Imprisonment, torture and childbirth underground: young girls Káťa and Lena had to survive for almost four years in a cold and moldy cellar

Viktor Moch was over fifty years old and worked at an auto parts factory in Skopinsky. He led an orderly life and his neighbors and friends had no problem with it. Yet there was something terrifying in his soul that made him make an incomprehensible decision. On October 30, 2000, he took to the streets of Ryazan, half a million, where he met his “young friend” Lesha. Then it wasn’t a big deal to lure two young girls – 14-year-old Katya and 17-year-old Lena – for a ride through town. It was only in the car that the girls discovered that Leša was not a man, but a short-haired young woman in men’s clothes. But it was supposed to be the slightest surprise.

crazy discoveries

Two kidnappers persuaded the girl to drink alcohol, which was definitely another thing they shouldn’t have done. Who knows if they would manage to get out of a tight spot, but there was nothing they could do while drunk. So they fall asleep quickly and wake up in Skopin, a hundred kilometers from where they got into the car. As they woke up and found themselves locked in the cellar, another horror happened. Mochov raped the girls, and the woman accompanying him not only did not help the girls, but according to some sources, she herself participated in the violence.

Potato store? No – scary prison!

As investigators later discovered, the girls were kept in a cellar, which Mochov explained to his mother with the intention of raising nutria, while neighbors thought it was a potato cellar. But the reality was quite different and terrifying. In a six-square-meter room without windows and without any possibility of freeing themselves, the girls had to live, suffer and even give birth to Lena for another 3 years and 8 months. After the rape, she became pregnant twice and gave birth to two boys. But Mochov picked them both up after a few months and put them at the entrances to buildings in the city.

A failed rescue attempt

The youngest of the boys, born in a dungeon, could become a release for the girls. Before Mochov took her away from her young mother, Lena managed to put a note in her diaper asking for help. But the careful kidnapper found out and it was bad. More punishment followed, but later, after three years of incredible suffering, the girls began to shine for slightly better times.

The girls were able to take advantage of the small concession

The executioner decided that they could go for a walk one by one with him outside the basement. And thanks to that Lena managed to speak briefly with the subtenant, a medical student who was housed in the house. She handed him a note with a message for the police, and everything went in the right direction.

The long search was successful

When the police entered the house, Mochov tried to escape, but to no avail. He was captured and the whole house was thoroughly searched, as well as its surroundings. But it took a long time before there was also the discovery of a secret trapdoor in the basementwhich opened the way to another staircase and another basement. There, law enforcement found poor imprisoned girls – Lena was again in her eighth month of pregnancy.

The lies were in vain

Of course, Mochov denied everything, according to his version, the girls themselves asked for a ride, and also voluntarily went to the cellar. But he couldn’t believe his version either. After everything was explained, the court sent him to prison for 17 years. He is serving his sentence in a strict regime penal colony. Moch’s mother, with whom everything happened, was only questioned as a witness, she never proved that she knew anything about her son’s actions. However, according to the records, Moch’s companion “Leša”, who was discovered by the police at the home of 29-year-old Elena Budkina, also went to prison.

How is it possible?

And the girls ? They received help from psychologists and resumed a normal life if possible. Lena’s sons, born in Moch’s basement, entered an orphanage and their future is unknown to the public.

Does such a case seem impossible today? As you can see, neither the latest technologies nor all the current conveniences are a protection against the ill will of some people. Unfortunately, nothing will probably change for a long time.

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