He betrayed the Ukrainian mayor to the Russians. They massacred the whole family

The mayor of Motyzhyn, near Kyiv, Olga Suchenkova († 50) was betrayed by a local Russian partisan when he sent the occupiers to a place where she was hiding with her husband Igor († 55) and her son Alexander († 25 years old). “They only wanted to marry Olha, but her husband insisted on going with her,” Semenova told local reporters. “After six hours, they took his son away. No one knew what had happened to him.”

Images of the mass grave and bodies lying in the streets of the Ukrainian town of Buča shocked the world. Atrocities. Genocide. Horror. He writes the Western press. “Look at the bastards you raised.” Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky told Russian mothers. Ukrainian authorities and witnesses said Russian troops killed hundreds of civilians in Bukh. OFelenskyj further told mothers that their sons were murderers, thieves and executioners. Now the whole world knows their names and faces, their commander must have been Azatbek Asanbekovich Omurbekov. According to the photos of the soldiers, they were relatively young men.

CEZ releases nine apartments for Ukrainian refugees in Týn nad Vltavou in České Budějovice region. Up to 48 people can find facilities there. The apartments are after partial reconstruction. The first people could move in at the turn of April and May. CEZ is prepared in the same way four 18-bed apartments near the Dukovany nuclear power plant. CEZ has freed up 336 beds for refugees across the country, and more than 70 of them are occupied so far. Temelín’s spokesperson, Marek Sviták, made this known in a press release. So far, more than 10,000 Ukrainians have passed through the regional center for assistance to refugees, Marta Spálenková, head of crisis management in the South Bohemia region, told ČTK Today.

Energy engineers originally planned to offer apartments in Týn nad Vltavou to future Temelín employees. “We wanted to use the apartments mainly for new operators coming to us from other regions. The priorities are currently different and we are happy to be able to help in this way.” said Jan Kruml, director of the Temelín power station.

Social networks Facebook and Instagram have started blocking the content of hashtags related to the killing of civilians in Ukraine by the Russian occupiers. The footage showed the bodies of people shot at point-blank range who were found in conquered Ukrainian towns after their liberation, according to the UNIAN news agency.

A spokesman for social media owner Meta Andy Stone confirmed that such a blockade had taken place, writes Reuters. According to him, for blocking hashtags, including #bucha and #buchamassacre, responsible automatic algorithms that scan images of violence on Facebook and Instagram.

“It happened automatically because of the graphic content that people posted using those hashtags. When they told us about the issue yesterday, we quickly unblocked the hashtags. » Peter said.

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Revenge of the Resistance

The enemy army apparently wanted revenge on the mayor for not cooperating with the occupiers during the invasion. “I know the Russians were trying to get support from community leaders. When they refused, they massacred them. They wanted to capture Olha,” Semenova continued.

The whole world already knows their faces and their names: they are supposedly Buč butchers.  They tortured, raped and killed

The corpses were discovered by Ukrainian troops only after the Russians left Motyzhyn and retreated east. mother, father and son showed signs of torture, Igor’s soldiers found her thrown into the canal and her mother and son in a shallow mass grave. Their hands and fingers were broken.

The Russians threw Igor's body into the canal The Russians threw Igor’s body into the canal | Twitter

Ukrainians found after the liberation of the city dozens of other similar graves, crippled bodies were often left on the roads as food for crows. The event was notified by the DailyMail server.

Satellites provided evidence of guilt

The towns and villages of the Kyiv region became the scene of Russian atrocities. The Kremlin continues to vehemently deny guilt, saying the bodies of tortured victims dumped in Bukh and other towns were planted by Ukrainians to blame the Russians. But the guilty are obviously guilty Several weeks satellite images, the DailyMail reported.

The Russian Ministry of Defense has gone so far as to issue wide-ranging statements that no Ukrainian civilians were harmed during a special military operation in Ukraine, as they call the war, especially during the mission in Boukh. However, the satellite images have been scanned by countless experts and their authenticity has also been verified. The bodies remained in the streets of Buči for several weeks and the Russians started digging the mass grave from the beginning of March.

In Buča’s photo of March 11, you can see 7 corpses.

Satellite images of Buč from March 11 prove Russian soldiers' guilt, bodies lay in streets for several weeks Satellite images of Buč from March 11 prove Russian soldiers’ guilt, bodies lay in streets for several weeks | Twitter

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