Pavel Novotný calls for a world war. More are added

05.04.2022 16:55 | From the nets

Repory Mayor Pavel Novotny (ODS) calls for open war against Russia. According to him, what is happening in Ukraine and especially the suffering of civilians is far behind the red line and the world powers must already go to war. Novotný also calls on Defense Minister Jana Černochová (ODS) for a more determined reaction. “Europe wouldn’t let children be killed in Europe. Certainly not. Right, Jano Černochová?” asks Novotný.

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Novotny is convinced that the information about the massacre of civilians in Bukh and the local testimonies about the behavior of Russian soldiers must already convince the Western powers that they must respond militarily. “I’m going to sit in a multicar. I’m going to play Radio Journal. Women raped, children murdered. Fortunately, these are certainly only provocations. It’s true, the world will not let this happen. Not even at the cost of World War II. Europe wouldn’t let children be killed in Europe. Certainly not. Right, Jano Černochová? Is it worth dying for?” Novotný asks rhetorical questions.

In particular, she calls on Defense Minister Jana Černochová to be more determined on this issue and to support NATO’s entry into the war with Russia. What Jana did to you. He does what he can. What do you want from her? Nothing! Just a man’s opinion. We don’t go to war with Russia? I think we have to. I’m ready myself. I know, I’m naive, I don’t understand how complicated it is. It seems very easy to me,” adds courageously Novotny.

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Under his contribution, he is full of consensus that Western powers are not doing enough. “Man, you don’t even know how much I have the same point of view as you, it makes me wonder how nothing is done about it. I read it, I hear it, I see it all the day. Horrible, that. Really like no one will do anything and I’ll just watch it online,” one of the commenters wrote.

“Exactly. I’m so pissed off at the behavior of Germany, France, but also the others. I’m not commenting on Hungary. This crazy alibi and naivety is breathtaking. On the contrary, the Baltic is great” , added another, recalling that the small European states are the most decisive, while the great powers are much more cautious.

“Today and every day we see the so-called great powers shutting up and looking for reasons…and small states like the Czech Republic, Lithuania, Latvia and Poland are looking for ways,” agrees another. speaker.

However, according to some, the fear of nuclear war is entirely justified and no one knows where the red line really lies. “I don’t know, everyone is afraid of nuclear war, rightly so, but where is the line beyond which we are going to let these bastards pass. I think they crossed it a long time ago , but destroy the whole world? Or destroy them completely economically and then fly there? Or straighten Moscow to the ground? Who decides? ”Another user asks Novotný.

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