Schiller (YES): How does an accountant have to prove he is a Ukrainian refugee?

Minister, Ladies and Gentlemen,

I would like to say on behalf of the YES movement that we supported the extraordinary inclusion of this point in second reading, because we are aware of the importance of the YES movement. I have a meeting of the budget committee, so I will have questions for the minister, with his permission, because he was not in the budget committee, but he certainly received information from the deputy minister . Some concern this press directly, and others I would like to ask him politely, if they go beyond this press, if he could answer them, because they were expressed in the Committee on Budgets.

Basically we also support this press because our government, the former, had a similar arrangement for covid aid, so that’s definitely something that’s important. Certainly, these people are not only economically motivated, but if they want to give a gift, that is what they feel. However, if some tax breaks go hand in hand here, that’s certainly not bad.

I vetoed discussion here in the 1990s because I wanted a debate in committee. Also for the reason that we could possibly improve the proposal if there were reasons for improvement. But we supported shortening the deadline, which is why we can actually be here today, just as we had no problem and raised our hands for second reading today.

Finally, we will not table any amendments after the debate in the Committee on Budgets. I wondered why the press was in such a rush. I also spoke with representatives of the Chamber of Tax Advisors, when in fact it will be possible to apply the deduction from the tax base only in the tax return for 2022. However, the very answer that I have received from experts, that is to say from representatives of companies, is that it must To be sure, it must be built for sure. Because when the gifts are actually spent – the economy always plays a role, we are going through a difficult time, so we have to admit that of course when the opportunity arises, it can affect the amount of the gift. Which is nothing against nothing. I’m not criticizing at all. I understand that companies want to be sure.


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I would have a question, it’s more of a political question than a professional one, because the debate that took place there was representatives of the Chamber of Tax Advisors and I think it sounded, now I’m not entirely sure fact, even from a representative of the Confederation of Industry and Transport, is a political issue where they said that there is unacceptable discrimination on the brink, where single refugees without children are excluded from the regime fiscal, especially since the general intention is to involve as many refugees as possible – now I think, I’m talking about release, maybe I didn’t say it in the introduction – release (incomprehensible) for involve them in the work process.

I know from the representatives of the Chamber of Tax Advisors that there was still correspondence by e-mail, that there was an explanation from the experts of the Ministry of Finance. I understand the explanation, I read it, it was sent to me. I have read it, I understand that it can be inferred from some context in this House press. However, I would like to ask the minister if he can say that on the mike here, so that we know how it will actually be assessed and what the legislator’s intention is for it to be built here on the mike. And then there is one more thing that has been identified as more important by the representatives or the House of Tax Advisors, and that is the question of proving by the employer that he is a refugee from Ukraine who benefits from the tax exemption.

And he raised there – because he is, of course, an expert who represents x years of subjects – why one document relevant to all other areas of life shouldn’t be enough. This means, in the Czech Republic, a financial contribution, free travel, health insurance, etc. This means that in theory, there may be cases where a person will not have refugee status and will still be able to claim the exemption, and so on, even if these are rare cases. He says he just ran into questions – I wouldn’t have thought of that – but he ran into questions from accountants who say that, of course, in such an eventuality, and I understand that as a former executive, a black passenger cannot be excluded outside. It’s clear. But it’s just that in situations when the forest is felled, shards fly. So they said they couldn’t imagine how the payroll accountant could prove even more that he was a Ukrainian refugee if he didn’t have refugee status. So only technically, if the minister could comment on that. And we will not make an amendment, because I know of an explanation and it should be the subject of such a joint coordination committee, in which representatives of the Ministry of Finance, the Chamber tax advisers and other experts have been there regularly for many years, probably for 20 years, but it shouldn’t be until June. So, I hope this law will be effective a long time ago

Then there was an explanation, I would ask again if the minister could comment on this, it was explained interpretively that even donations to the embassy are considered and recognized as gifts under this law, because the embassy has the status of Ukraine – explained to us there. So please and I say this openly and honestly this goes beyond this legislation it was said that under our government we were at the time for these humanitarian donations it was about covid , I still issued a VAT exemption and it was said again whether this will also be taken into account in the field of VAT for these humanitarian donations. And then it was said there, and it has nothing to do with this press at all, so I say openly when the minister speaks, I will be happy otherwise, then I will have to deal with it in the context of the interpellations. He definitely belongs over there.

It has been said whether the accelerated depreciation, which was indeed introduced as a result of the covid crisis by our government – will continue – I think the ODS, if I remember correctly, supported it in the last Chamber members – whether there will be an extension , because the business community , and both the representative of the Chamber of Tax Advisors and the representative of the Confederation of Industry and Transport have said so, and I understand very well, because this crisis is nothing less than that of covid.

Thank you in advance for your answers.

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