MEMORY: Alee Koval’s model

Translator, writer and editor Ale Koval (*1953) is a prominent figure in our Polish science fiction fandom, a person known for television, radio and con. Its weight is published by XB-1 magazine. 12/2021 m first inspires a similar error. The author magically recounted how his interest in science fiction permeated and permeates to this day the interest in literature in general, which in any case trumps good fiction. Well, I got it like that.

As a child, he honored Julka Verna, and it’s true, I don’t understand that anymore. We feuded with my friend Vclav Chlek over who was taking care of the Verne family, and we honestly cracked them up. At that time, however, I didn’t go to which of them was fantastic and which was just a travelogue: in the end, almost all of them liked me. I had their names written down and dreamed of them for a long time. But to have all these Verne families, it was not the moment, after seven years (I am in 1964), to leave my. The rest, Illustrated Geography of France buy esky even today.

Bazaar zlch sn

I started to discover other authors and one of the initiating moments was the Caravane Train in hell. My mom recommended it to me and not all but most of history loved me here. I put my other foot in science fiction Time Machine, Invisible, The First Peoples of Msci and other works by HG Wells and other superb History with X. And so was the theory book, which I definitely concretized into science fiction for years and years. Creator of new worlds. And precisely here is the text of Ivo eleznho. I rode nm oi and asl. Ivo toti wrote the strings, pesto perfect djiny nru. I immediately wanted to punch all these books.

They quickly joined the ethnic group when I crossed the Neff’s Nco is different. For some reason I don’t understand, I was sure I wanted to read literature like this first. Interesting on a fantastic alias – and on the rest for snobs. So if I hadn’t seen many good books in the rest I would have lied again, but these were books for the adventurer (Altsheler), dtsk (Klimentovo Adventures with intrusion), horror films (there were few of them) and crime novels. i fell for quorum etb Npad tene detective and they immediately became the second field of my appearance. And so two maps were created in parallel at home. In June I wrote names on the names of John Dickson Carr and Arthur Conan Doyle and professed Asimov, Clark, Troska…

I have long been interested in definitions of science fiction and definitions of fiction as such. I don’t understand today. And maybe I’m not sm. Even Ondej Neff points out that science fiction is exactly what science fiction is. Mnno. But if we reflect on this filitan definition, it is not satisfactory either. How do we know how two cars thought that? What did they want and what did they do? They didn’t often cook the oven themselves!

And with Ale Koval, I would say that there is no point in dealing with this problem. Chm! But explain it to boys at the turn of seven and eight. This time I have peetl and a bad book Ddic Robinsonv from André Laurie and at first he took it as adventurous nonsense – and nothing. The error of the book is that there is an extremely weak villain. On the plus, the final scene can be described as a foreshadowing of Maxmilin Drp – and how he was found in the attic of a new house by Rychly py. I have this. A similar story was written by Conan Doyle! Foglar from Doyle and Laurie too? I can again find out what kind of foglarovec! I dealt with this problem. Isn’t Laurie’s absurd sci-fi too? Oh yes! Every day the island as it was here, and on which they found Robinson’s cave, to drive hard in calamities, is not on the map of the world.

So you see, we found weights. So Brno, almost every book should be fantastic. Captain Corkorn therefore laughs. Vude pece has a fiction license. Spoof the licenses first. But the reality is that I’ve been into science fiction for a very, very long time, and even because I’ve betrayed up to a hundred mystery novels; with the exception of those relating to encroachments in closed premises. You mainly wrote John Dickson Carr. However, reality has long bored me, and I often get bored.

But I didn’t have a license. At the same time, I met women who, on the contrary, came out of science fiction. At first, I didn’t understand. Today, I realize that their realistic books still make people dream. They were in a normal world with them, where something ridiculous and interesting happened, but no painful demands were placed on the imagination. I thought it was wrong, I haven’t even read it in a long time Saturnine. But you These cups and These muketi at twenty years, it engulfed me.

Mr. Ale Koval appears first chronologically and even remembers children’s poetry, how he did it when he was a boy. Talk about Hrubn, the Germans and the house of Bohumil; and since he is only about ten years old, we first said the same thing. often this fairy tale, Verna and just that Plutonium she escaped me. But I also failed like him Lights of St.if only in a short version of the magazine Pioneer. I couldn’t find the book anywhere for a long time.

In the following text, Koval moves away from the chronology and thinks about the books, which one does not usually put in science fiction, and there. They are dystopias (We), ada dl Karel apka and definitely Kafkova Promna. Koval doesn’t notice, but Neff did once. He did, but no matter who he is Promenadean essential metaphor. We have family members, but the love is exhausted. The father I had little since the arrest. My mother was in charge, but she will also drop out. So the hero’s sister (also the same), but she too betrays her in the end and is happy when she can change. He is going to rest. And the family takes me for a ride. Do prody. Bm is indiscreet. But the feelings disappeared before the deceased. Just because of her looks? Yes. Was Kafka sadistic only because he wrote it while laughing, or would he be sadistic even if he created a television store? But we defeated him. Back to Koval. remember the book morning magic, which has been discovered by a number of authors. You have Lytton, Meyrink, Borges, Maupassant. It is today – at the time of Wikipedia – and incredible where one hunted the names of the new interesting authors. I remember it was Ludvk Souek, in his opinion, I first met the name of Ambrose Bierce. IN Jitru kouzelnk Arthur Machen was very interested in me. The hunter remembers many billions. My thirteen-year-old companion in high school was Pavel ek, a day delegate, who once reminded me with relaxed certainty that there was Jacci Jakub Deml and Ladislav Klma. And it’s worth it. So for them. Hmm. And it probably won’t be science fiction like the forge? It was a mess for me – and I saved time.

But Koval also remembers a trilogy of horror anthologies in which short stories by Alfred Hitchcock were featured. It is also in Slovak, otherwise it was not possible, however, after the coup, the trilogy emerged in Latin. But be careful, twisted, the pieces are not high. Also make mistakes and hide Wyndham’s horror of monsters from the depths of appreciation.

Koval’s scales were a bit uncomfortable before the previous days (XB-1 take off and mm and everything Icaria) and reminded me of the library of friend Vlav Gruber. So Vaek belongs to the fandom, but in the end he compared the books at home in the library in alphabetical order and entirely regardless of nr. It has done, I would say, time. It doesn’t matter how the book goes, but it does matter if it’s good. Today I’m just here, and so on, even if you’re bigglesovka-romn, it’s still a mess for me. Today. And it was above the level of my billion because it’s a waste.

William Earl Johns didn’t even write, and Ondra Neff wondered how I liked it. On the other hand, such horn blower (mu mo) is interesting. Sorry. And it is real literature. Konen has started giving it to you again!

First of all, I want to point out that the literary researcher Michal Jare recently completed his scientific work on the cliffs (some of which is also science fiction), and he will be given relatively detailed content from all the networks (and it was not easy to find, Michal even wrote to me). The book will be published around the middle of 2022 and it will be very dark. I never enjoyed cliftonek, even the scifoidnch ones, even for mk, however, they are compacted and commented. In Search of Lost Time but I’m not in the spotlight. And you, Alley Koval?

Drawing: Ivo Fencl

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