Pekhart in the Legion is complete! I won’t continue at ninety-nine percent, says national team striker

Pekhart is in excellent form in the spring, for his 2: 1 victory over Gdańsk and the winning goal earned an excellent score of 7.8 in the analytical evaluation, thanks to which he was the best Czech legionnaire of the weekend.

After a terrible autumn, one of the worst in history, the Legia is surging back in the spring. You have won five of the last six league games and moved into the center of the table. Is the old and strong Legion back?

It is a difficult subject. It would take an hour and a half to answer this question objectively. All I can say in brief is that coach Vukovič returned at the end of autumn, with whom we succeeded. I won the first title with him after coming to Poland. Then he was surprisingly fired. Its results speak for themselves, we were on the verge of collapse. After our arrival, after a few matches, we reached a successful line.

It seems that his arrival in the team was miraculous. What fundamental change did he achieve by pulling off such a drastic turnaround and turnaround?

The point is, he should never have left the Legion.

The Legion’s situation was critical, you even fell to the bottom of the table. After the defeat in December at the Wisla Plock pitch, you were attacked by fans directly on the bus on the way back…

They stopped us in front of our training center, unfortunately the driver let them in. We didn’t know what was going on at first. A few blows fell. Brazilian midfielder Luquinhas, who absolutely did not deserve it, had a lot. He suffered setbacks for the whole team. He had a bulge on his head like a fist. After this incident, a relatively big problem arose for the club.

What do you mean?

Under certain non-security conditions, players can terminate the contract with the club. Of course, it’s not quite easy, but some guys have tried to take advantage of it. Azerbaijani striker Emreli has been granted his departure. Luquin made a deal with the club that if he had a suitable offer he could leave, which he did, and he headed to the American MLS.

The match at Plock and the ensuing incident also led to a change on the bench, coach Golebiewski concluded.

He left alone. After the fans attacked us, the mentioned coach Vukovič came. And the next match we won four zeros at home, after the winter break we prepared well. We started getting up after her.

Is the relationship with the fans good now?

Not exactly. We led two zeros against Gdańsk, but the boiler still shouted at us to play football. Relations are therefore not entirely at the top. On the other hand, only the first place in the Legion is taken, the people of the club and the supporters are only used to titles. The situation we found ourselves in in the fall was unacceptable to everyone. Although…

Talk to me.

Of course, after what fans went through in the fall, it’s no wonder they’re still dissatisfied. But I think in such a situation they should stand behind the team rather than against it. In fact, we played a lot of games not only against the opponent, but also against our own fans, who whistled at us the whole game. It certainly didn’t fit.

Your goal on Saturday was the seventh of the season. Personally, do you feel comfortable?

When I’m on the pitch, I score goals. I feel good. Until the last time I wear the Legion jersey, I will do my best to make the club a success. There are still seven rounds left before the end of the season, a month and a half. Then my contract ends.

Are you going to extend the contract or end up in the Legion after two and a half years? Which scenario is the most likely?

I can say that I will not continue the Legion at ninety-nine percent.

Why such a decision ?

The only conversation I had with the club management about the contract extension was on August 2. With sports director Kucharski, who no longer works for the Legion. On the day of the match with Dinam Zagreb, which was a qualification for the Champions League, he told me that after his return to Warsaw there will be talk of a new contract. Or on the option of leaving because I had plenty of good deals.

So was there silence on the way?

When we returned from Croatia, there was no interview with the sporting director. Not with anyone else in the club.

According to some sources, it only takes six goals to enter the League Gunners Club. Is this a very tempting affair for you?

One hundred percent. This is something I would still like to achieve in my career. It motivates me a lot for other matches.

Let’s move on to the national team with which you have been excluded from the World Championship qualifiers in recent days. During the meeting, much was said about the future of coach Jaroslav Šilhavý, to whom the team expressed their support. Do you think this will continue?

I don’t think anyone had a problem with the coach. The team behind him is standing tall, as the media claim. I wonder how everything will turn out.

So the coach didn’t show you anything in the cabin after the game in Cardiff?

After the game in Wales, we were curious if Mr. Šilhavý would tell us something about it. But he told us exactly what he said at the press conference. Namely that after his return from Cardiff at the next meeting with the management of the Football Association, the matter will be resolved.

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