Senator Nytra: I cannot imagine how that would work in practice.

Thank you, Mr Vice-President, ladies and gentlemen.

The senator left, so I just wanted to point out that I didn’t want to get priority, okay. The petitioner has justified this draft amendment to the Bečva accident law. At the same time, it is very strange that it was from this proposal that the environment fell. In other words, the operations and information centers would be required to inform in the event of a threat to life, health and property, and not to the environment. And here, whether it is or not, I must repeat the definition of an emergency, as it appears in this law. And that:

“An emergency means the adverse effects of forces and phenomena caused by human activities, natural influences as well as accidents which endanger life, health, property or the environment and require salvage and liquidation work .”

I confess that I do not understand the difference in this regard. The petitioner indicated here a possible political influence on the activities of the operations and information centre. It is one thing to suggest that a politician would be interested in doing this, but that, alongside the unfolding of the emergency, also means that the operations and information center was influenced by this political influence. And here I would be very, very careful.

Respectively, if the petitioner has such evidence, it would be good to present it. Or not talk about it at all. I have already mentioned what an emergency is or as it is defined in this act. For information, in 2020 – because the statistics for 2021 are not yet closed – there were 143,500 extraordinary events in which the Fire and Rescue Service of the Czech Republic or volunteer firefighters took part in the territory of the Czech Republic. These are just events where firefighters have also featured. To this must be added events where firefighters are not at all.

These are events under the auspices of the Emergency Medical Service, Police of the Czech Republic, so there will be many, many more of these events. All of these would be covered by this definition. It has already been indicated here that the operations and information center only has a coordinating role. There is only one district in each region… Sorry, operations and information center. There is only one in the Central Bohemian region. In other words, when there is an emergency in Nymburk, she is operated on from Kladno.


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Forces and resources are sent from Kladno. When there is something in Jeseník, it is resolved from Olomouc. They cannot have all the information from this scene at this operations and information center. It was said subjectively here – the incident commander is responsible for the incident. The incident commander is also determined by legislation. It can be said that in joint interventions, it is in the vast majority of cases, say 80%, a member of the fire brigade. But in the predominant rescue activity it will be a doctor from the ambulance service, or in, for example, when I remember the unfortunate incident, the shooting in Brod, then it was 100% the policeman who commanded the intervention. He is responsible for knowing whether the population will be informed or not.

During the discussion in the IRS subcommittee, it was mentioned, and it is also mentioned in the proposal, that this notification and warning should take place in accordance with IRS documentation. What documentation do IRS operations centers have available? Contingency plans were discussed. I definitely agree. But emergency plans only deal with a few events a year. They belong respectively to two categories of chemical accidents. Contingency plans are drawn up for this, if there is and is an operation, an establishment where hazardous substances are processed, produced and used in certain quantities. What means do we have to warn and alert the population?

What means do we have to warn and alert the population? First of all, they are sirens. After 1989 and after the reassessment, or after the year 2000, after the transfer of civil protection to firefighters, there was a significant change. Everyone – I dare say here, really everyone – remembers that there were several notification and warning signs. One meant a chemical alarm, the other an air alarm, etc., etc. Today is just a warning signal. And the citizen learns what it is about, on the radio or on television.

These sirens are more or less uniquely controlled, respectively they are controlled from the regional city operation center. In central Bohemia from Kladno. And they cannot be controlled individually. The number of these individually controlled and speaking sirens is less than 50%, when a siren can be controlled and it is possible to speak from it. Another option is the municipal radio. Not all municipalities are equipped with a municipal radio to inform residents.

The third option is to use mobile phones. To alert all people within range within a “site”. This site, this transmitter, that something happened. And now take the fact that every traffic clash is an extraordinary event. Many other things, small leaks, etc. I can’t imagine how that would work in practice. After a 14-day week, the mayor of a slightly larger village dropped the cell phone. Alternatively, he would change his phone number and certainly not disclose it to the operations and information center.

We were told at the subcommittee that the Home Office basically agreed with this amendment. And that he is preparing a major amendment to the IRS law. I don’t know where the error was. I have 2 opinions from the Ministry of the Interior. One of March 25 and the other of March 28, both negative for this amendment. Respectively, that of March 28 is also negative against this amendment. From the 25th, it only affects the senatorial press. We’re already talking about the 28th. If I have any information from the Department of the Interior, I’ve been preparing an amendment to the Fire Protection Act for a long time, not the IRS Act, and I’m afraid it’s still long.

For all these reasons, because it is practically impossible, I propose to reject this bill.

Thank you.

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