INTERVIEW: Is Stt wise?

After the NB Bank board decided to raise the repo rate by half a percentage point to five per cent, Governor Ji Rusnok said the debate ahead of the vote was very broad , with only five votes in favor, while two were on par. for other prices. He said the ON’s analytical department, which created a recommendation for the central bank on how to vote, led with a slight preference for the bell by 0.75 percentage points. For which of these possibilities would you find the first arguments?

I would vote for the invite by 0.5 percentage points. It’s a lot about having a financial market here. When you make an unconventional decision, you raise rates by a large amount, say 0.75 percentage points, and that sends me a psychological signal of some kind of central bank hysteria and helplessness , and it will be better for raising finance market. When you react little again, it will end the way the ECB thinks. In my opinion, NB therefore decided first. On the other hand, I must also add that, in my opinion, the hour has not been decided in recent years and its enormously lax policy, especially since the intervention regime, the first under the inflationary boiler to go all the way .

The central bank did not recommend it, but eventually tightened the rules for granting mortgages. Among these, the condition that the applicant must have at least a minimum of real estate prices beforehand, while it has so far cost ten percent, is undoubtedly the most interesting. How do the effects increase, with the change in base rates, do you? Will it stand out for me? Invites the name of a stay in kor living in his? Or will there not be a day of marked fluctuation from the current trend?

There will be no fluctuation in the direction of a sharp turn. But of course, gradually tightening the screws and getting a mortgage will mostly be for those who go all the way, stle dra. Ultimately, however, it will affect households and the poor the most, for whom it still lives. Many companies and wealthy speculators will access real estate without any problem. On the one hand, it will not be difficult for them to save 20% of the price of real estate. What I want: Current property prices are rising, especially for people who own good property and now want to protect it from inflation. And hold on, it’s real weight. The same property price people will cover vi dl. Only this growth will probably not be as strong, but I certainly will not see that real estate prices could fall.

On Wednesday, the government approved a 10% increase in the subsistence minimum, starting April 1. The last stretch of the minimum took into account price increases until the end of 2019, so according to the rules it should take into account price developments since June 2019. Since then, consumer prices in the Czech Republic increased by 17.3%. Since the state budget, according to Minister of Labor Jureka, this step will cost about 1.8 and 2 billion crowns, would it be a big problem to take into account the price development in full, this which would mean about 1.5 billion more? Or is it best on the poorest?

Sounds like a pretty neat and emotional question, huh? reading about the poor is a pretty strong slogan. But this causality is completely different. The problem is how prices are rising so sharply. And for prices that are rising so fast? We could divide these reasons into, say, five main Catholics. For the first time, the government of the Czech Republic. For the second pedel issued central bank policy. For these gaps due to global lockdowns. For the fourth green policy due to left progressive ideology. For the import of inflation from abroad, which is known to coincide with the pedigree of these reasons.

Well, let’s take a different look. Why is the government bored? Because she wanted to help the poor. Did the central bank have a relaxed policy? Because she wanted to save the economy, that would of course go unsaid again in the name of the poor. Because were they in confinement? Because we wanted to save especially the elderly and people threatened by everything, that is to say the poor. Who does left-progressive politics still prefer? Of course, you poor, who two, while the rich take. U in zante vidt?

In any case, I take this as a very interesting look. So the poor layer of the Purple government isn’t going after hl?

All that political bullshit about how we should give this and that to the poor always backfires and the poor get poorer. This is how collectivism works. This is its principle. And there is always an effort not to make money for the poor. Let’s face it: let’s face the poor, face them, cause inflation, make the poor poor, see what we gave them, they drank, we’re just poor together.

After that, many people breathe and want to complain: this ishtaov is again as smart as the radio, but what suggests better? I just have to smile at that. I always said the oven, in other words. Don’t meddle in the economy. Stt minimize. We have to value the living wage, when we are so deviated from balance, but according to the guidelines given by law. And especially not to increase the public debt. From a macroeconomic perspective, debt is still another differentiating name.

Poland will stop using Russian oil by the end of this year and stop importing Russian coal by May at the latest. Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki has called on the European Commission to impose taxes on Russian imports of oil, gas and coal so that the situation is fair in terms of competition. He noted that some countries, including Germany, do not want to give up imports of Russian raw materials due to relatively low prices. This would offset energy prices in the EU. Is this a valid requirement from a market perspective?

Poland is riding its own private wolf with Russia, and I am the first to do so. Poland’s decision to ride the wolf with Russia is a Polish and Polish decision. No matter how morln and lbiv it’s decided, it’s just polsk decided. And Poland has nothing to do with their wolf and Russia riding another country. We should decide not to trade with Russia either, but that must be our decision, and no one should force us to do so. Germany decided not to take gas from Russia, but Germany must have decided to do so and not be forced into it by Poland. In another case, a just decision by Poland would be somewhat dictatorial, and against the dictator, Poland would be defeated, right?

According to Minister of the Environment Anna Hubkov, the Czech Republic is trying to find a way to get rid of dependence on Russian gas as soon as possible, and therefore the purchase of gas boilers will not pay for the days of programs designed for heating ambient. Support is offered for pellet and wood boilers and tiled stoves or for solar collectors; However, at present it is clear that the pension applies only to heat pumps, and the increase in support for other types of heating according to Hubkov does not meet. So wisdom clings to me too, where can I keep its citizens?

If he is so wise he ordered biofuels to be used in fuels only to find out that was quintessential nonsense? If he is a wise man, for the first time he encouraged gas boilers to suddenly back down with the fact that everything is different? Stt does not support anything; let the people do it.

The Economic and Social Committee of the European Parliament has approved the mandatory registration of cryptocurrency. If the proposal passes the next approval, the owners of the cryptocurrency will have to register in the same way as in the bank. In addition, their integrity should be checked. Would they remain as enigmatic with such regulation and losses as a promising financial instrument?

Cryptocurrency owner integrity is very popular on cryptocurrency exchanges today. And when it comes to mandatory registration, it’s a lot of fun. It is similar to the obligation to pay the capital gains of cryptocurrencies. Do you know anyone who would ever pay it? People who don’t understand cryptocurrencies very well and only play with them because they see a sudden move and want to get on it, will of course sign up. But true enthusiasts who are already in their cryptocurrency parallel world will upload their crypts from officially registered exchanges to their cryptocurrency vaults and wallets, and they will earn for every registration.

He asked Ji Hronk on 3.4.2022



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