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Sex as one of the main subjects of television production? Calmly! Perceptions of sexuality and sex education are more open in the 21st century, sex doesn’t just take place in the dark in the bedroom, but is seen as a natural thing. And so, on the screen, viewers are increasingly encountering stories that have sex as the dominant theme and, moreover, often from the point of view of women.

Euphoria (2019-22)

Popular HBO Max series about American high schoolers, where Rue excels as a drug addict actress and singer Zendaya (25). Love and sex in many forms, real and online friendships, superficial and deep, but also drugs, trauma and the world of social networks… These are the typical themes of this series. The artwork makes it a visual side and a well-drawn psychology of the characters. It’s not conciliatory and optimistic Beverly Hills 90210 (1990-2000), but rather a dark and depressing manifesto of the younger generation.


Jules (Hunter Schafer, 23) and Rue (Zendaya) are friends and maybe more

Sex / Life (2021)

Billie is a beautiful 30-something, recently gave birth to her second child, and lives a happy life in a beautiful home with her handsome husband, who truly loves her. But she has passionate dreams of a wild past. The previous partner was not a family type, but she had the best sex with him. She begins to feel sexually frustrated and resolves it by writing a journal where she remembers the past. What happens when her husband discovers her secret memories and the ex comes back into her life? You can expect beautiful bodies and lots of hot sex. What’s hotter is that Billie, serial beauty Sarah Shahi (42), and currently lives with featuring Adam Demos (36), who plays her ex-boyfriend. You can watch the series on Netflix.


Although Billie is happily married and has a beautiful family, something is missing. For example, sex in a subway tunnel, where one set after another passes by, or sex in the swimming pool of a house that is definitely not yours.

Me, Companion (2016-21)

Christine is known to study law in Chicago and tries to establish herself as an intern at a prestigious law firm. But what we do not know is that she has become a luxurious companion of rich men and that she earns well. Her clients are charming men, with whom she often shares feelings, and sex with them gives her pleasure. Riley Keough (32), who is, among other things, a granddaughter Elvis Presley († 42), was nominated for a Golden Globe for her portrayal of the lead role. The second and third series are the stories of other companions in Washington, New Mexico, and London.


Christine meets clients in luxury hotels, don’t expect express cars in the parking lot

Sex Education (2019-21)

For many, the series represents a revolution in the approach to sex: it is open and normalizes many views and opinions. British high school students discover their sexuality, their orientation, themselves… Everyone has their fears and their secrets, so they will appreciate that a mysterious therapist comes to school to advise and calm them down. He’s Otis – he’s played by Asa Butterfield (25), who got the nickname thanks to the show Mozartian masturbation. The main character does not have much experience, but he is very empathetic. Perhaps he inherited it from his mother, who is a sex therapist and plays Gillian Anderson (53). The wide array of interesting characters is fun and most likely opens your eyes in many areas or helps you understand your kids. The series can be viewed on Netflix.


Otis turns a shy boy into a sex counselor at school. His manager, money collector and secret love is the beautiful Maeve (Emma Mackey, 26), who has rough skin, a sensitive heart and a smart head.

The Mystery of Sex (2013-16)

In the 1950s, a gynecologist began to deal with human sexuality William Masters (1915-2001) and sexologist Virginia Johnson (1925-2013) – wanted to know a lot about sex and weren’t afraid to ask. Their famous research caused a revolution and you have the opportunity to look under its hood and find out how they managed to persuade participants to have sex, to masturbate in front of them… A series was filmed on the work and life of these two. scientific, in which sex is systematically and objectively examined, humor is certainly not lacking. They play the main roles Michael Sheen (53) one Lizzy Caplan (39).

Photo: CHRISTOPHEL COLLECTION © Round Two Productions / Sony Pictures Television,

They studied front and back sex, but even though they were married for a while, they were pretty cold at home.

Love is Love (2004-09)

The much-loved series about a group of Los Angeles lesbian women has six series and that’s a bit Sex in town, only girls are looking for the good and not the good. Complicated relationships, the desire for children, promiscuity and drug treatment are discussed, and the series has quite fundamentally influenced the perception of the lesbian community – thanks in part to the way homosexuality is openly portrayed here. In 2019, the sequel Love is Love: Generation Q (2019-22) hit the screens, in which some original characters and many more from the LGBTQIA+ community appeared.


Bisexual journalist Alice (left, Leisha Hailey, 50) gets a glimpse of all the relationships around her, and Shane’s (Katherine Moennig, 44) promiscuous heartbreaker is featured in many of them .

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