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In recent weeks and months, she has become very active, especially on Instagram. Not only does he share practical advice that can be useful to parents who lead active lives, but he also often posts photos of him moving in with his daughter Ema.

“I try to make this possible. Sport, lifestyle, but also motherhood. It’s always the main objective of my life”, explains the former great skier, owner of five major world medals in slalom.

In today’s inspiration for readers, he analyzes which activities are most child-friendly. She herself has experience with her daughter Emma, ​​who turns four in April.

So what activity would she recommend for children of the same age this spring? “It’s definitely a great bike. It’s ideal for beginners on a bouncer. The child will gain confidence in it, they will slowly start to lift their legs, they will learn to keep their balance”, he evokes the ideal route, thanks to which the child quickly adapts to the bike.The bouncer definitely recommends more than a bike with extra wheels.

“We also tried, but I found it very heavy. It bothered me. So we removed the extra wheels and I solved the problem by running with the little one and holding it,” Strachová describes.

But even then, he has practical advice. “I found out that it’s not good to hold kids directly by the bike, like the saddle. Because you’re just throwing off the balance you’re trying to gain. So it goes one on one. ‘other. Besides, the back hurts terribly from the way people come together, “says the 2007 world champion.

Just hold the baby lightly

It is therefore ideal to simply hold the daughter or son lightly by the back or shoulders. “This will allow the child to keep their own balance. In a moment they will learn to ride on their own. It is just important to teach him how to brake, stop and jump,” Strachová calculates.

His childhood was full of exercises. Her father thought he would make her a professional skier without ever asking her directly if she ever wanted to. ”He treated me like I was his property”, educating future champions according to the film controversial Every Minute of Life.

In it, the parents of four-year-old Miška systematically prepare for the career of a professional athlete. Fear approaches her daughter’s education differently. “I definitely have no ambition to make her a top athlete. But movement is important anyway. Our body was created in such a way that it needs movement to be healthy not only physically but also mentally. I would like my daughter to try as much as possible. In order to find out for herself what she likes, what she appreciates,” explains Strachová, noting that it doesn’t have to be all about sports.

“It’s full of other activities like music, dancing, painting,” calculates the former skier, who inspires with her story. She managed to overcome serious health problems, and now she is eliminating the positive energy that she is trying to convey. Especially in his VO2max holistic and sports therapy clinic, which he runs.

Early specialization is not necessary

Let’s return to the topic of children’s sports. According to Strachová, general physical training is essential. Children should move naturally. Climb, jump, have fun…

“It just came to our knowledge at that time. The older ones have excellent athletics, climbing or combat sports. For example judo or aikido. Because even with them a lot of time is devoted to general training. In my opinion, it is better than putting a child in tennis three times a week”, warns the former skier.

From her words, it’s clear that she’s not a fan of early specialization. Kids should do more sports than smash one a week. “For young children, early specialization is completely unnecessary. They should try all possible sports to find out what they like and are good at. And most importantly to build the foundations of good movement. The specifics of sports individuals, which they then choose, will be easier to build on these foundations,” explains Strachová.

If children take the path of early specialization, they risk having a one-sided burden and sooner or later health problems.

To prevent this, his clinic offers a variety of compensatory exercises. Whether it’s for children whose parents notice that they have poor posture, or for young athletes who already have a lot of activity and need to control their body to avoid overload.

“It’s ideal if children and their parents start coming to us as part of prevention. This means that they don’t want to underestimate anything. It’s ideal if a parent, coach and physiotherapist work together on the course. Because if our specialist offers something that the coach does not accept, it goes against each other, “warns the former queen of the slalom bow, who has climbed seventeen times on the podium in the World Cup.

People who are unsure how well she is exercising at home can also come to her clinic. They can therefore come and consult physiotherapists for advice.

“We use the motto to move and do sports, but correctly and healthily. Many people want to do sports to the best of their knowledge and conscience, but go to the gym, but unfortunately often, without realizing it “, they tend to hurt themselves. They rely on the pain that will come sooner or later because they don’t do the exercises correctly. Physiotherapy is doing exercise under the supervision of an experienced physiotherapist,” explains Strachová, which also offers exercises for mothers with young children up to one year old.

Good movement in kindergarten is important

“The children are there with them, we try to involve them as well. The mums train with them, for example, as weights. It’s for women who want to exercise, but the children are so small that “They can’t leave them anywhere. So they take them with them and we all train together,” Strachová describes.

The theme of children and sport is close to his heart. That is why she has started many projects, in which she also tries to raise awareness in kindergartens. He sees a great potential, especially for teachers, because it is kindergarten teachers who spend a lot of time with their children.

“We try to teach them what to pay attention to and what activities to do with them. You can say that the educators are indeed raising the children at this time, because some of them spend more time there than with their family. Parents have to go to work. It is important for them to be able to help their children move properly or to be able to correct them when they are not sitting properly,” Strachová describes.

The professional literature is clear. The earlier a problem is detected in children, the more the person concerned is spared worries later. Early intervention can have a major impact on quality of life in adulthood.

“It’s a very important rule that we follow,” explains Strachová why she devotes her energy and attention to the youngest children.

Over the past two years, covid has been a major hurdle. Many kids battled obesity before him, now it’s even worse. Moreover, many of them have found that it suits them to be at home… They can do without sport.

“Now it will start to show if the child played sports out of love. Because he liked it, he liked his friends. Or just because of the parents who pushed him into it. As soon as he there’s love in it, the child will rather stay with it,” explains Strachová and points out that the key personal example of the parents is in this regard. “Children must be motivated as much as possible. Best own lifestyle. You don’t have to cycle fifty kilometers every day, but you just have to go out for a ride, be on the air. »

It is precisely in this spirit that it works in the family of the former great skier.

In April, the Šárka Strachová clinic offers free group running training. More information on the clinic’s website –

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