Agáta Hanychová talked about living with men: you don’t have to go crazy about it

Model Agata Hanychova accepted the presenter’s invitation Miluse Bittnerova for talk show Na kafeečko. She not only spoke on their new love, surgeon Andrei Nik, but also from his large family.

The model has a total of thirteen siblings, while two of them, Marketa and Jana, were adopted by her mother Veronika Žilková. Miluška Bittner was therefore interested to know if Agatha should find her way to them and if they should also there is sibling rivalry. Who in the family does the model understand best?

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About Andrej Nik’s friend

I don’t want to hear it at all, but did Agatha tell us now that she was getting old?
Certainly, I agree with that.

So now everything is falling apart. Agatha does not squirm and declares that she is getting old.
I am tired.

You also have a man for a long time. I read that he was not from the industry and that he was a doctor.
Because I’m old, I know where to choose. He’s a surgeon.

How’s the sewing?
He still has his apartment because he also has two children. If we hadn’t combined it in any way, we wouldn’t have seen each other at all. Doctors are really busy. I thought the actors worked a lot, but not at all.

Moreover, the doctors really work.
I have never met anyone who works like that. Maybe he’ll tell me at half past nine that he’s going to bed. And me: ,Why? After all, the evening begins.’ And he: “Honey, but I get up at half past five.” So he gets up at half past five, leaves Suchdol at six o’clock to be at seven o’clock to visit the hospital. So it’s something completely different for me. We get along well and it is obviously difficult. Sometimes there are completely different things, but it would probably be the same even if I was dating an auto mechanic. Luckily, it goes in the bathroom, because guys don’t use it much and doctors don’t. Unlike the metrosexuals I dated before, it didn’t really take up much space.

You don’t even have to beat the shelves, you have to be careful with your fingers.
Well, okay. My mother and I moved something and I said to her: “Please stop him, Andrei pulls him back.” And she: “Please, he’s a surgeon!” »

So maybe he embroiders, right?
It could prick your finger. No, it’s normal in there. Last time, when he was chopping fries because I wanted to melt in the fireplace, he took off his gloves. But again, he comes in handy with these tools. Every guy has to be accounted for in some way, but again, I don’t think we can go completely crazy about it.

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About a big family

You come from a large family and this will affect you. As an older brother, you had to be able to take care of others. Did you have to find your way to adopted children early on?
I am an only child, which is not well known to me, because my mother and my father really only had me. I wish it had stayed that way, but unfortunately it didn’t work out. So I have thirteen siblings together and I never felt like I had to find a way to join them. Maybe I don’t talk to my sister much anymore and we argue because she’s a teenager. I am not joking. I probably have the closest relationship with my sister, because she’s a girl and she’s with my mom. I have a much closer relationship with my siblings who were with my mother than with those who were with my father. But it’s clear, because I’ve seen them more often. But otherwise, we can get together when one of us has a problem. We’ll just come together and help each other.

I understand. But when it was thirteen, there were already younger siblings.
I didn’t like them at all. You and your own brothers.

So it was a normal sibling rivalry.
Exactly the same. We didn’t even notice they were adopted. Mom picked up a three-year-old girl and came with two grown children. My sister went to my room, my brother went to my brother’s. So I divided the room. I don’t know, that’s how we have it at my mom’s. It never occurred to me to say: “Mom, you adopted someone here and pushed us away.”

But the reaction would be natural.
It would be natural, but we are like a Christian family in this. We are brought up to help our neighbors. That’s how it works here.

So you all see each other today, it’s great!
Sometimes my brothers could come to me less. They go to eat and shop. And I say I am their self-service. It is always : “Sister, we happen to be taking a walk.” And they come right to that fridge and start offering themselves. They know I always have a purchase and they always eat well, so I often have them there.

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