Tereza Ramba: I have an innate joie de vivre

In the new film by Zdeněk and Jan Svěrák, Bethlehem Light, you play a young pharmacist. What are you going to reveal about her, what does she look like?

She definitely became one of my favorite characters immediately after reading the script. She is proud and cold, like ice. But even inaccessible pharmacies can melt when you know how to deal with them.

Until now, Jan Svěrák has always entrusted me with a task that had never been entrusted to me before. It’s rare and beautiful

How does the actress feel in the Svěrák family?

I’m there, I dare say it, I already feel at home. It is a great honor for me that Jan is addressing me, a rather unusual role for me. I love them as creators, but even better as people. And that’s always the most important thing in the end.

What do you enjoy working with director Jan Svěrák and what about your acting partnership with Zdeněk Svěrák?

Until now, Jan has always entrusted me with a task that had never been entrusted to me before. It is rare and beautiful. Plus, reading a script guy is like reading a good book, so you’ve been looking forward to it from the start.

You know, I read everything that comes my way, so I also read a lot of boring scripts. Some imitate foreign films, others don’t happen at all. You’ll know the script is good from the first twenty pages. My heart is still beating.

Excerpt from the shooting of Bethlehem Light: “I’m happy for the people I can work with. I love this moment of filming. Zdeněk and I ate broth and then took a break. »

Photo: Instagram tereza.voriskova

Zdeněk has been my love since childhood, I grew up with his songs and fairy tales, then my parents took us to Cimrmany, we listened to audio tapes. When the Stubble came barefoot I was excited, the only thing I missed was Zdeněk’s casting.

Thus the light of Bethlehem realized this dream. And it was beautiful, we talked a lot, ate in the play bed and laughed.

In the movie After the Stubble, you play your mother for the first time. You had no children at the time – was that different from your own experience playing your mother in The Modern Photo Diary?

Certainly, but mainly because each of these films represents a completely different genre. The newspaper is like summer love, joy and spirit, our old friendship with the Jura (Jiri Madel). Poetry becomes poetry again.

From costumes to phrases that come out of your mouth. The caresses of Zdeněk and Jan. For example, I love the scene where my mother doesn’t spank a Russian soldier. There is a depth beyond me. And that’s what good movies are like.

What kind of child were you, what was your childhood like?

My parents say I was nice and wild. I had a wonderful childhood, full of hugs, games and laughter. Mum is very nurturing and dad has always been funny. I have amazing siblings. And now the two sets of grandparents. I would say we were loved on all sides. Family is always the most important thing to me. Certainly the most precious thing I have.

You got your first film role at seventeen in Rafťáky, which to some extent, at least with the casting of Jiří Mádel and Vojta Kotek, succeeded the previous highly successful Snowboarders. Do you still remember how you felt like a debutante in a very stellar band back then?

I was completely done with that. Of course, I loved snowboarders, and I threw myself into the adventure head-on. I will never cease to be grateful to Karl Janák for keeping me busy. It shaped my next life. Until then, I was content to cycle around the village and rubber jump.

You and Vojta Kotek have played together several times since then, most recently in Owners, now in Bethlehem Light. Is it obvious while playing that your partners know each other well?

Absoutely. I think we are excellent partners. We know each other to the core, we can be deadly honest with each other, and we love each other. From all this comes a great freedom and confidence, and this is then known in each creation.

When you say that, Vojta and I are really proud of ourselves. We have both come a long way from the Raft to the Owners and the Bethlehem Lighthouse. I’m happy to be together.

He and Vojta Kotek have been friends since the filming of Rafťáky (2006). In the new film by Jan and Zdeněk Svěrák, they play a photographer and a pharmacist.

Photo: Bioscope

You also received the Czech Lion and the Critics’ Award for Owners. So how did the owners play for you, what did you get out of?

You know, Owners is probably my favorite movie. First of all, because I thought for many years that Jiří Havelka was an absolutely phenomenal director, and I’m very happy that he started making films. They are original and fresh, I can’t wait to see his new film Extraordinaire.

Second, because when we read The Landlords with my husband Matthias, we laughed so hard at the script that we couldn’t go on. Filming was just a reward, it was incredibly difficult and beautiful.

Dream colleagues, full focus, just honest work with lots of fun. I have been looking forward to the Czech Lion for years, the Critics’ Prize is, of course, a great honour. The fact that they came was like a hug, I’m so happy that they are both for this role.

I am spoiled by good scripts and directors. I choose a lot, you have to leave the children and the broths

I really appreciate it, now we moved and my brother Lada put these prices in my room for the chest of drawers, which I wouldn’t have thought of. But I get up much better, watching the lion cubs and the beautiful cube.

Sometimes I forget that I am something other than my mother, and this animal reminds me of that. I take it as a commitment and I intend to go further and higher.

So what does comedy mean to you? This question is often followed by the answer that it’s hard work, but also fun, do you still have it?

The less I do, the more I discover how much I love the work. Moreover, it can be wonderfully combined with motherhood. I’m not afraid to say it’s a dream job.

At one time you were one of the busiest actresses in recent years, even before motherhood, you slowed down a bit. Why?

I think I’m spoiled by good scripts and directors. I choose a lot, you have to leave the children and the broths. Or – before having children – give up traveling. I think it’s a natural career process and I’m extremely grateful to be able to make a choice.

“I am disgustingly proud and terribly slammed,” she wrote last year in late October for a joint photo with her husband Matyáš on her Instagram.

Photo: Instagram tereza.voriskova

Do you take the characters home? And if so, how to get rid of it?

Not anymore, it was no longer bearable. Together with the psychosomatic doctor, Mr. Čech, I built an efficient system for getting in and out of the characters. I go home most of the time clean and satisfied.

You alternate roles in commercially successful films with those in more artistic films, where people don’t often go. How do you manage to take turns, not register and how do you choose the roles?

I’ve been doing this since the beginning of my career, I don’t avoid anything that’s good, whether it’s an advertisement or a very small film. This combination suits me very well. And how not to box? I don’t think like that at all, I throw myself into what I like, with enthusiasm and humility, everything else is the same. You will never be grateful to everyone.

Will you miss it one day after traveling with a backpack on your back, or don’t you even think about it in your motherhood life?

My husband misses me a lot and from a distance, we just talked to Divoká Šárka about it today. Me at all.

First of all, I have traveled a lot in recent years, and secondly, for me, at the age of six, only Divoká Šárka was actually a huge travel adventure.

How is your next activity going, creating clothes?

Our shop laskaje.cz is really our love. We do everything ourselves. Before Christmas we already had a distribution point and people were surprised that we were there, we wondered who else should be there. It’s a total heartbeat for me, even if it pushes over our heads at times. Whether it’s the things we make locally or the love I love and stand behind every piece.

Where do you get a good mood and an optimism that, if I remember correctly, radiates from an early age?

I think, Vera, it’s the innate joy of life. I would rejoice, I would. And above all, I never forget that… love is!

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