Former partner Jankta described the fight for her son: The footballer wanted to attack him!

The terror was hiding behind the photos with the family idyll?! Former partner Jakub Jankt has revealed another ailment she had to deal with during her relationship with the famous footballer. According to Marketa, the ex-boyfriend blackmailed her for her son and even wanted to attack her in front of the child!

Their social networks once served as an advertisement for happiness. Jakub Jankto and his (now former) partner Markéta Ottomanská boasted joint photos with their son on their instagram profiles and it all looked dreamy. But in early February, Marketa “purged” his account and started talking about abuse, humiliation and similar negative things. And gradually she began to find out that the relationship with the representative of football was not so idyllic at all …

Now she’s spoken to Express again, and based on the events she described, her chin droops a bit. “He wanted to attack me in the street in front of my son last Christmas”, says Ottoman, who was to break with Jankt last November.

Over Christmas, the ex-couple got into a big fight on Christmas Day. The footballer insisted that Marketa wouldn’t be able to collect her son before seven o’clock, which she didn’t like, but Jankto was unwilling to compromise. The disagreement almost led to a physical attack: “He got out of the car and pushed me into a corner. I saw anger in his eyes.” the Ottomans remembered the moments of terror when she feared not only for herself but also for her son.

“He was standing in the dark by the side of the road and I was afraid he would run under the car. I ran after him, and as I had his back he (Jankto) spat on me and went away. When asked why she was crying, my son told me he was scared for his mother. I don’t want anyone to go through that.” portrayed by Marketa, who found solace in model Helena Houdová. According to the footballer’s former partner, she saved his life.

Nevertheless, she still had to face a number of difficult situations. She had mentioned before that Jankto doesn’t pay child support, so she had something to brag about so she could take care of herself and her little son. Jankto was supposed to come to an agreement with the Ottomans in November, but in the end it had to end, and it was time for manipulation games and threats over the demand to hand over his son to care. “He did this nonsense, even though he never wanted to take care of his son, saying it was my job.” added by Marketa Ottomanská.

According to her, the football player qualifies this departure before the Spanish justice of “kidnapping of a son”. But the Ottomans themselves cannot afford to come to Spain, so the whole situation is quite complicated. But real ordinary boy David obviously suffers the most. “He said he would extend the courts long enough that he wouldn’t see a dime until the summer, at least.” revealed that Marketa said Jankto wanted her to agree to his terms due to lack of money.

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“Jakub tried to make me dependent on him, because then I was easy to manipulate. Now he says he cares about his son, but the opposite is true. If he cared about his son, he doesn’t wouldn’t let him be helpless at all. He’s trying to punish me for my decision to break free from his domination. All he has to do is solve it through money, which is really dreadful.” concluded the ex-partner of Jankt.

The Ottoman woman begins to discover the pain her relationship with Jankt has brought her

The Ottoman woman begins to discover the pain her relationship with Jankt has brought her

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