Agatha Christie mysteriously disappeared as a character in her crime novel. What happened and why didn’t she even know her own husband?

The world’s first lady of crime novels was born in September 1890 in England, and as the daughter of a better family at the time, she was first educated at home and later sent to her by her parents. study singing and French directly in Paris. While she definitely wasn’t lacking in musical talent, she wasn’t exactly one to perform in public, so in the end, there was nothing to her singing career. Lovers of its thrilling stories may have just thought it was fate.

The young aviator literally enchanted Agatha

Agatha returned home and met a handsome young pilot, Archibald Christie, at one of the local balls, who immediately enchanted the young woman. So much so that two years later, exactly on Christmas Day 1914, they were married. However, there was a war, and the wedding took place during her brief vacation. Soon he had to return to the front, but even Agatha did not lag behind and helped as a nurse.

Success and security of life …

Fortunately, the war years came to an end and the young couple were able to move to London together. Archibald is promoted, becoming a ministerial employee. His wife started writing and publishing his stories. Readers quickly found them, and it turned out that he had a very great talent. As early as 1920, the first in a series of Hercule Poirot stories, the mystery novel Mystery at Styles Castle, was also published.

The man didn’t like Christina’s firm hand

The family that Rosalind’s daughter joined did not need the money, but the writer was well aware of the fleetingness of such moments and successes, and so, even in times of plenty, for the first times. held the reins of the house. So tight that her husband stopped loving her, and in addition to his strict wife, he also found a mistress – How else but my secretary. Their relationship quickly went so far that she began to divorce. It was 1926 and Agatha Christie’s family happiness was coming to an end.

A great quarrel like the beginning of a great mystery

Agatha found out about her husband’s infidelity, and on the evening of December 3 there was a major marital quarrel, which Archibald resolved by going away for the weekend with friends – and his mistress. But as soon as he left the house, his wife packed her briefcase, left her daughter in the care of a maid, and left in the night. Thus began the story as if cut from one of his novels.

While witnesses discovered his car in the bushes near Newlands Corner in Guildford, the writer could neither see nor hear. At the same time, the car was still on and inside, the police found Agatha’s personal belongings. Was she kidnapped? Did she commit suicide? Has she decided to leave and not report to anyone? Was it a publicity trick? Countless thoughts circulated – and they still circulate to this day.

He was looking for someone with legs or an oracle

Investigators immediately set out to search, and they were certainly not alone. The famous writer was sought by 15,000 people, including private detectives, other writers, but also various occultists and the media, who claimed to be linked to the cemetery. The police also relied on letters that the missing writer had left for her husband, brother-in-law and maid, but for eleven days everything was in vain. Only then did the good news finally arrive. It was possible that Agatha Christie had stayed under a foreign name in one of the spa hotels in Yorkshire. Everyone immediately went to the scene, and her still legitimate husband could not miss either.

Why did she leave home?

In a hotel called Hydropathic at the time, they discovered that a woman who was familiar to one of the waiters from the photos, so he reported it to the police, was even living under her husband’s mistress . It could hardly be a complete coincidence. And it soon became clear that she was indeed a sought-after writer. But what happened, why did she leave the house and didn’t reveal anyone for eleven days?

So far no one has been able to send the perfect solution, which is not strange. The expected divorce was not the only thing that bothered Agatha Christie at that time. Another blow was the recent death of her mother, and that might have been too much for this woman.

She kept quiet about the mystery for the rest of her life

Also, according to the doctors who examined her afterwards, she suffered a concussion when her car crashed. It could also lead to other problems the crime novel queen had when her husband approached her at the hotel. Agatha couldn’t recognize him at all at first, and she struggled to realize what had happened. Although some people already in his time were inclined to think that it was just an attempt to draw attention to themselves and especially their work and running away from home was therefore only a condemnable publicity ploy, others did not hope to find out what was behind the mysterious disappearance of the author of many equally mysterious stories.

She alone could shed light on the whole story and its resolution, but it never happened. In the eleven unrepeatable days, the heavy door of the vault of silence closed, and even in her autobiography, Agatha Christie never spoke of it. And so his supporters still have something to think about…

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