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The main topic of discussion on the war in Ukraine is now the alleged massacre in the village of Bucha, which Russia contradicts and declares to be a provocation of Ukraine. Some claims on Buči’s videos are later refuted by Britain’s BBC, such as one of the dead bodies on the street. According to the BBC’s analysis, this is a distortion of the image in the rear view mirror. The television channel also specifies that the videos of the April 2 car correspond to the photos of the BBC and the AFP agency of April 3.

The BBC also disputes Russia’s objection that the bodies are not rigid, meaning they have no rigor mortis. However, according to a consulted medical examiner with experience in Rwanda and Kosovo, the rigor mortis disappears after four days. However, said pathologist did not want to be named. Another criticism from the Russians was the alleged lack of corpse spots on the skin, but they may not be visible in the photos and it depends on how he died.

The Russian Ministry of Defense claims that none of the residents of Buč were violently approached, but according to Human Rights Watch the Russians arrested 5 men in Buč on March 4 and executed one of them, and other local testimonies said they were afraid to go out so as not to be shot. . Locals also told BBC reporters that Russian soldiers searched apartments to steal food and valuables, and at the time they had to sit in the basement.

To the Russian objection that the photos and videos only appeared on the fourth day after the withdrawal of Russian forces from Buč, the BBC claims that the photos with the dead were taken by the AFP agency on April 2, and Social media videos show corpses on the streets on April 1. Reuters reporters also saw dead bodies in the streets and a mass grave near the church on April 2. That the Russians killed more than 300 civilians is said by the village mayor Anatoly Fedorov.

According to images from the American company Maxar, the dead have been lying in the streets of Buča since March 11, when the Russians, according to their own claims, took control of the territory. Maxar also released satellite images, according to which the preparation of the mass grave began on March 10. A BBC article from March 14 also speaks of a mass grave, but at that time there was talk of “more than 60” buried. Let us add that the American company Maxar, according to its website, also works for American intelligence and the American Department of Defense.

Commentator Daniel Kaiser notes the alleged Buč massacre, noting that the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense once referred to Buč as “Ukrainian Srebrenica” and notes that in Srebrenica, however, the highest estimates of deaths are in the thousands.

“Being sympathetic to the victim of an assault should not mean blind faith in everything the victim tells us about his fate,” the commentator warns, noting that the Ukrainian government has chosen Buchu as a symbol of his suffering, that it presents abroad, like images of a road strewn with corpses.

Kaiser asks why, in such a tense situation, with sanctions and the ruble on the line, the Russians would stand down and “let the slaughtered corpses of civilians roll down the street, even with their hands tied behind their backs.” He does not rule out that the Russians are ignoring civilians, as has happened several times in the past, but points out that Ukrainian Foreign Minister Kuleba is demanding that more devastating sanctions be imposed on Russia in this moment, and that Kyiv is doing everything in its power to make this effort a reality.

In this regard, he mentions how the Ukrainian ambassador criticized German President Steinmeier, accused him of creating a “network of relations with Russia”, thinking that the Ukrainians were not a separate entity, and of lack of tact towards Ukraine. “That’s not what a government ambassador talks about who wants to patiently build relationships in the host country, which is the essence of diplomacy. That’s what a government ambassador says, who wants to achieve something thing immediately, in unprecedented forms and no matter what it looks like in retrospect,” says Kaiser.

He also does not exclude that the Buč massacre took place and does not want to minimize the Ukrainian suffering. But he points out that even the “good wars” have been fueled by propaganda and adds examples: on the barbarity of Iraqi soldiers in Kuwaiti maternity wards. The girl did not witness such a thing. »The NATO intervention in Kosovo was preceded by a massacre in the village of Račak, but there were doubts that 45 consecutive corpses were not members of the Kosovo Liberation Army . Iraq is a chapter in itself, but the intervention in Libya was preceded by reports that Gaddafi was massacring the population, when he had not done so before. And there are known discrepancies over Assad’s alleged use of chemical weapons.

“If the scariest news from Ukraine, like Mariupol maternity and now Bucha, is the bare truth, it will be the first war in a very long time that ‘our’ more sympathetic party does not help a well-meaning party . lie. Does it matter? It doesn’t. If the reality is already terrible, it would be an insult to her if we colored her again, “points out Daniel Kaiser.

Former Slovak Minister of Education Juraj Draxler also mentions the alleged massacre, which, due to statements by Joe Biden and the British government, concludes that hopes for an early end to the war are fading and the world is in a dangerous situation.

“The escalation of the economic war comes after reports of deaths in the suburbs of kyiv. Angry Russians say the interest in retreating to leave people killed in front of cameras in the capital. And they specify that the first videos from the liberated location showed no bodies. The West says there is no reason not to trust the Ukrainians. An international investigation has begun, but it is not fast,” says Draxler, adding that it has overcome all major power clashes since World War II.

According to him, Russia could escalate the conflict, for example through rocket attacks against government buildings or the deployment of reservists. “Some Western officials are probably trying to provoke him into doing it, but it’s unclear what Russia would gain from either,” says Draxler, and whether that will mean surrender.

According to the former minister, it seems that a long phase of decadence is beginning. “The cruel irony is that for many years now no one will be able to put Ukraine itself in order,” he said, adding that in times of war everyone would come together, but he there was skepticism about the lyrics about a strong Ukrainian nation. “The unit ends very quickly when you start arguing over food. Serious economic problems are likely to fragment their society and politics. As soon as the military, political and media deployment is over,” Draxler believes .

“Many of us don’t experience all of this, also in terms of the impact on us, economic and social. But that’s how it is with every big shock, people don’t believe their lives could change too drastically at first. Well, just like that,” Draxler finally adds coldly.

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