Holubic volleyball players celebrated another medal. Coach Arnošt Šmerda osmdesátiny

The club did not use the right to access the I. league in either case and this year remained second behind the residents of Ostrava, who made no secret of their Premier League ambitions. The duel of the two big favourites, perhaps to the detriment of the whole competition, was practically decided at its beginnings. Holubičtí traveled to North Moravia for the first two rounds with a team torso and after 1:3 defeats, the home side took a luxurious six-point lead, which they essentially held until ‘at the last ring.

Final table II. league
– D groups
1. BV Ostrava 29 22 3 0 4 78:28 72
2. Doves 29 17 7 0 5 77:34 65
3. Novy Jicin 29 12 4 4 9 62:53 48
4. Moravka 29 12 2 5 10 57:54 45
5. Slapanice 29 10 4 2 13 53:56 40
6. Palkovice 29 10 2 4 13 49:59 38
7. Kojetin 29 9 1 8 11 48:63 37
8. ČVS-cadets 8 4 1 0 3 16:13 14
9. Val. Mezirici 29 0 0 1 28 7:87 1

“I think this year we could II. win the league. And it’s not that we had a full agreement before Ostrava and we couldn’t compete with them in an incomplete composition. We are paving the way for what in every game doubles, everyone who leaves there has to play at least one game. And that also applies at home. So sometimes the task of the result goes away. We would definitely get more points in the optimal set. Even with Ostrava. At home we won one game for three points and narrowly narrowed the other. But I must say that, unlike them, we didn’t fancy the Premier League. We are completely satisfied with the second place,” assured Šmerda.

His reasons given “up to” the second place are logical and apply equally to the rejection of the two procedures. Many players have families and two or three children. Doubles matches in the second league are played only on Saturdays, in the first league it is two days of play and moreover with passages to different opponents. Most players can’t even sacrifice the whole weekend and certainly wouldn’t go to every game.

“We have a very good and well-coordinated team. Six or seven from base is a bit further. That means Kolář, Pisařík, Namešanský, Russnák, Hovorka, Muroň and Loub. Those in the first league have the left hand. And the others aren’t worse. There isn’t much of a difference. The slightly weaker results are more about the fact that such compactness of play is lost with greater spin. And most importantly, what I appreciate the more in the boys, it’s the fantastic group, the smart group, which works very well. It’s such a caress of the soul. With this staff, we could perform really well in the first league, “explains a coach and convinced experienced manager.

Arnošt Šmerda spent almost sixty years under a high net

He took turns at the helm with his son Aleš and was sometimes assisted by junior coach Vladimír Schoř. The busier Šmerda Jr. coached most games at home, Arnošt all at opponents. To do this, he took care of the overall functioning of the club. The B team is also in the competition and the juniors, who finished third in the regional championship, made it very happy and the club will bring them into the league next season.

“Jihlava won, Šlapanice was second only one point ahead of us. The team has a great prospect, there are very good guys. Most of them are two years younger than their rivals. We also have three boys who graduated from primary school last year and also played against twenty-one-year-old rivals.And age and strength in this category do a lot.Therefore, third place is excellent “We will release them to the league, although we expect them to lose permanently from the start. It will be a rewarding experience for them and they will play more matches there than in the region. And, of course, against good opponents. best”, praises the Saturday party.

Five boys from this team, the oldest, will be on the men’s list in the new season and, if necessary, or if the development of competitions allows it, they will reach the second league. The club boss warns that this is really just an exceptional situation as it wouldn’t be good to disrupt the squad’s compactness in the league competition.

“Béčko plays the district championship, so the youngsters will go to the league and we will register the pupils for the district from autumn. Also, we don’t, but I think we are doing well here. We We have no financial problems. There is a quality infrastructure, a gym and a well-managed outdoor area. And the Premier League? As I said, it is not attractive for us yet. But the things are changing, we don’t know what the next competition will look like, so we’ll see what happens next, ”he says without further comment.

Most of the family 80s happened on Saturday. Nearly sixty congratulators gathered at Aleš’s pub in Šumice. More “entertainment” will certainly follow, with the athletes and the committee, etc. Sport, especially volleyball, is and will of course be an important subject for everyone. And also the question of whether even the age of eighty has the zeal for a stimulating pastime.

“I feel so good so far, but you won’t stop your age. Sometimes the eight crosses are a reminder of something. Slowly I would like to pass everything on to someone, but I’m keeping the students for now! It’s a pleasure to work with them and I have four grandchildren there”, indirectly answers Arnošt Šmerda who still does not lack enthusiasm for volleyball.

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