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“What does the tenth start mean to me? I’ve become a legend,” smiled Macík in an interview with ČTK, pointing out the designations the organizers give to all competitors with at least ten starts. “It’s special, it’s enough. I think I can do it a bit. Increasing the Dakars increases your confidence, gives you more peace of mind and confidence in the speed you want to go,” said Macik said.

The main member of the Big Shock Racing team has always wanted to participate in the famous rallies with the best and with more experience, he feels more confident. “For us, the goal has always been to be as fast as possible. It’s one thing to say and shuttle in tenth, another to say and shuttle in first. Those are different things. “I know how hard it is to win the stage, what we managed to do. I know what to do about it and how fast I can ride with a lot more peace of mind,” said Macík, who managed to win three stages last year.

He will start in Jeddah on January 1 knowing that he and the whole team have done their best to succeed. “We couldn’t do more than we did. We do our best every year and we’ve made further progress. We know we have great technology, but it’s just technology. Anything can happen. I trust the crew and I don’t “On the other hand, nobody knows. It’s a decoy. The chances of me finishing in the Top 3 are the same as if I don’t,” Macík said, pointing out that it takes two weeks for a race to be very successful “on the edge.”

Macík wondered if he should go on the Dakar with the old model of Iveco truck or with a new evolution. In the end, he settled on an “old” car called Karel. “I’m not saying I go with the old, but with the proven person. I don’t know how to explain it, but the feeling filled me,” Macik said.

Even if he chose a truck named Arnošt, it wouldn’t be a problem for him. “On the contrary, I envy Martin (Šoltys) a bit because I know what is better. On the other hand, I have decided this way and I stand by my decision,” he said, pointing to the driver of the team’s second truck. . “It’s a new generation, but the change is not so crucial that a race like the Dakar will decide,” said Macík, adding that the Karel truck had also undergone some improvements.

The novelty of the team is two cars in the race. “I hope it won’t change anything and that Martin doesn’t follow me in an hour or two. But Dakar is unpredictable and so certain. We are going to do our shopping together, we have an agreement, but I believe that we will not need each other to help each other and rent half of the car. “But it’s probably going to be quiet,” he said.

The 32-year-old assumes organizers have prepared more demanding rallies for beginners than a year ago. He only regrets that the track does not end in the fourth largest sand desert in the world, Rub al-Khali, as initially promised by the organizers.

“I’m annoyed that they didn’t deliver what they promised, but it’s the same every year, so it didn’t surprise me,” he said.

However, he looks forward to what the inclusion of the marathon stage without the authorized service of mechanics will bring from the start of the rally. “I don’t know what to think about it at all. I think it will be a bit easier than in the second half.

We wouldn’t be so far without Karel

Macík also responded in an interview for Czech television to the news of the death of the legendary Karel Loprais.

“Karel is a legend. Without him, we wouldn’t be as far as we are, especially in trucks, and the popularity of Dakar in the Czech Republic in general.

The young rider admitted that he did not know Loprais personally. “We only met twice, but that doesn’t change the fact that I’m really sorry. His achievements and the level of the Tatras then were to blame for his achievements,” Macík said, noting that he didn’t. There was no reaction from other teams to the death of Loprais yet. Because… “It’s very fresh. We’ve known it for an hour, but the news resonates here among the competitors. We want to honor his memory by racing well and representing the Czech Republic as best we can” , said the trucker, who influenced at first mainly his father, who also raced a truck in Dakar. “But Karel Loprais has a lot to do with Dakar being so popular in the Czech Republic and there being so many of us here now,” he added.

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