101 brave. Stories of the richest women in the world who made their fortunes on their own

They are exactly 101 and the total value of their assets exceeds $331 billion. The women who earned their billions on their own make up just 4% of this year’s list of dollar billionaires – but their stories are all the more inspiring.

They got rich in everything from petrochemicals to roofing to casinos. And most – a total of forty-five – come from China.

One of them is Lu Jiwen, 29, co-founder of Chinese diamond brand Darry Ring, which specializes in diamond engagement rings. In recent years, it has become a hit with young Chinese couples due to its unique marketing strategy: a man can buy only one Darry Ring in his lifetime.

Other high-profile newcomers to the list include pop star Rihanna, who instead of billionaires has secured a 50% stake in cosmetics brand Fenty Beauty (the co-owner with luxury conglomerate LVMH). She also owns 30% of lingerie brand Savage X Fenta, which took home $125 million in January.

For the first time, Melanie Perkins, Australian co-founder and CEO of Canva, Betty Ang, a Filipina who got rich on instant noodles, and South Korean businesswoman Yoo Jung-hyun, who co-founded and owns 14% of Korea’s largest video. video game company Nexon, were among the richest people on the planet.

What do the top ten self-made billionaires look like?

1. Fan Hongwej

Net worth: $18.2 billion
Source of wealth: petrochemicals
Country: China

The thirteenth richest woman in the world chairs Hengli Petrochemical, an oil refining and synthetic fiber company.

2. Rafaela Aponte

Net worth: $16.8 billion
Source of wealth: shipping containers
Swiss country

Rafaela and her husband Gianluigi founded the Mediterranean Shipping Company in 1970. Today it has 600 ships in 155 countries, making it the largest shipping company in the world. The pair’s assets are estimated at $6.1 billion this year due to global supply chain issues.

3. Wu Jajun

Net worth: $15.3 billion
Source of wealth: real estate
Country: China

The former journalist co-founded the development company Longfor Properties in 1993 with her ex-husband. Today, the Hong Kong-listed company has sixty-one branches across China. In 2018, she transferred a 44% stake to her daughter Cai Sinji.

4. Diane Hendricks

Net worth: $10.7 billion
Source of wealth: construction
Country: United States

The Hendricks owner chairs ABC Supply, the largest roofing materials distributor in the United States. She founded the company with her late husband in 1982, since then it has grown from 8 branches to 811 and has annual revenues of over $12 billion.

5.Judy Love

Net worth: $9.7 billion
Source of wealth: retail and gasoline
Country: United States

Another power couple, Judy and Tom Love, founded Love’s Travel Stops & Country Stores in 1964. Judy ran the accounting and is still executive secretary for the company, which has more than 550 branches in 41 states and 32,000 employees.

6. Wang Lajcun

Net worth: $9.5 billion
Source of wealth: electronic components
Country: China

She co-founded and chairs Luxshare Precision Industry, which manufactures AirPody or iPhone cables. Wang started his business with his brother in 2004, and six years later the company was listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange.

7. Chong Wei Yuan

Net worth: $8.1 billion
Source of wealth: pharmacy
Country: China

In 2015, a former chemistry professor founded Hansoh Pharmaceuticals in Hong Kong. The company chairs and still owns more than three quarters of its shares with his daughter Sun Juan.

8. Lynda Resnick

Net worth: $8 billion
Source of wealth: agriculture and water
Country: United States

Resnickova is the vice president of the Wonderful Company, which produces, for example, the popular Fiji Water. She and her husband Stewart founded the company in the late 1970s, and Lynda still oversees marketing and product development.

9. Chinfei cabbage

Net worth: $7.1 billion
Source of wealth: smartphone screens
Country: Hong Kong, China

The former factory worker is the founder and CEO of Lens Technology, which supplies smartphone displays to major brands including Samsung, LG and Microsoft. In 2015, after a successful IPO, the stock value increased fivefold and Chinchee became the richest self-made woman in the world.

In the past year, however, it has lost more than half of its assets due to a 54% drop in stock prices.

10. Judy Faulkner

Net worth: $7 billion
Source of wealth: e-medicine
Country: United States

Its Epic Systems software is used by major US hospitals to record medical information on more than 225 million patients. Judy started the business in 1979 as a traditional garage startup in the basement of her home.

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