The war in Ukraine and the Russian terror: More rapes and burning of children?!

“We won’t stop until justice is served,” British Prime Minister Boris Johnson promised over the weekend after the media released photos taken in Buchi, Ukraine.

However, according to Ukrainian presidential adviser and former finance minister Tymofiy Mylovanov much worse in other cities. He named, for example, the suburb of Brovary and the village on the road to Chernihiv. In his statement, he called on journalists and lawyers to visit towns and villages and document their condition.

scary suspicions

According to Mylovanov, many eyewitnesses testify to the perversions even unproven evidence.

The occupants would have had burning young children alive, mass raping women and then executing them in public. Starving civilians then apparently forced their own pets to eat.

The occupation of towns and villages was not without shooting innocent farmers while working in fields or gardens.

Minister: Intentional Massacre

According to Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytra Kuleby the situation is even worse in bombarded Mariupol. He asked the West for more weapons and military equipment, warning that any country that refuses to help Ukraine “automatically shares responsibility” for civilian deaths.

He commented on the terror in Buč as follows: “The Buč massacre was deliberate. The Russians are trying to eliminate as many Ukrainians as possible.”

Ambassador: It will be even worse than in Buč

“I think what we will find in Mariupol is clear. And it will probably be worse than in Buč”, said the former Ukrainian ambassador to the United States, Marie Jovanovicova, according to whom more gruesome revelations follow Buč.

Ukrainians found 410 dead in villages around kyiv. Some witnesses were so traumatized that they could not talk about the events, writes the DailyMail server.

Is this just the tip of the iceberg?!

The atrocities committed by Russian troops in Buč are just the tip of the iceberg, Kuleba said Monday in Warsaw after talks with British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss. He called on foreign leaders, who still doubt whether to impose tougher sanctions on Russia, to visit Bucha and examine the mass graves.

“The horrors we saw in Buč are only the tip of the iceberg of all the crimes committed by the Russian army”, said Kuleba, adding that the situation in Mariupol was unfortunately even worse.

The Ukrainian foreign minister noted his appreciation for all the sanctions in place against Russia, but stressed that the West continued to contribute to the “Russian war machine”, such as payments for energy products or financial transactions with some Russian banks that were not disconnected from SWIFT.

They set fire to the bodies of the raped to eradicate the crimes…

Kuleba called on foreign leaders who still have doubts about whether to disconnect Russian banks from the SWIFT system or whether to continue buying Russian gas, oil and coal, and whether to allow Russian ships to dock in their ports. visit Bucha and “stand in front of a mass grave, see the bodies of dead Ukrainian women who were raped before the murder and whom the Russians tried to set on fire to erase the traces of their crimes”.

The same applies, according to Kuleba, for sending additional weapons to Ukraine. “The more weapons we have, the sooner we can win this war and prevent Russia from committing new crimes,” said the Ukrainian minister.

The Russians found, tortured and murdered the Ukrainian mayor’s family, and the local pro-Russian “traitor” revealed his exact location to the occupiers. The mayor and his son were found by the Ukrainian army ten days later, and they were buried in a shallow grave near the forest. Kyiv Regional Council Chairwoman Tetiana Semenova informed about the event.

The enemy army apparently wanted revenge on the mayor for this she did not cooperate with the occupiers during the invasion. “I know the Russians were trying to gain support from community leaders. When they refused, they massacred them. They wanted to capture Olha,” Semenova continued.

“The Foreign Office decided today to expel three Russian diplomats whose activities in Sweden were in violation of the Vienna Convention.” Secretary of State Ann Linde told reporters. She told a press conference that the diplomats in question worked for the intelligence services.

ASBL JCMM in collaboration with the Center for Foreigners launched Czech language courses for Ukrainian students in Brno. Tuition is three times a week in the city center and is free. The objective of the courses is to facilitate the adaptation of 20 young refugees aged 15 to 18 to the new environment. They will also receive information about Czech culture, customs and history, the JCMM (formerly the South Moravian International Mobility Center) informed in a press release.

“It came to us as a very good idea to involve experienced teachers who speak both Russian and Czech in teaching Ukrainian students. They have previous cultural experience, which is a great support for incoming students in this difficult situation,” said program manager for foreign students Iveta Kumstátová. Selected speakers have been cooperating with the JCMM for a long time.

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“We are all horrified by the images of Buči, the massacres, the clear evidence of sex crimes, the attacks on innocent civilians and it is absolutely clear that war crimes have taken place,“Truss said.” According to the minister, the question of whether Russian forces are committing genocide against Ukrainians is up to the courts.

“The point is, it only takes a tough approach,” Truss said, stressing the need for a new wave of sanctions against Russia so that the Kremlin does not fund the war in Ukraine with Western money. At the same time, according to the minister, it is necessary to continue supplying arms to Ukraine. According to Truss, there can be no question of lifting the sanctions as long as the troops of Russian President Vladimir Putin still in Ukraine.

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