Science fiction writer František Kotleta writes to Sergei Lukyanenko: “Dear Sergei, you are here.”

Sergei, I’m sorry, I’ve never read your books. Certainly not mine, so you see how much we have in common. That is, including the fact that we both write sci-fi, fantasy, and more importantly, some of that vampire crap. We both look like nightclubs from a nightclub and we like to wear navy blue T-shirts, so I’d like to say a few warm human words to you thanks to our connection.

The first is that I don’t agree that Argo pulled your book from sales. I have always believed that art should stand out from the author. Simply because most writers are kinda dumb. Holt, not all great men of wit and morality are like Karel Čapek, and man is, in essence, an evil, stupid, thoughtless creature, and there is no reason why book authors be an exception. Only a fool would expect that from them, and I never liked driving people crazy. Moreover, it strikes me as such a sudden awakening at a time when your political views were unclear, but you spoke Putin’s word long before he decided to occupy a neighboring country and had called the killing of children a special operation. Seven years ago you banned the publication of your books in Ukrainian, which was a clear gesture of contempt for the nation, which, by the way, is winning in the war and clearly has more spirit of freedom than the Moscow Spitz.

But business is business, and I understand that Argo made this decision lest people boycott it. Don’t be sad, maybe there will be someone who, on the contrary, will be happy to publish you in our country too. This is the estimate that comes to mind, for example, the publishing house Naše vojsko, which can put you on a cup with Putin. I know you would like that.

But that’s why I’m not writing to you. I was more interested in your statement that the manifestations of Nazism in the Czech Republic have taken root and continue to flourish, and also that the Czechs were happy with the Nazi occupation and therefore do not feel grateful to the Soviet army which freed us.

Listen, I know this bullshit is not your own idea. I read them several times a few weeks earlier on various Russian sites. Last on It was something that Europe needed to denazify, because they actually welcomed and loved Nazism, and therefore did not respect the liberation by the famous Red Army and are not so grateful to Russia, which is a clear signal of Nazism in deep Europe. I understand, maybe a possible excuse, to send tanks here to de-nazify us like you de-nazify schools, theaters, hospitals and civilians in Ukraine today. Let’s forget the fact that the Russian army is a bunch of corrupt and incompetent bandits who have run out of gas and food, and the wet dreams of occupying Prague or Warsaw are more science fiction than we could write in our lives. I was fascinated by the thesis on Nazism and who was playing with it and who was not playing with it.

Because you obviously know as much about history as I do about making a triple axel, let me remind you of a few details.

One of them is that Czechoslovakia was the first to face the Nazis completely alone and without help and had no intention of falling back on the Nazis, while the government of the USSR made a pact with Hitler and divided its spheres of influence, which led to the country invading Poland fighting the Nazis from the rear. Czechoslovakia was the freest country in the world at the time, so it was a thorn in the side of the Nazis. Nothing changed even during the occupation. Our country has paid some 350,000 lives for its citizens. And you know what else, Sergei? The Czechs never fought for the Nazis in any unit they could put up to support them. Not even a company of Czech Nazi fighters. Not even a fucking platoon. When there were a million former Red Army soldiers, the Nazis joined. A million, Sergei. By sober estimates, about half of them were ethnic Russians. That’s exactly half a million more than the Czechs if you still don’t understand. This is not only Vlasovka, but for example the 1st Cossack division of the Wehrmacht Nikitič Kononov or the Hilfswilliger unit. At least 100,000 inhabitants of the USSR served in SS units alone. Such Lieutenant Bronislav Romanovich Antilevsky, holder of the title of Hero of the USSR and member of the Ostfliegerstaffel air unit, the air unit fighting for Hitler’s Germany, was not Ukrainian. Fellow captain Semyon Trofimovich Bychkov was born in Petrovka, about 1,500 kilometers east of kyiv. Yes, there is Russia.

Do you know how many Czechs joined the SS or the Wehrmacht during the war? About five o’clock, Sergei. Even if you convert it to population, the Russians are still a Nazi power against the Czechs.

But you know what? It’s really stupid. Historical parallels whose use, distortion and abuse are equally good for Kremlin propaganda. What matters is not the symbols, the historical references or who relates to what, but the substance. The essence of what someone does, what they believe in and why they do it. The Gospel of Saint Matthew says: “You will recognize them by their fruits. Do we harvest grapes from thorns and figs from thistles? So every good tree bears good fruit and a bad tree bears bad fruit. A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, just as a bad tree cannot bear good fruit. Any tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. And so you will know them by their fruits.”

A Nazi is not one who had a Nazi grandfather, just as a free man is not one who had a Stalingrad hero grandfather. A Nazi is one who acts like a Nazi. Whose acts are Nazis. And you, dear Sergei, you are, unlike the vast majority of my people, a Nazi. You know why? Because the Nazis look down on other nations and consider them inferior. Like you, you despise Ukrainians because their language is not good enough for your books. The Nazi believes in the cult of power, the occupation of foreign territories, and war as a justifiable process. Hitler believed that his nation had been chosen to rule over those who were inferior. Putin says the same. And you follow it blindly. You are just a bloated Nazi sheep, the next ruler who will ruin your nation while believing in your choice and that killing aliens is right. Of course, there are differences between Hitler and Putin. Hitler only had one testicle, Putin apparently has none and then a few more details, but like St. Matthew, I’m interested in the fruits of the tree you water with your support. And I see nothing significant in the two gentlemen mentioned.

I know you will never get it, but you have the roots of Nazism in you, not the Czech nation.

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