Distance Ámos or the most popular teacher in online education is Tomáš Sajdl, the mathematics office of Hradec Králové

Congratulations on the award. How did you feel when you heard your name that you received this award?
Thanks very much. So I was incredibly surprised because there was another wonderful math and physics teacher with me who does a lot of YouTube videos, so I was surprised to have won the award.

I love interacting with children the most. Because the energy I give them, they give back to me. Not now, but in the future.

Msgr. Tomáš Sajdl, professor of mathematics, holder of the “Remote Golden Amos” award

Remote Amos is big news and is related to pandemics and online teaching. It’s like that?
Yes, the category was originally supposed to be called Innovative Amos, but due to the fact that the covid era has kicked in, they have created a whole new category of remote Amos.

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How was the final? You had to present your job and your job?
Yes, it took place in four rounds. In the first, we had to show ourselves and our school in a creative way. There I had a big cake, which was decorated on stage in a minute, which was supposed to symbolize our school and my class. I cut out a piece of cake, thus symbolically indicating that my 9th B. was going away. Lentils fell from the cake, which in turn symbolized that something surprising, sweet awaited the students. Life will surprise them just like these smarties.

What was your next task there?
I decided to present how white light coming from the sun can be broken down into three basic colors, red, blue and green. That’s why I took my gadget, it’s called an RGB modulator. But it really doesn’t do anything very interesting. It can only glow red, green or blue. But at the same time, it can turn on the three channels at the same time. This means that when I mix red, blue and green, wonder of the world, a beautiful white color is visible.

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Are you a math and physics teacher?
I teach math, physics, computer science, robotics, anything in between. Such a scientific basis. I have Věědátoři.com website, where I offer all possible activities that I do outside of school. And I have my YouTube channel. I try to learn in a way that says, kids, do you believe me, is it true? And I’m going in that direction. For example, most people think that when road workers dirty the road in winter, the snow will start to melt. But the opposite is true. As soon as you salt the snow, it cools down to -16 or -18 degrees in the first few moments. And I use this physical phenomenon to make ice cream. In short, I am showing an interesting physical phenomenon.

Then you pour cream into a saucepan and put it in salted snow?
Yes, and the snow is just very cold. That means it’s there in the freezer. And I just whisk fast and I’m done in minutes, it’s delicious. Even when I was talking to one of my student’s grandmothers, she said it was nothing world class, so we were doing ice cream a long time ago too. So I did not discover America. I just discovered something that was done a long time ago.

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It is important to engage the students and you have the energy to give. So this is your magic?
I think the children should be set on fire to burn for the field. Figuratively, of course, so that all the fields burn. I always do my best. That is, to engage them. For children to enjoy going to school. To teach them well, because we want them to come out of school educated, smart and wise.

Can you explain and show the Pythagorean theorem in such an attractive way?
Mathematics is everywhere in life. When a student says I don’t like math or that I’m stupid, it closes a lot of doors for me in the future. Because there really will be math in every future study, there is math in real life. Who will calculate your taxes?

Tax accountant, but I’ll pay for that too.

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What do you like most about learning?
Interaction with children. Because the energy I give them, they give back to me. Not now, but in the future. When you talk to students who got out of school and they remember what we did for various crazy experiments. And they aren’t afraid to admit a mistake either. These are just moments that make you feel good, because admitting a mistake is not a bad thing. To err is part of human life. Say I don’t know anything.

What awaits you today, what will you learn?
I have physics and math lessons there. As high school admissions approach, we are very much in tune with preparing them for the ninth grade. Not so much direct skills, but mostly how to breathe, how to deal with stress. I give them hard life advice on how to pass the tests, that it is important to read everything carefully so that something does not surprise you at the end.

Tomáš Sajdl in the studio of Czech radio Hradec Králové

Our guest was this year’s remote Ámos, the best teacher of online education, teacher of mathematics and other subjects at Josef Gočár primary and kindergarten school in Hradec Králové, Tomáš Sajdl.

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