That’s what Gorbachev told me. Words from the President of the United States. What Fiala does not know. The dissident and the economist testify

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We don’t have to cap energy prices, but the money is being thrown out the window, wonders former dissident, economist and university professor Jan Solta. ParlamentnímListů revealed some of his experiences, for example, during a meeting with former USSR leader Gorbachev. He shed light on the true nature of German-Russian relations and summarized the current world order. “So there is a permanent great power mess – and all the small and small states then pay dearly for this game,” he said.

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The description: Jan Šolta, economic historian

Europe is preparing for the next stage of the energy crisis. For example, it is 44% dependent on Russian gas. Where do you think our moral principles go when it comes to heating, lighting, securing hospitals or refueling?

It is a difficult question, of course, that it is important to save face and be consistent in its positions, but I believe that every government must first and foremost take into account the well-being of its principals. And few of them, with all due respect, would like to take all the risks and hardships mentioned in exchange for accomplishing some sort of moral beaver.


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Are you worried that this will actually happen, that Russia will turn off the gas and oil taps?

You can hardly ask anyone to import goods from you if you pay them in a way that actually puts them at a disadvantage due to economic sanctions. On the other hand, I understand the approach of European countries which do not want to pay for these raw materials in roubles. To answer your question, I firmly hope that the dark scenario does not come true, even though it is clear that mistrust is already extremely high between the two camps.

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The Czech state and the current government still reject fuel price caps, citing the free hand of the market. Doesn’t he take us like that hostage to his right-wing politics?

I think so, unfortunately. This cabinet does not realize what the governments of other European countries, which have the same problem, understand well. Everything has its limits and the basic functioning of this state must be ensured. And this does not only apply to fuels, but also to basic foodstuffs, for example.
So far we are still talking about austerity measures, when it is necessary to save, and therefore we cannot afford a certain ceiling, but at the same time money in the order of billion is thrown out of many other windows.

Before the start of the conflict in Ukraine, Minister Lipavský assured us that our dependence on Russian gas and oil was, in fact, very low… Is it possible that he probably misinformed ?

Well, listen, if Prime Minister Fiala seriously tells you on a live broadcast that this country is agriculturally self-sufficient (!), then I won’t stop at anything.

Isn’t Russia’s biggest problem the fact that in today’s multipolar world it is still considered a world power, I mean a certain Russian megalomania – a vision of restoring former Soviet Union?

I don’t think Putin aspires to the restoration of the Soviet Union. Certainly not the way we knew it until the early 1990s. Because there were already fears in the former USSR in the 1980s that Russians, Belarusians and Ukrainians would be overtaken by Azerbaijanis, Turkmens , Tajiks and many other nationalities, which this huge country held together. I remember when I spoke to Mikhail Gorbachev about 20 years ago, then he told me that he woke up at night because it seemed to him that Russia was at war with Ukraine! And because his mother was Ukrainian and his father Russian, he confessed he wasn’t sure which side he belonged to.


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What role do you think China, the world’s number two power, will play in this conflict?

As a result, Russia will get closer and closer to her, because she plans to invest in Russia in the future, so she will basically protect her investments in this way. And Russia will have to duly commit to it for such kindness, which accordingly is the most convenient constellation for the Chinese to realize their intentions and plans. China sees Russia as the old aunt it will inherit. And Beijing has time, so it will patiently wait for this legacy.

The only good news in this whole tragic Ukraine escapade might be the rejection of the cursed Green Deal…

Yes, it’s quite possible, because Nord Stream 2 seems hopeless at the moment and the Germans found a trap they wanted to get out of despite American resistance to gas imports from Russia, but American interests are completely contradictory, they themselves need Europe’s market for its gas and other raw materials and products. But when it comes to Germany, for example, the grandson of the famous Russian politician and diplomat Andrei Gromyk recently told me that relations with Germany have always been above the norm within the USSR, especially in the 1980s, and that no reorganization would be possible without this cooperation. .

Can the war in Ukraine consolidate relations between Europe and Russia in particular and strengthen NATO?

The fact is that there is no order in the world, there are no binding and recognized agreements, from the Peace of Westphalia to the START agreement on the disarmament of the United States and Russia and the destruction of nuclear weapons. So there is a permanent mess of the great powers – and all the small and smaller states then pay dearly for this game.
We know from history an example where the United States had information (even during the Cold War) that the USSR wanted to occupy Hamburg. And the American president reacted very well to that when he said that he would not get involved in the war because of a Hamburg, in order to risk the Soviets invading Chicago with rockets.

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