Vémola Vs. Kincl: a story of hate. Who’s addicted, who’s fat and who’s dumb

A dispute that has lasted four years. No one else on the Czech MMA scene has such hostility as Carlos Vémola and Patrik Kincl. And since they are both in the same organization again, most Czech fans are interested in fighting back against big rivals. They exchanged sharp messages again this week. “He should shut up, because he’s a little fat seventy-seven,” says Terminator, the current Oktagon champion. What is he doing ?

The two really don’t like each other. And their dispute has been going on since 2018. It was the first time Karlos Vémola and Patrik Kincl met in a cage. The match lasted three full rounds, the winner on points was the Czech Terminator. However, from the start of the second round, the defeated challenger had an injured eye so that he was covered in blood and could not see it. Still, he managed to torment the favorites hard in the third round. Soon after, he demanded revenge. At that time, however, there was another person interested in repairing with Vémola, Petr “Píno” Ondruš.


So many years will pass on June 28 since Carlos Vémola’s first game against Patrik Kincl. Their duel was the highlight of the XFN 11 gala night at the O2 arena, with Vémola taking the points.

The UFC veteran said the two warriors should fight over the possibility of retaliation. Kincl became the winner of the duel in the first round by choking (Rear-Naked Choke). The second clash of great rivals was expected. But that didn’t happen. Vémola was transferred from the collapsing XFN to the Octagon, and the two warriors went their separate ways. Kincl then wrestled in Europe’s biggest organization KSV, where he only lost in the title duel with Croatian Robert Soldic. Vémola tasted the first Match of the Century knockout much earlier, when Slovak gladiator Attila Végh knocked him down in the first round.

Now they are both in the same stable again. But Vémola will not fight for a year because of an injury. Kincl became the first duel with the Slovak Samuel Krištofič the new champion of the middle division. Previously, this title was held by the Czech Terminator, who has also declared that he will regain his belt soon. And fans were thrilled to see big retaliation. But is it on the horizon?

Box first, then higher weight

Vémola was the Octagon’s first middle division champion, but on March 27, 2021, he lost his belt when he failed to meet the weight limit ahead of the winning match with Slovakian breeder Milan Ďatelinka . Since then, the Czech Terminator hasn’t wrestled for a year due to left hand health issues.

However, he is due to return to action this year. First on May 21 with a boxing match with musician and fighter Marpa. He was originally supposed to return to the cage this summer in a duel with Krištofič. “I agree with Ondra (Oktagon promoter Ondřej Novotný) that I will go to Štvanice with the Pirate,” Vémola said at the end of February. But this is no longer the case.

Kincl on the pirate: One pigsty after another. I haven’t experienced anything like this

A week ago, the Oktagon organization solemnly announced that it was preparing for its first major tournament in Germany. And he will not miss Vémol, who will start a duel in Frankfurt on June 4 in a semi-heavyweight division, a weight higher than that which he was fighting before the forced break. This change aroused Kincl’s suspicions.

“It’s weird, it was supposed to be a Pirate, it’s agreed, now he still chooses someone else. I don’t understand that. Yeah Al, that seems pretty shitty to me, it looks like BT n ‘s not for me either. “Classic zigzag. I understand that the duel with Marp is about boxing, get back to it. But he wants a title, he’s a ‘great champion’, so he can be a belt all right away. I won’t make him line up,” the middleweight king says.

An evasive maneuver?

If Vémola has moved to the light heavyweight division in the long term, Kincl sees a clear reason for it. The champion Viktor Pest, passed in the American team of PFL, is not any more in the heavyweight of the Octagon. “I’m convinced of that. He was a mat, Viktor, whom Karel didn’t want to go out with for a long time, was in his nineties, I’m in high school, he had nowhere to go. So , there is a loophole at light heavyweight, ”adds the 32-year-old drummer.

And what about Terminator? “I really don’t care. I don’t know why I should focus on someone I’ve already beaten once,” Vémola says. “I think after the last time he showed up at the O2 arena (point win over Krištofič) he really should keep his mouth shut and step up because he really is a little big seventy-seven. And eighty-four just can’t breathe. It’s a disaster he showed there, “he doesn’t spare criticism.

May 21st the Oktagon Underground tournament will take place, the main match of which is the boxing battle of Karlos Vémola vs. Marko.
June 4 The first Oktagon MMA tournament will take place in Frankfurt. One of the fighters who will introduce himself to the German public will be Karlos Vémola.

However, the 36-year-old UFC veteran says he expects retaliation in the future. “I beat him once, I’ll beat him a second time. I’ve just had so many health issues right now that it’s completely unrealistic for me to drop to eighty-four twice in a row. So for me, ninety-three is optimal now,” he explains. “Little fat if he wants to, he can easily get to ninety-three in Germany. I certainly don’t avoid it. I’m going to beat this guy anytime, anywhere, but when I’m ready. And not when he screams. I’m not at all interested in his bullshit.”

Although Vémola says ‘anytime, anywhere’, four years have passed since the irreconcilable rivals first game in June.

“He has my belt, let me enjoy it for now, of course I will come and get it, but due to the health problems I had, I agreed with Ondra that I would go to eighty- four now in May (boxing match with Marp) and then I’ll go lightweight in MMA,” Terminator repeats.

The champion only briefly reacted to his strong words: “If he finally understands, one can easily think that the match is small and big against big and stupid. With the difference that I am at least right, “adds Kincl .

The big battle for the Octagon’s mid-division throne is still in sight, but the two fighters’ harsh words only heighten fan interest.

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