Nacher (YES): Prague is looking for excuses for the Chamber and the Chamber is looking for excuses for Prague

Speech at the 16th session of the Chamber of Deputies on April 6, 2022 to address short-term accommodation

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Madam Vice-President, dear colleagues.

Yes, this is a new point, we will certainly support it. But I want to include here again, and I’ll tell you why, press 41, point 50 – short term accommodation solutions. I will tell you why.

When watching TV Nova news yesterday, the relevant Prague adviser Adam Zábranský for Pirates said that short-term accommodation in Prague was not solved because Prague did not have the tools to do so. And that seems really absurd to me. Prague, run by Pirates, STAN, TOP 09, KDU has no tool and the same entities are blocking the tool here. I just remember that the press is already open, I do not propose to add it here, I propose that we discuss it here. And let’s calmly reject it, calmly reject it, but that will just make it clear how we approach it.


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If you are not convinced that I read here yesterday excerpts from the resolutions of various court decisions at European Union level, I will read to you how Amsterdam, for example, which we all consider a free city of mind, behaves. But I have all the cities here. You must apply for a permit, this permit is chargeable. From May 1, 2021, the registration of the (?) Accommodation offered in the national holiday rental registration system is mandatory. Before each provision of accommodation, an announcement must be made to the city, an announcement from the city, that is to say just that the city has some basic information, indicating the date of arrival, departure of the customer.

And now beware, vacation rentals cannot be insured for more than 30 days. I think it’s already very hard, I think it’s useless. It’s just about trusting the leadership of the city, and that’s what I’m saying here as an opposition MP and opposition representative. We don’t even have our tips there. So if they then decide to over-regulate by this by-law, that is the decision of the city management. And it is paradoxical that as a representative of the opposition, I am pushing for the leaders of the city to have these opportunities.

What’s going on in this city center? There is a loss of some security, noise, lack of basic hygienic conditions, crowding, loss of privacy. Because when these people change in these houses every three days, you don’t really feel safe there, but above all it depopulates the city center, it depopulates the city center. So let’s break it up here one day, please. I’m boring with this and I’m going to be boring with this. I’m curious when the elections will be held here in Prague in the fall, as the subjects will argue.

By what we would eventually approve, we will only give municipalities the option of regulating it for them, in their own space. And we will no longer talk about it here as a Chamber of Deputies. So so briefly this rationale. I would file it today at a fixed time at 12 noon. I think we can do it half an hour before that point, let it go for a second reading. If it is rejected, it will be rejected, but it will be a clear message. What is now is that there is actually nothing. Prague is making excuses for the Chamber of Deputies, the Chamber of Deputies is making excuses for Prague, and I think that’s unacceptable for the people.

Thank you.

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