ukraine shared on Twitter MEP Lesja Vasylenkova. According to her, the occupants do not hesitate to rape a defenseless child. “RRussian soldiers loot, rape and kill. 10 year old girl with vaginal and rectal injuries. Women with swastika-shaped burns. Russia. Russian men did. And they were brought up by Russian mothers. A nation of immoral criminals, “ she wrote on social media.

The tip of the iceberg

“Rape is an under-reported crime and a stigmatized issue even in times of peace. I fear what we are learning is only the tip of the iceberg,” said Katerina Cherepachova of La Strada Ukraine, which helps victims of sexual assault and domestic violence. So we can only imagine how many women and girls have been subjected to violent sex.

However, Ukrainian women should be wary not only of Russian soldiers. In Vinnytsia, a town in the west of the country, a teacher reported to police that a member of the local militia dragged her to the school library, where he attempted to rape her. Fortunately, the man in question was arrested, according to the British site The Guardian.

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